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Heroes & Villains: Act I [Unfinished RP]

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Posted 06 November 2010 - 03:09 AM

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Dateline: November 2nd, 2010.

Reports are flooding in that Washington, DC, United States of America i mostly naught but a crater in the earth; a memory of what stood mere hours ago. The strongest nation in the world lies crippled at the feet of an unknown terrorist power. No one is sure what to make of this attack, and there has been no official word as of yet as to who was behind it or for what reason. The National Guard has been dispersed throughout the United States and there is a rallying call for superheroic intervention at the site. We are urging any able heroes to lend their strength to this tragic development. Jane Gilatti, Channel Eight News.

The television's signal was abruptly cut with just a gentle press of a remote control. A rather lanky man carefully entered the room while rubbing his thin hands together anxiously.

"Mister Lockwood... the team you requested has arrived. They... they seem very... eager to get to work." The man said before bowing at the waist and quickly exiting the building, closing the large oak door behind him with a gentle clack.


Across the nation all superheroes would have heard the call to leave their respective cities and head to Washington, but not all would end up following. DC was a wreck, with riots, looting, and all kinds of illicit activity running amok since their world was turned on its ear in a flash not even 24 hours prior. It would be a good opportunity for villains as well to score some free swag or to even perpetuate the amount of havoc caused.

"WAHOOOOOOOOO!" A deep cry rang out high above the busy streets of New York City. An azure clad man leaped from atop a tall building and was rocketing towards the ground at an alarming speed. The rush of the wind against his cloth covered face couldn't help but bring a smile to his hidden face as Xavier extended his arms and fired a pair of thin yet exceptionally strong bits of webbing at a building during his descent. He grabbed hold of them tightly and swung through the streets, crying out again as he whizzed past open apartment windows and launched himself high into the air again. He fell once more and repeated the process of saving his own life.

Finally he landed on a building and sat down, catching his breath. He had been the Azure Arachnid for some time, but Xavier never did get tired of it. As he began to breathe easier, he thought back to the news report he had heard that morning about Washington DC being under attack. They had been calling for any and all superheroes to lend aid.

Xavier wasn't sure if he was okay with leaving New York to travel to DC to help, though. New York had its share of problems as well, and if he vacated the area, who knows what might happen. Still... something was pulling at Xavier's conscious. Maybe he was really needed at ground zero of the latest disaster on American soil.

He picked himself out and glanced over at the sun. He smiled, "Ah... I'll be gone for just a day or two. I'll be back before they even realize I'm gone."

With that, he held his right arm out and spun another web, about to take off on another adventure.

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Posted 06 November 2010 - 06:03 PM

Jack snapped his pop tart in half angrily with his teeth as the television practically commanded him to head off to DC to help with their problems. He flicked it off and rubbed his forehead. "What makes them think any heroes would be able to take time out of protecting their own cities to come help out? Pompous..." A Doppler Effected scream hit his ear as it grew louder. He turned to look at his window.

The Azure Arachnid swung on by and the sound decreased. He chuckled. That guy takes crime-fighting too lightly. Jack extended his hands up into the air and then hopped up to his feet, catching the extra piece of pop tart that fell from his mouth. He wandered over to the kitchen and grabbed a plastic bag. He dropped the pieces into the bag and dropped it atop a steadily growing pile of half-eaten food similarly wrapped in bags.

He sighed. He had not even been back behind the mask for twenty-four hours and he had already dealt with three crimes. He ran his hand down his slender face and sighed heavily. Surely if they were requesting the presence of Superheroes in the remains of the capital, there was a good reason. The only problem would be getting there... He rubbed his chin. The police could probably keep things handled around here. It was all just petty theft and other basic crimes, anyway.

He ruffled his hair, complaining, "Really no choice to make." He made his way over to his wardrobe and flung it open. There hung his white and red hoodie, with his red mask tucked in the pocket on the front of it. He pulled it down from its hanger and tossed it to his couch. He grabbed the blue gloves off the shelf in his closet and pulled them onto his hands. He squatted down and grabbed his tan sneakers, tossing them to the couch as well. He grumbled, "I really need to get a better costume."

He pulled on his snug hoodie and slipped his bare feet into his tight, tan sneakers. He pulled the mask from his pocket and pulled it on over his face. Suddenly he felt a surge of power flow through him. Nothing could beat the feeling of being a god damned Superhero. He pulled his hood on and yanked the white strings taught as he bolted to his open window. He leapt out the window and did a forward somersault in mid-air as he fell from his third-story window. Ice coalesced below him as he fell, slowing his descent. He slowed down just enough so that when he collided with the ground, he was able to stand up and shake it off. He left the small snow mound formed by his crashing where it was as he strode down the street.

A man walking by gave him a thumbs up and laughed, "Stay frosty, Mr. America!"

"Mr. Amer...?" He turned his head to watch the man walk by. He shook his head and turned back to watch where he was walking. He snapped his fingers, coating his feet in ice as he skated along down the sidewalk, deftly spinning around anyone who was walking along. He was headed for the train station, hoping to catch the next train leaving for DC.


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 12:47 AM


Three men surround a elderly man looking for the paper! One has a bat, the others have pocket knives. The elderly man had courage even though he faced death on refusal. Poking his bony chest out, and staring death in the eye the man was not afraid to die.

Just then a figure in a all black costume appeared behind the thugs.

"Here are two rules I live by. One NEVER kill a defensless elderly man. TWO don't embarrass someone behind their back. So turn around so I can embarrass you punks." The brave stranger said.

The thugs turned around to see who challenged them. With horror their face had filled up with. Obviously they knew who this man was, and didn't want to play around because they prepared to attack.

"It's the Shadow Rider! Take him out fast!" one of the thugs shouted.

A bat swung towards the man, aiming to knock off his head. However this was futile, the man dodged the bat as if he could read the thug's mind. Lowering his head below the bat gracefully inbetween the two men with knives, and his head to the chest of the batter. He pushed the thugs on the side away with surprisingly enough strength to knock them down. He then presses his right palm up to the chin of his losing opponent to confuse and alert him. As the thug changed the bat's swing to go down, and clobber Shadow Rider on his back, he punches his gut quickly but with power making the thug let go of the bat. Before the bat could kiss the ground, Shadow Rider grabbed it, and smacked his opponent down in pain.

Now there was two. One of the men with the knives tried to rush to Shadow Rider's back in time to stab him. Just as the thug reached a distance that Shadow Rider could smell the thugs ape breath, he was dealt a blow to the head, light enough to not do serious damage, but hard enough to destroy his weak balance and knock him on the ground. Shadow Rider let him attempt another go at stabbing him. Dropping the bat, to further prove it was stupid to rob in his town, Shadow Rider became weaponless. Another rush was attempted, but this time Shadow Rider evades the slicing that the man was trying to do. Tired of playing around, Shadow Rider broke into what should not be called the safe zone of the thug. This was done by grabbing his wrist as the blade was swung down on his left side by Shadow Rider's right hand. The Shadow Rider then flipped the thug to his left side while still holding on to his wrist. By twisting the arm to a position that was most painful, Shadow Rider made the thug drop his weapon. One more to finish off.

"Wait...where the hell did he go?" Shadow Rider asked as he thought about all of the times he could've been attacked.

Shadow Rider looked towards the old man to see him stabbed, and clinging to his life leaning on a tree for support. The old man pointed to the man running away, about to pass a tree. Shadow Rider pulled out a knife, and started to aim. The look on the man face as he was pinned to the tree by a knife was a kodak moment. Shadow Rider took the bat that he dropped, and teleported to the man. While the thug tried to yank out the knife from the tree, Shadow Rider started to conversate with him.

"Looks like more wannabe Spades. I bet you tried to steal a wallet to join their ranks. That's really foolish you know? Especially with me patrolling the town and what not. If you ever try to join their ranks again, I might just carve you a new one. Got me?" Shadow Rider said with confidence, or rather cockiness.

Smashing a bat into the thug's gut, knocking him out, Shadow Rider quickly grabbed the wallet and teleported back to the man. Stealing one of the unconcious men's undershirts he tried to stop the bleeding, until he got to the hospital. Shadow Rider then lifted the man up on to his back, and wrapped his arms around him.

Shadow Rider ran towards the closest buidling towards him, and then teleported on to it's roof. Making his way to the hospital, he ensure the man that he knew what he was doing. Looking at the wound, he could tell he didn't have much time though. He teleported again with the man. This time a few roof tops away from the hospital...

The Shadow Rider pushed the wallet inside the senior citizen's pants before he left him in the emergency wing of the hospital. He knew that his job was done as the doctors came rushing to the wounded man. Sweating from the over teleporting, he teleported one last time to the safety of a rooftop to catch some rest. Exhausted but fulfilled. As he sat there, he listen to a couple of men talking about the terrorist attack. Seems like help was needed from super folks. Seeing as DC isn't really far from Richmond he decided that he would send aid. But then a question spiked his brain. Why are they sending a distress message to all super heroes willing to help?

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 12:51 AM

Alexander had just woken up from his long night, he managed to save a female from being raped, saved a baby from being hit by a car and captured a gang trying to rob a bank. As he woke up from his bed he stretched his arms and turned left to see what time it was, his clock read 11:15 AM. At this point Alfred stormed into his room as Alexander jumped off his king sized bed to grab the whiskey under his bed, trying to hide the whiskey bottle behind his back Alfred approached his desk delivering his breakfast.

" Master Love this is your house, and as I beg of you to stop drinking I cannot and will not fight over what I cannot control. "

Alfred was in his early fifties but he was no fool he taught Alexander everything after his family was killed and he knew Alexander's every move even before Alexander would make it. Alfred was about 5'9 gray short hair with pale skin, his blue eyes had always made a way for Alexander to do the right thing. One thing he could not control however was his drinking, Alexander didn't drink because he just needed a quick buzz, he drank because he was empty inside and he wanted to feel nothing. To Alexander drinking was an escape.

" Aw come on Alfred live a little, It's just a little morning sip "

Alexander took a sip from the bottle and set it down near his desk, His short hair stood in place just as he had it last night, his body was fueled with muscle as he woke up, he often sleeps with his black shorts and no shirt. He reached over to grab his remote to see what was on, His sony television was 77 inches, it was the first thing anybody would notice if they entered his room. Alexander's mansion was worth 125 million, He had a full crew of body guards with AK's outside guarding everything, To even enter through his gates you would have to have your name checked by a guard standing by the gate. He had cameras in every corner of his house and there was nothing he would miss. He had always thought the person who killed his family would come back after him. He turned on his television to see his long time love Emma reporting that Washington had been attacked and that every hero is needed for a meeting, Emma stood 5'6 jet black hair coming down to her shoulders, her beautiful white skin made her ocean blue eyes sparkle.

" Are you going to go Master Love? " Asked Alfred

Alexander reached over to take another sip of the whiskey and after setting it down again he looked at Alfred.

" Am I a hero Alfred? I have no friends, no family and no person to care for, The more I keep New York safe the more they blame The Dark Knight for the murders, They always blame him for all the crimes, and for all the bad stuff in the world, I can't offer them anything and I'm sure as hell not leaving New York for some scum who want to use us. "

Alfred gave out a quick smirk

" As you wish Master Love, Forget I even asked. But Miss Emma is looking as beautiful as always do you regret leaving her from your life "

Alexander walked over to his window " Alfred not a day goes by when I don't think of her, If anything ever happened to her because of me... because of The Dark Knight I could never live with myself. That is why she's better off without me, she can never know who I truly am. "


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Posted 07 November 2010 - 01:14 AM

The radio was still on in the bar, just the thing to wake Damien up. The report was cut and another person making the report came on. This time a loud lady was on and her voice was enough to wake Damien up. "Whaaa..... Hey shut up!" Damien set his hand ablaze and shot the radio. The voice died down as the radio fell to the wooden floor, before it started to melt. "That's better......Ah great, now I can't sleep!" he yelled sitting up.

In his right hand there was a nice beer bottle that was almost empty, in his left there was now a bunch of roasted peanuts. Throwing the peanuts to the ground, he ran his hand through his red hair, and then frowned since he was no longer wearing his beanie. Taking a gulp from his bottle, he stood jumped of the table he had used as a bed, and started to look around for his black beanie. Finally spotting it, he saw a rat just about to run on top of it. "Oh no you don't!" he set fire to his hand and then burned the poor disease ridden animal. Watching it burn and turning into a black carcass, he smiled and grabbed his beanie. Putting his beanie on, he finished his drink and looked around, remembering what he had done in the night.

It was a beautiful scene, well, through Damiens eyes. The whole place a full of girls, guys, smokes, drinks and gang members. He had come after a 'good' days work, deciding he'd have a few drinks. After six or so bottles of beer, things went ugly. He picked a fight with the bar tender just because he was given the wrong drink. Seeing that he was drunk and that the bartender kept saying that was what he ordered, Damien went crazy and started a big bar fight. He didn't get kicked out because he had smashed up the guards with chairs. Every must have left since his memory after that was foggy.

Smiling at his memory, he noticed another man on the ground who was knocked out really badly. Deciding to use the opportunity, he searched his body and took out his wallet. He had jewelry on him but he didn't feel like going to a pawn shop. Taking the money from the wallet, he walked out of the bar and rubbed his eyes as the sun's rays hit his eyes. "Jesus, is it day already?" he mumbled, stretching and walked down the roads. He headed down a alley way and set himself ablaze, he shot himself up into the sky and flew at a breakneck pace home. Jumping onto his apartment balcony, he got rid of his flames and opened the door with a key in his pocket. Lucky for Damien that he managed to get a fire resistant case for it, otherwise it would have been melted.

His apartment was nothing special. It was small and had a bathroom and one very small kitchen. His bedroom, lounge and study room were an all in one. His TV was set up opposite his bed. His bed was against the part of the sliding door that didn't slide. His desk was on the other side of the room on a desk. His wardrobe was next to the door.

Turning on the TV, the same report on the radio was on. He sighed and sat down on his bed, listening to the man speaking. Seeing how DC was in a state of panic, it would be a perfect time to go and steel some pricey things. "Looks like it's time to wreak some havoc!" he said smiling and doing and doing an arm pump. Standing up, he walked over to his wardrobe and opened it up. All he had in there was a tuxedo, a pair of black skinny jeans, a gray jacket and his costume.

He pulled it out and looked at its urban style. Some ripped jeans, that were now mistaken for some jean shorts that came up to his knees, a red vest with the bull blowing fire out of it's nostrils and a gold mask he managed to steal and customize himself. Stripping down and then putting on his costume, he looked himself laughed. "I look guy from the desert or beach" he said. Putting on his mask, he used the straps on it to support his hair so that it would spike up.

Stepping out to his balcony and closing his sliding door, he set himself ablaze once more and flew towards DC, he was going to fly the whole way there.

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 06:26 PM

"The government is asking for help. One day after the fateful explosion in Washington DC, the United States government is asking for any and all superhuman heroes to head to the national's capitol and assist in re-stabilizing the place. Please, if you are truly an American superhero, go to DC and help our nation in it's darkest hour since 9/11. Robert Tremaine, WGN News."

Bobby Sloan was watching the news, trying to find updates on the devastating missile explosion that engulfed Washington DC. He still couldn't believe it. Someone had actually attacked the American capitol. This was heavy. Bobby had thought about going to DC and helping out in the restoration effort. But he couldn't leave Chicago vulnerable, especially with the way crime is nowadays. Bobby shook his head and turned the TV off. He tried to take a nap before heading out to his first class. But before he could doze off, something vibrated in his pocket.

It was his pocket alarm, informing him that a crime was in progress. He headed downstairs to the Silver Senturion's base of operations and saw his father, Raymond Sloan, there. His father looked at him and said, "Son, we've got a big time bank robbery going on."

Bobby's father knew how much he hated those type of crimes.

"I'm on it, dad." replied Bobby with a serious look on his face. He stood on a platform and extended his arms and legs. The Silver Senturion armor began to attach itself to him. Once the final piece of armor was attached to him, Bobby rocketed out of the Sloan Mansion and headed towards Downtown Chicago. "Hero Time." Bobby said to himself. He could hear police sirens getting louder as he grew closer and closer toward the downtown bank. Eventually, within three minutes, he reached the bank. Now just how would he get in there? There were too many bullets being fired for him to make his entrance through the front or back doors. But wait, bullets can barely graze his armor, so what did he have to worry about?

The Silver Senturion flew right through one of the bank's walls, surprising the robbers. They all stopped firing, taking a moment to examine him as he slowly descended to the ground. The leader of the robbers was standing in the middle of the bank, holding what seemed to be a detonator. He removed his mask and acknowledged the hero.

"So. You finally showed up, Senturion."

"Oh, you know who I am?" the Silver Senturion asked.

The leader snarled at Silver Senturion and replied, "Oh yeah. I know who you are. Your face is pasted all over the TV everyday. Not to mention the fact that you got my buddy Tim sent to prison for ten years."

"Tim was your friend? Well, I can gladly send you to see him, if that's what you want." Silver Senturion said. He was trying to work the leader's nerves. And it seemed to be working.

"NO! You see, I set this whole gig up, JUST so I can see you and ask you a favor. Well actually, It's not a favor, it's more of a....DEMAND. Senturion, I want you break open that vault and help me and my gang take out the $200 million dollars lying in there."

Silver Senturion looked over at the vault, and then quickly turned his attention back to the leader.

"No." the Silver Senturion bravely stated.

The leader laughed, but soon put on a serious face. He raised the detonator above his head and said, "Either you do it, or I blow us all to hell."

The leader and his gang had strapped C4 to every innocent civilian in the bank. He meant business. He didn't have time for the Silver Senturion's games. What would the Senturion do? Would he save the civilians by breaking into the vault? Or would he stand his ground and refuse to do the gang leader's dirty work?



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Posted 07 November 2010 - 08:12 PM

Allan woke up to the sound of a reporter, sounding from the television screen a short distance away. He was asleep on the couch, the living room around him spic and spam, except for the couch he was asleep on. This, however, was not his home. It was the home of his mother, since he still was a minor. Picking himself up from the soft, comforting warmth of the couch, he made his way into the kitchen, where his mother stood waiting, preparing his usual breakfast. Ever since he had turned to a life of crime, his mother was no longer impoverished, starved, or struggling to stay alive.

"Good morning, honey. Are you okay? Are you still sore from what happened when you came home last night? Let me check you out." His mother said, worried for her son.

His mother was forgiving enough to accept him, even if he was now made of stone, dirt, and rubble from the blast of an explosion. She didn't support him on his decision to lead a life of crime, but she knew Allan was the same son she knew and loved, even if he made that poor decision.

Allan pulled off his shirt, allowing his mother to investigate his wounds. There was a deep cut on his left shoulder, still hemorrhaging and bleeding from the fight he was in last night. His mother placed gauze on his shoulder, patching it down with some bandages. He pulled his shirt back on, giving his mother a kiss, who was busy working on breakfast.

Allan left the house, as usual in the morning, but after hearing the news of all of the heroes leaving to help those in Washington D.C., he decided not to wear his usual disguise. However, he still kept his backpack by his side, just in case he would need to quickly don his hoodie, hat, jeans, and sneakers.

The crowds around Allan grew worrisome, a villain now in their midst, unprotected by the heroes that usually patrolled the city. He could sense their fear, the people around him staring in hate with the corners of their eyes. Allan couldn't care less.

Walking into the local convenience store, the people around him hunched to the floor, some being brave enough to call for the police. Allan knew they couldn't hurt him, and the people knew that too. The people remained on the floor, obedient of their current master of fate.

Allan simply walked over to the cash register, simply ripping it from the freshly wiped counter top. Dropping his backpack onto the polished, tile floor, Allan quickly opened it, pouring the contents of the register into it. Allan looked over his shoulder, making sure there was no flaws in his spontaneous plan. Quickly scanning the small storefront, everyone was still in their helpless positions, except for a man in a business suit, trying to silently flee to the door.

Allan simply shot a stone spire towards the escapee, the projectile's velocity and inertia leaving the man strung to the glass door. Blood leaking onto the floor, he motioned for the others to stay put, or they would suffer the same fate. After loading the rest of the cash into the backpack, he calmly walked out the door, almost as if nothing ever happened.

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 09:29 PM

Lluvia played with her new phone writing down something that had to be important because of her focus. The limo she sat in was way over comfortable. One could fall asleep with no problems in such a limo. The tinted windows couldn't hide Lluvia's presence, in fact it drew more attention. There was already a news report on her showing up to visit a friend living in Chicago. Surely most of the population in Chicago knew that the heiress, Lluvia Manchester was in the windy city.

She paused, and formed a puzzled face.

"How can I gather a super human team without looking suspicious?" Lluvia thought.

She held her breath looking for an answer. For some reason it helped her concentrate and think. As she was about to open up her mouth again to exhale, a special report came on her fancy television. Yes the limo even had a fancy television. In bold letters...

Super heroes needed to settle trouble in nation's capital stood out, made to grab the listeners attention as if the new reporter wasn't enough.

She started breathing normally, and gave a pretty smile to the screen. She began again typing on her phone. As she started getting back into typing down the plan, the limo ceased movement. They couldn't be at her friends house she thought. Something was wrong, because yelling could be heard from the front of the limo. Soon the yelling got closer. The door open to a man with a black suit, and a bright red tie. He had a white mask on. Oh and he had an assualt rifle too. He pulled out Lluvia as if she was a dog. Other men wearing the same, and also armed with an assualt rifle appeared. They slammed the door, and started dragging Lluvia to a van. Obviously this was a kidnapping. She could see the chauffer with a couple of bloody holes in his chest, forming a small pool of blood. The kidnappers defintely weren't just going to flash their weapons if anyone decided to help. She started to scream at the top of her lungs. She didn't want to show the public her unhuman ability. Just then something hit her. Not literally, her face was too valuable to be smashed.

"This is an opportunity!" Lluvia thought.

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 11:29 PM

Jack skated down the street as he made his way toward the train station. Random people on the street offered him high-fives as he skidded past. He shook his head, ignoring the obviously misdirected publicity. He slowed to a halt just outside the station and hopped up the steps, waving to everyone who waved to him. One little boy tugged on his father's arm, dragging the man over to Jack. Jack looked down at the boy and smiled, saying, "Well, hello there, good citizen." He enjoyed playing up the superhero gimmick whenever the opportunity presented itself.

The boy exclaimed, "Mr. America! Can I get your autograph!?"

There it was again. Mr. America. He twisted his head to one side and raised an eyebrow as he inquired, "Why are you calling me that?"

"Cuz you're on the tv! You're Mr. America! A real life Superhero!"

He laughed and shook his head, "Sorry, kid, you've got me confused for someone else."


The father rolled his eyes and addressed Jack, "Look, America, my kid's a huge fan of yours."

"I'm not Mr. America. The name's Popsicle. I'm The Popsicle." He dropped his arms to his sides and stood upright to look the man in his eyes.

The kid's jaw dropped. He tugged on his papa's sleeve as he said, "He's a popsicle?" He looked to Jack and asked directly, "You're a popsicle!?"

He laughed and squatted down to the kid's level. He held out his hand and congealed some snow in the palm of his hand. He plopped it into the boy's hand and smiled, "Yeah! I'm like the Firecracker popsicles. Those are my favorites. There you go, that's the first snow of the season."

The kid jumped for joy, screaming, "Wowee! I got a snowball! Thanks, Popsicle-man!"

Jack chuckled as the train horn blew out overhead. He patted the boy on the head and stood up, explaining, "Well, I've got a train to catch. Stay frosty, kid!" He turned away and took off into the building, hoping that he left that kid with a great story to tell his friends in school.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet to pay for a train ticket. The ticket window guy asked for identification. He smirked and pulled out his "Popsicle" identification card and showed it to him. It gave all the correct specifications, except it had a snapshot of him in his costume in place of his real face. The guy rolled his eyes and took the money in exchange for the ticket. He flashed the guy one thumb up and laughed, "Stay frosty!"

He skated off to the train. He barely managed to slip into the train as the doors closed. A man on board stopped him by dropping a hand upon Jack's shoulder and asking for his ticket. He spun around and handed the ticket to the man. The man nodded and tilted his head to one side. He clearly wasn't fond of superheroes.

He sighed as the train rumbled into motion, righting himself by grabbing a nearby bar. Once the train reached a constant speed and his body adjusted to the new speed and momentum, he strode casually down the aisle, searching for an empty seat. Luckily, he found one next to a young girl who was about his age. She sat there, absently looking out the window. Jack dropped down into the seat next to her and exhaled heavily.

The girl turned to look at him and sat upright. She tapped his shoulder, stealing his attention. He looked to her and tilted his head to the side as she asked, "Are you the real Mr. Amer-"

"I'm The Popsicle. The media has the wrong name, I think."

She seemed confused.

He rolled his eyes. This is precisely why he needed a new costume. He explained, "Like a Firecracker popsicle."

She opened her mouth and tilted her head back as she loosed an elongated, "Oh." She laughed, "That makes more sense than Mr. America, what with your... powers, I think you call them?"

"You mean this?" he asked, snapping his fingers. A large snowflake popped up in front of him and floated gently down to the floor, melting before it made it there.

She covered her mouth and exclaimed, "That is so cool." She then laughed, "No pun intended."

He leaned back in his seat and asked, "So where are you getting off?"

"I'm headed to DC to help with the cleanup effort..."

"Huh, small world. You a superhero, too?"

She dropped her jaw and asked, "Do I have a costume on? I'm just a concerned citizen."

"It could just be your disguise, though."

She smiled. She looked past him at something and then patted his knee, saying, "Excuse me for a moment, I need to use the restroom." She slipped past him and headed back toward the bathroom.

He shrugged his shoulders and looked to see what she had been looking at. There, across the aisle, sat two not-so-sinister business men. He was about to look away and think nothing of it when one of them grinned wickedly. Electricity arced between his hands as he folded the paper shut and dropped it to the floor. He extended his hands in front of him, cracking his knuckles. Popsicle returned to sitting back in his chair, but kept watch over the man out of the corner of his eye.


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Posted 08 November 2010 - 12:39 AM

Damien had reached the boundaries of California, but he didn't leave in such a silent way. A few people had spotted him and started to freak out. When ever someone did he smiled and threw a giant fire ball at a car nearby, turning it into a bomb. He was glad he could do such things, so far no hero has ever decided to come and ruin his fun, giving him the city all to himself.

"It's god to be bad!" he yelled out before stopping in mid air and then thrusting himself forward with more fire. He ended up burning a few birds that were unfortunate enough to fly behind him.

He speed off faster and scanned the ground, seeing if there was anything he could blow up or steal from. It had been a long time since he left California. Ever since Damien got his powers he'd never thought of leaving for anything, not even to see his own mother.

Finding nothing, Damien created a fire ball in his hand and started to shoot the birds. He laughed every time he hit a bird. Enjoying how it would fly around crazy as it felt it's feathers and skin started to burn. When they fell down he shoot the other birds that were flying all over the place.

After a half an hour of this, Damien felt bored and in need to entertainment. "Why does a trip to somewhere have to be so long? it's gonna take forever for my to get to DC" He whined, turning over and flying backwards. He yawned and then started to speed up.

He added more thrust in his flight and then made his way through the air, flying faster and faster towards DC. He wasn't going be no world record breaker as he flew, that was obvious. But he knew that he might as well speed up enough so that he would make it to DC faster than normal. Damien looked behind him and smiled as he saw planes slowly flying behind him. "Yeah that's right! You won't beat me on the way to DC!" he yelled, laughing at his childishness and then zipping farther away.

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Posted 08 November 2010 - 01:11 AM

After getting out of the shower Alexander walked over to his closet to pick out a suit for his business meeting, his closet was bigger than most peoples living room and it was all separated by color and brand.

" Hmm... Brioni No, Canali No, Ralph Lauren No " This was an everyday thing for Alexander he was always picky when it came to picking the right suit for his mood, Most of the suits he owned he never even wore even though the cheapest one was $5000. he quickly glanced over to the left side to see if any suit caught his eye.

" Hm Giorgio Armani you look quite ravishing. "thought Alexander to himself. He finally decided to put on the Jet black hand tailored Italian suit, he wore a black tie with baby blue stripes and an elegant baby blue dress shirt underneath. After putting it on he went to the bathroom and gelled his hair back to finish off his look.

" Master Love your limo is here to take you to Love Enterprises as you requested, I told them to park away from the gate." replied Alfred while Alexander was putting on his 1.5 million dollar watch, it was an 18-carat silver gold dial with a alligator leather hand-sewn band. Alexander turned to face Alfred as he was standing by the door to deliver the news that the limo arrived.

" Thank you Alfred, take care of thing's while I'm gone " Alfred gave out a quick smile before responding" Of course Master Love ".

" Have a good evening sir "
yelled out the gate keeper.

Alexander smiled and stood by the limo as an army of paparazzi surrounded him.

" Mr.Love what do you have to say about Washington being attacked, Do you think they're desperate enough to ask heroes for help? "

As Alexander opened his limo door that question circled his head and he felt as if he had to answer.

" Again with that word HERO'S. What makes you think that they won't turn on you the next day? Or the day after? If they truly wanted to help they would've came out of the shadows a long time ago instead of hiding from the world. And as for Washington my heart goes out to all of those who were harmed and Love Enterprises will help in any way they can." Replied Alexander.

" Mr.Love why is it that you despise all of the worlds heroes but not The Dark Knight? After all instead of saving every day people he hides at night, Why never trash him? " Another reporter responded

That last statement got Alexander angry, He turned around once again... " Because The Dark Knight isn't in it for the fame, he doesn't pretend to want to help the whole entire world and he doesn't promise peace, He only fights for New York City and as we all know Night Time in NYC is hell. don't get me wrong I still don't respect him or anything I just call it how I see it. If it was up to me I would lock them all up. That's all have a great day guys and gals "

Alexander rushed into his limo before being smothered with more questions.


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Posted 08 November 2010 - 10:13 AM

Fluffy clouds whizzed past the cloaked face of the Azure Arachnid as the train from New York to Washington chugged along at an even pace.

"I do prefer web swinging, but modern conveniences are also a pretty wonderful thing!" He said to no one in particular as he lay on the room of the speeding train. He sat up and glanced around as it roared through the countryside. It shouldn't be long now. He hopped to his feet and began doing squats, as the amount of nothing to do was boring him.


Eventually the train would come to a rest near Washington. It was stopped short at a security checkpoint which forbade the entrances of anyone who wasn't privileged enough to approach. The whole area was still in massive lockdown and there were a dozen guards before the train, all carrying large assault rifles. The Azure Arachnid hopped down from the top of the train once it was stopped and to his surprise landed beside The Popsicle. He seemed a bit shocked to see him as well.

Arachnid saluted his compatriot, "Sup, Pops? Fancy seeing you here."

A man in a large green coat approached them, the sunlight dancing off of the medals pinned to his chest.

"Mister America, Azure Arachnid, please come this way." He spoke in a gruff tone.

He would lead the two past the checkpoint and head towards the DC Mall.

"It's good that you guys showed up. Support from the City is always welcomed out here. We're in a real bind, but General Stahley will brief you once we reach the Capitol Ruins."

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Posted 08 November 2010 - 10:44 AM

The snide smirk widened on the obvious villain's face as he rose to his feet. Jack mimicked the business man's movements, catching the latter's attention. The man looked and saw him. He grumbled something before dropping back down into his seat. Jack followed suit, but kept watch on him as he spoke to the other man beside him in hushed tones.

The train rumbled to a halt and Jack's neighbor never showed her face again. He ignored it and hopped out of his seat, falling in line behind the two business men as they left the train. He stepped out into the daylight and stuffed his hands into his pockets. As he took a step forward to continue tailing the men, Azure Arachnid stole his attention. Jack waved to his superhero friend and attempted to extricate himself to continue following the suits.

His attempts were thwarted by a gruff voice commanding him to follow through use of his apparently popularized name. He cringed upon hearing it, but followed nonetheless. He was here to help, after all, not to beat down on villains. As they marched along, he snapped his fingers. Livewire. That's who that was. He knew he recognized his signature smirk.

Before he had the time to warn the Arachnid of the impending danger of villains in their midst, the green coated man again interrupted him. General Stahley... Jack wondered what his position was to the country. They had reported the entire chain of command down to the Secretary of Homeland Security were wiped out in this attack. He pretended to count off on his fingers before reasoning out that that was at least twenty United States leaders wiped out in the blink of an eye. Incredible. Unbelievable. Who would do such a thing? This Stahley had answers. Answers Jack wanted. That's why Jack came.

As the Arachnid, Jack, and the man arrived at the ruins of the DC Mall, Jack pressed the man for information, "Hey, uh, is there any Nuclear fallout to be worried of?"

The man replied gruffly, "No. The bomb was just a clean blast. Any more than that is classified."

Jack nodded and kept his head down, refraining from asking more questions. The man seemed to slightly dislike superheroes, or he at least did not want to work with them.

The DC Mall was utterly devastated. Jack hadn't noticed upon arriving, but the place was essentially a crater. A wasteland. The White House, the Pentagon, the Capitol Building... All of it was gone. Obliterated. All around them in all directions was nothing but rubble. The sky was ominously covered in a blanket of clouds, blocking out the usually bright and cheery midday sun. Even the reflecting pool between the now-toppled Washington Monument and the destroyed Lincoln Memorial was filled with rubble from the two structures. Its pristine surface no longer could reflect either of the two once-majestic structures. It was as though they had stepped foot on foreign soil.

It didn't feel like the United States of America anymore.

Jack felt a sinking feeling in his heart as they passed by the debris-ridden pool and made their way toward the Capitol Building. He dropped his gaze and shook his head, unable to fathom the mind behind this destruction. He never was very patriotic, but he always took for granted that these monuments would be there forever. The depths of madness that would lead someone to perpetrate such an act were incomprehensible. Seeing this destruction caused Jack to actually consider accepting his false moniker for a moment before realizing that "The Popsicle" sounded much cooler.

Pun intended.


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Posted 08 November 2010 - 05:24 PM

Stephan stood up. He looked towards his right, staring at his reflection in a rather impressive mirror he had set up in his office. "Alright, Allistir, I'll be down in a minute or so." He said, as his butler bowed. He moved towards the private elevator in his office and tapped the button once, getting in. Once inside, he pressed the button that read F1 and waited. Today was going to be a long day.


As Stephan stepped out of the elevator thirty floors down, he saw five men standing as casually as they were dressed. Stephan frowned, moving towards them. "Good evening, gentlemen. I pray Allistir has filled you in on the details, so that we can get right down to business?" The one that stood in the middle, and looked to be eldest and most experienced of the five shook is head and spoke " 'E told us a'right. I 'ear ya need ta get rid of somma those nasties goin' 'bout." Stephan sighed. The man was vulgar. Right down from the way he smelled to the way he spoke. He wreaked of alcohol and tobacco. Stephan looked at him with a profound look of disgust on his face and spook. "Essentially, yes. I'm glad your feeble little brain was capable of processing the information that Allistir presented to you." Stephan was hoping this would cause the man to snap and potentially attack him, but he was above that. Thank goodness. The man nodded, speaking in his rough and crackling voice. "Aye, ser. I may look ta be dumb, but I got more brain than ya'd think." He pointed his long, broken looking finger to his temple, tapping it at the spot. Stephan, meanwhile, was busy scrutinizing over how the man had dirt stuck in his finger nails. This may not be so easy..... "Follow me, I'm going to brief you on everything you need. Maybe get you some new gadgets to play with."


Stephan stood in a rather secluded, dark, room with the putrid men seated around him. "Alright. Now, we're going to talk like men." Stephan was pacing in front of them, holding a laser pointer as he waited for the projector to warm up. He sighed as a rather ugly picture showed up on the huge wall before the group. He turned on the pointer and started pointing at the picture before them. "This, my friends, is a super hero. This particular one calls himself "The Dark Knight". Now, these fellows aren't limited to mere cowards that hide their faces behind ugly masks such as this." The picture changed. Before them was a young man in his early twenties. "This one happens to be some biological weapon. His name is Derek. Lockwood. He happens to be my son." The picture changed again, this time showing a rather comical young man dressed in an odd fashion. "This one apparently controls the ice around him. He goes by "The Popsicle". And in this manner, Stephan went over almost 15 heroes with the small gang he had before him. "NOW. My little children. Tell me. What was the objective behind this little slide show?" The youngest of the men raised his hand and answered. "Kill 'em all?" "BEAUTIFUL!" Stephan shouted, throwing a piece of candy towards the man. He was in a maniacal mood.

This was just the beginning.

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Posted 09 November 2010 - 08:37 AM

Was this a small taste of war?

Who could have created such destruction?

Was it Al-Qaida? South Korea? A bold Villain? Or just some simple terrorist?

No...it couldn't have been a simple terrorist.

Whoever did this would have to atleast know how to slip by undetected.

Shadow Rider was being lead by some soldier to the Washington Mall. Under the mask he was pissed at the thought of someone destroying order so quick in the country. Other than his regular costume, he had a backpack on. Inside of the backpack he had extra knives, and a mask.

He stared at the ruins that was once the capital. The only red, white, and blue in formation for miles was from a super heroes costume. It didn't even remind him of the flag, but of the firecracker popsicle. There were other figures he noticed. It looked like a comic convention. Complete with even some badly dress people.

"Is this how we look to everyone else?" Shadow Rider asked the soldier.

"Yeah. Your kind is a weird bunch." The soldier responded.

"Your kind? I'm still human you know?" Shadow Rider barked back.

"You're a super human fella. Like it or not, you're not human!" The soldier said without turning back to face the black masked man.

Shadow Rider knew that he was right in a way. He wasn't a mere human anymore. Rather he was never a mere human. He classifies his powers as naturally given through mutation. Either way he knew that he had a duty to not miss use his power.

"So why exactly did the government ask for super human aid? Can't they handle the foolish criminals by theirselves?" Shadow Rider asked the soldier, while folding his arms behind his head and looking at the sky.

"We're here. Super human. General Stahley will brief you up on what you're here to do." The soldier said turning to face the man.

Shadow Rider sighed and brought his head from the clouds.


"Hey, West are we going to listen in on the gathering of the super heroes? We might find some useful information." Pavor said through mind communication.

Pavor is a symbiote. He can't really communicate with humans through speaking, but he can send messages to one's brain.

"Nah. I don't feel like it. I'm going to secure a bed at the volunteer resting spot. You can go though." Westley said before releasing a powerful yawn.

"Fine! You'll be missing out on alot." Pavor said.

"No I'm sure I won't be missing out. Besides she's at the spot right now with the other volunteers." Westley said.

"Yeah. I'll catch you later after you finish making googlie eyes at her. Which hopefully will be after the meeting is over." Pavor responded.

Westley takes another look at what was Washington Mall.

"I hope we can rebuild this." Westley thought, with Pavor hearing the message.

Pavor literally oozed out of Westley pores at an unbelievable speed. Luckily there was barely anyone around him. And those that were, were still looking at the rubble for answers. Westley, with his yellow skin, and amber eyes began to walk down the street. Pavor, in a goopy form slid down the street as stealthy as possible. Finally a soldier came by to unintentionally aid Pavor with his shoe. When the soldier stepped on Pavor, he stuck to his boots like gum.

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Posted 10 November 2010 - 02:28 PM

'Jack hurry up and wake up"

Julia stood in a dark blue colored room with a big king size bed in the middle, three drawers and a huge flat screen on the wall. Jack's room did look the best in the house, but he was never home to enjoy it.


"Woah calm down, whats going on"

Jack immediately woke up to the sound of his sister using profanity. Julia wasn't the type of girl to blow up and curse for no reason.

"Come quick there's something big going on in DC and its on the television right now"

"So wait your telling me you woke me up to watch tv?"

"Just come on!"

Jack let out a huge yawn as he stretched out and slowly arose from the bed. He slipped on his wool slippers that were at the head of the bed and proceeded into the living room. A huge television was posted up on the wall while leather couches and a coffee lay a few feet away to watch it. Taking a seat right next to Julia who had already rushed in the living room and turned up the volume Jack stood directly at the tv.

There had been a terrorist attack in Washington DC and the news prompter was urging anyone with supernatural abilities to come and help out. The nation was in a state of panic seeing as how the capital had just been bombed and the whole DC area wiped out.

"This is horrible Jack we need to go help them immediately." Julia said as she rose from her seat

"Nah that's to much work and we just settled down here. Let the other *superheroes* deal with. I'm not even fit to be a hero"

"Stop it with that nonsense Jack, your coming and its final . I already booked our train ride out of the city for later so go pack and finish any last minute stuff"

Jack just glared directly at his sister before shrugging his shoulders.

"I kinda figured you would of set something like this up. Well whatever I'm going to have a meeting with uncle in a bit so if you don't mind you can pack my stuff and I shall leave when I return. Ok?"

"Yeah that's fine and give auntie this for me while your over there"

Jack quickly exited his house in his pajamas and walked up to the apartments a few buildings down. The complex was about 30 stories high with a huge penthouse at the top. Jack and Julia's uncle owned the penthouse as well as a loft in the building, but the penthouse was used strictly for Mob business only. As Jack walked in through the door and made his way to the elevator he began to think about his trip to DC.

What the hell am i going to DC for? Me a hero? I can never see that happening, I may be the one looting and taking things before I go help this damned country. Maybe uncle shall know of someway for me to make this bogus trip worthwhile.

Before Jack could walk to the door his uncle stood outside.

"I was waiting for you Jacky Boi"

"Yeah sorry I'm late, Julia set us up to leave for DC in a few and had this own discussion about why I should go with her

"Does your sister know whats going on there"

"Yeah I'm pretty sure, but once she has her mind set on something she wont let it go."

"Well boi I know your not the superhero type so why even go"

Jack's uncle was the only one that knew Jack and Julia's secret. He never discussed it with his wife and kept it secret from the other members of the MOB, but always had Jack due secret missions that could *use his powers*

"I know, but you know I can't let her go alone. That's what I wanted to ask you, do you know of anything I could do there?"

"Well I just got a little hit about a big bank job that's going down due to confusion in Washington. Are you up to go?"

"Sounds like a perfect job, thanks"

"No problem now on to the meeting"

Jack and his uncle went up to the penthouse to have a little meeting on the Mob's activities and what was next for them. Jack really couldn't help do anything now due to his trip to DC, but it's always good for the right hand man to know of the gangs activities. As Jack bod adieu to his uncle, left the present for his aunt and made his way back home where he got dressed and proceeded to get on the train.

"I'm sorry to drag you along Jack, but the nation is in chaos and we have to save it"

"Don't even worry about it. I'm going to make the best of it" Jack stated with a sparkle in his eye."

As Jack laid his head back on his seat and closed his eyes Julia just stared at him.

I hope Jack isn't thinking about doing anything bad down here.

As Julia tried to think of her brothers actions a man on the loudspeaker chimed in.

A girl, she sits alone on a pitch black night, sad, as nights dark veil descends, but low, the moon nestles into the sky, silvery and full, banishing the dark once it came, when dawn breaks, the night of atonement quietly departs

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Posted 10 November 2010 - 03:36 PM

Meghan stumbled over herself as she peeked out from the bathroom, only to see that the train was empty. She rushed to the door and was glad to see that they were still stopped at DC. She slipped out, lucky that none of the soldiers had stuck around there.

She threw her hands to the sides and interlocked her hands behind her head, exhaling, "Whew, glad I wasn't around for that freak's light show."

"What freak?" a voice called out from just around the corner. The man in the business suit stepped out into the open and smiled at the young girl, introducing himself, "The name's Livewire, thank you very much." He snapped his fingers, generating a small spark of electricity. She cringed. He cackled, "What's that? Little lady afraid of a harmless spark, are ya?"

She backed away, sure this man knew nothing of her powers. Livewire... She had heard of him. He was somewhat tech based. She wondered if his tech was water proof for a moment before the man flicked his wrist. Meghan deftly slid to her right as the bolt of electricity flashed past her and struck a garbage can instead. Papers and trash flew everywhere as the small metal object exploded.

He laughed, though his mouth was unable to be seen through his green mask. He inched closer to the girl and asked, "Are you scared of me?"

Meghan nodded. She was not so much scared of him, but of being struck by electricity. Last time that happened, her arm was missing for a week. Hiding that from her parents was not a particularly simple task.

Another man from back where Livewire had come from called out to him, "Livewire, it's almost our cue."

Livewire tipped his bowler to her and said, "Perhaps we'll meet again."

She grumbled, "I certainly hope not."

Livewire laughed and turned, strutting back in the direction from whence he came, holding the hat atop his head. As he left, she shuddered. Something about that man just creeped her out, but she could not pinpoint what it was. She turned and took the opposite exit to leave the station, noting the destroyed garbage can on her way out. She wondered how much of her would be left if she had been struck by the bolt. She shook her head to clear the thoughts as she exited into the overcast afternoon.

She headed along, looking for the spot where all those "heroes" were supposed to congregate. She knew that was where she would find Popsicle. She wasn't finished talking with him. Perhaps she would even find someone else along with him to help her out. She shrugged, not really caring if she managed to locate anyone else besides Popsicle. She heard the dull roar of a crowd coming from nearby, so she rushed over and hid behind a tree. She peered around it out toward the gathered crowd, attempting to locate the idiot with the red head. Several of the gathered "heroes" had red heads, so she decided it would be impossible to find him. She sighed and lowered herself against the tree so she was sitting down.

Just behind her, she heard Livewire's distinctive voice as he cackled softly, "So many little heroes. Look at 'em, Striker. All so happy, so enthusiastic about helping out their poor, degrading country..."

Striker laughed and stretched, complaining, "Time to dump these suits?"

"Not yet. Stahley's announcement should start up soon. Then the fun begins. You think we can take 'em?"

"We've got the element of surprise. We definitely can." He lifted up his right arm in front of him as a long, surprisingly sharp bone pierced through the flesh between his middle and ring finger and extended nearly one meter from the end of his hand. Blood trickled down his black latex-coated arm as he grinned. Striker's mask was pitch black with holes cut in it for his eyes, as that was all he needed. The bone retracted itself back into his arm, punching out through his elbow by a few inches as it had been before. He swore under his breath as he said, "Forgot I was wearin' the suit."

Livewire slapped his partner upside the head. Striker caught his hat and righted it on his head. Livewire snapped, "These are thousand-dollar suits!"

"We stole 'em, anyway,"
Striker mumbled as he fixed his blade so it slid up into the sleeve rather than poking out through it. The wound between his fingers healed quickly and he licked the blood off his arm just as Stahley was about to take the stage.

Livewire leaned up against a tree at the edge of the grove and grinned. "Showtime."

Meghan leaned out and peered around the tree, swallowing hard. She hoped Popsicle could handle those two. She could help out, but she figured it would be better for her to remain incognito for now.


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Posted 11 November 2010 - 02:30 AM

Once all of the heroes and villains who wished to travel to DC have arrived...

A very tall and very wide man awaited the super powered people who made their way to Washington. He had his back to them for starters. His olive green jacket stretched over his wide shoulders taughtly. Along his right bicep were several medals of blue and red and silver stars dangling from them. He wore a tight crew cut composed of graying hair. His jaw was square and chiseled, his eyes deep set but intense.

He turned to look at those who had gathered and flipped the switch of his lapel microphone to allow everyone in the vicinity to hear him. Every television in the nation would have the live feed shown. Every radio would be blaring this forthcoming speech. This was a turning point in America's history.

"My name is General Lee Stahley." He spoke deeply with a voice that commanded the attention of anyone who would hear him. "I have served the United States Armed Forces for over thirty-five years. What has transpired here on the first of November is the single most appalling thing I have ever born witness to. These are trying times for this wonderful country. Together we will rise above them. Together we will restore the balance of power of this world. We're going to need all the help we can get. Luckily, there are heroes out there." The General said.

The camera would pan to the gathered heroes, broadcasting their masked visages world wide.

"These extraordinary men and women are just what this country needs to get back on its feet. We will be launching a counter attack against the terrorists who perpetrated this vile act. These heroes will be at the forefront. Our investigation is nearing its conclusion, and soon we'll know who was behind these attacks. For the time being the nation is going to be under Martial Law. We aren't sure exactly how to proceed from here. Never before has the chain of command needed so many different positions. Never will this likely happen again. Military forces are spread thin across this great land, and soon we hope to return everything to normal."

"Please, continue to go about your jobs. Continue to live your lives as Americans - the greatest nation in the world and a beacon of freedom and hope to all!"

The crowd who was gathered erupted in deafening cheers upon the conclusion of the speech. The Azure Arachnid rubbed his head and looked around, "Is this... really happening? Fighting terrorists? Sheesh."

The General stood and absorbed the applause and cheers before the camera feed was cut. Once it was over he approached the gathered superpowered people and nodded politely, "Nice to meet you all. I assume you're all here in order to help. We have a few jobs for everyone."


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Posted 11 November 2010 - 03:13 AM

Alexander arrived at Love Enterprises which was one of the biggest buildings in the world standing high at 2720 ft, every door available was guarded and each guard would have a have a list of people who were allowed in each floor. After entering his building Alexander was greeted by every known associate and person inside. Everyone who was everyone would kiss Alexander's ass inside of his company building and Alexander loved the attention. At the front desk stood 4 sharp dressed men waiting for Alexander to arrive.

" Evening Mr.Love, pleasure to finally meet you. " spoke one of the men standing on the left, he was the shortest one there but had China under his belt, Hing Chan was the president of China and was no fool to play with having all of China under his command.

The other 3 were also powerful men, Dimitar Palichenko president of Russia, Raulf Aughigen president of Germany and Benjamin Nyfui president of Israel. All 4 men flew from across the world to have this undisclosed meeting with Alexander.

Alexander viewed the men for a second and finally opened his mouth. " Evening fellas, right this way. " The 4 men followed Alexander into an Elevator, the right side of the elevator had a key pad to select which floor to go to. Alexander typed in -1 after entering that the screen asked for a password in which Alexander looked back to make sure nobody could see. The elevator took them a floor down and when it finally opened the men saw a beaming light in the center of the floor and everything else was dark.

" Please this way. " Pointed Alexander toward the light.

After arriving in the center of the light Alexander held out a button, After pressing it lights turned on in which the men saw 6 cages with armored type robots inside standing 8 feet tall.

The men gasped at such creation. Alexander gave out a quick smirk knowing they would be impressed with what they saw.

" You all invested billions of dollars into Sector 7 and it is nearly completed, You grew suspicious of how thing's were going and I wanted to show you first hand how thing's look. "

The men were still amazed at the 8 foot creatures, They circled each one of them to investigate and finally met back in the center.

" Are they all the same? " Asked Dimitar. Alexander turned to face him

" Where would the fun be in that? If I wanted them all to be the same I would have spent billions of my own money. Each one of these beautiful creatures is different, Alexander pointed to the robot like creature on the left FIRE. "

He then pointed to the one next to him " Lightning " Alexander turned back to the men

" Catch the drift? Each one has special abilities that make them unique in their own way "

" How are they controlled, Or WHO controls them? " Asked Benjamin.

" We do, the one with the ear piece controls the beast within, Inside each of their heads is a device in which triggers each command given to them by the owner. Sure they won't be ready yet but the progress for sector 7 is going smoothly, Any questions can wait until the testing in a month or two. " Spoke Alexander.

" When you came to each one of us you said you had an idea to make the world safe from criminals and from vigilantes why?, we have heroes for that ? " Asked Raulf

Alexander's smile went away quickly after the word HEROES.

" Where were these HEROES when my parents was killed? Or when Washington was attacked? These vigilantes are in it for the fame as opposed to these creatures. They are the future and they will protect us. With lightning fast speed they can patrol the world at ease. "

The man smiled as Alexander spoke, Alexander knew they were pleased. He pointed his hand to the elevator... " After you fellas"


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The Dream


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DC was now now in view and he could tell that something was going on. Damien had a feeling that he wasn't the only villain coming to crash the party. He flew towards the ground and slowly placed his burning feet onto the road. He extinguished his flames so that he almost looked like a normal human. This would only ever be real look for him when he wasn't in costume.

Far off behind him, he could hear the roar of a car's engine. Turning around, he could see an old mustang coming up behind him. It was in a close enough range to see him, yet it didn't stop, which made Damien smile. He set his hand ablaze and built up a giant fire ball. The car started to slow down and that when Damien decided to strike. He threw the fireball right at the car engine and set it ablaze. the man inside opened the door and came out, but didn't leave fast enough. The car blew up and the man was on fire and sent flying down the road. He started to scream and roll around, trying to extinguish the fire that was burning his flesh.

"Next time slow down shit head!" Damien yelled before laughing and setting himself ablaze. He flew the last few kilometers to DC while thinking about what he would target first.

Scarlet a.k.a Poison Ivy
Scarlet sat in the subway train and thought about the stupid thing she did. In the morning she heard the report of Washington being attacked and immediately left to help, but she didn't think about Boston. She had left Boston unprotected and that was dangerous. There were other heroes in the world apart from her, so why did she have to leave so fast.

Trying to tell herself that everything was going to be OK, she noticed that lots of people has been staring at her. A few kids were with their parents and they looked like they just had to go up to her and ask "Are you a super hero?". Seeing the eager eyes of many more children she smiled at them and then turned to stare at the window on the opposite side of her.

A lady decided to sit next to her and started to ask questions. "Are you going to DC?" she asked, looking at Scarlet. She forgot that she was wearing her costume, probably why everyone was staring at her.

Scarlet turned to the lady and smiled. "Yeah. Gotta do my part and help" she said. The lady nodded and turned to the window in opposite them. Scarlet did the same and they kept silent for the rest of the ride.





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