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Be nice y'all. This shouldnt get put up into a heated argument or anything of the sorts. It's suppose to be about helping a friend thats in need.

I can understand the thoughts of wanting to see something to give money. Cause, why give money, even to a friend, when you arent sure if it'll work out. Don't want to be giving money for nothing. I can understand.

I can see also how a lot of comments are towards making the gofundme page look more professional, more... whats the word... I cant figure it but something that would make someone who doesn't know CJ want to give money towards him.

Asking for a video or some sort of clip when he doesn't really have the hardware/software is a bit much. Especially if he doesn't have the actors to do such a thing? But I can still see how it would be largely helpful to have something of the sorts.

Maybe some form of rough script? Something to show your story telling. Hell, even an old RP idea that shows how your mind work and gives insight into the Director you want to be. You might get people wanting to fund you that dont know you at all because they'd like to see that kind of thing in hollywood.

Asking for friends for support, thats fine, we shouldn't need anything from you to support you. Other people however, they'll need something to give money, even the smallest thing. I believe thats whats trying to be said but just being said in some rather... wrong(?) ways. To get the average person wanting to fund someone to actually fund them, you'll need to give them some sort of want to actually do it. Some sort of incentive. I dont mean like, HEY FUND ME AND I"LL PUT YOU IN A MOVIE. Or anything like that. But just putting something that would make someone go, Hey, this kid has some bright ideas and could be fresh for the business, I think I'll support his endeavors.


I really hope that came out the way it sounded in my head and didnt in any way or means upset anyone. Just trying to say what I think everyone is really wanting to say on the subject....