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The Zodiac Brave [OoC]

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Posted 01 June 2011 - 06:06 PM

Sword in hand, a warrior clutches stone to breast
In sword etched, his faded memories
In stone, his tempered skill
By sword attested, by stone revealed, their tale can now be told

The Zodiac Brave

Welcome, my friend to the Zodiac Brave story. I shall do my best and use the tools best at my disposal to grant you the knowledge that you seek. But first, please do tell me a bit more about yourself!

    • Name: [simply the name of your character]
    • Age: [how old are you?]
    • House: [which house do you belong to?]
    • Date of Birth: [surely, you must have birthday?]
    • Job: [what is your profession?] (job details will be added later)
    • Equipment: [what are you wearing? (i will add detailed equip lists later)]
    • Abilities: Only 2 allowed as of now
    • Biography: [I need to know on which grounds you want access to this information] (Keep these short. We don't want long run on stories. I want to give this RP a historical touch)

    Ah! So thats who you are. Yes, the Zodiac Brave is truly a marvel of history. Alas, nothing was completely recorded. All records of the Nine Year War have come from a single man, Oromis DeBount. History recalls that he was a young man of twentey and one at the time he entered the war- mind you, that was three years after it broke out. And that is, unfortunately, where our accounts and documents begin. Come, let us dig through the marvels of history!


    Surely, you do something for a living.

    The Squire
    Posted ImagePosted Image

    A simple Squire? An agile character, surely. You carry your actions with swiftness, but carry light armor. You may take heavy damage, but you are an effective unit, always aspiring to become something more in life.

    You may equip:
    • Swords, Daggers, Spears, Staves, Light Shield, Axes
    • Light Armor

    Job Tree

    Initial Abilities:
    • Blink [Raises Agility, allowing character to move faster]
    • Phalanx [Hardens nerves, bracing character to take a considerably less amount of damage]
    • Killer Sting [A forward thrust with the dagger, light damage, but fast]
    • Heavy Slice [Slice down with the Axe. Heavy damage, but slow]

    The Knight
    Posted ImagePosted Image

    Ah, so you're a specialized Warrior! You carry heavy armor and weaponry, at the expense of speed and wisdom. Your strength is to be reckoned with. You are capable of using some forms of Magic, but that is only when you learn them from a special means.

    You may equip
    • Swords, Spears, Crossbows, Shields, Halberds, Daggers, Staves, Axes, Heavy Axes
    • Heavy Armor, Light Armor

    Job Tree

    Initial Abilities:
    • Faint Light [Heals the user slightly. Not very proefficient]
    • Rending Gale [Deals Damage to the Target. Swords only]
    • Break Arts [Attempt to break the target's armor. Heavy Axe only]
    • Jolt [A heavy lunge towards the target. Heavy damage. Lances Only]

    The Archer

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    A formidable Archer! You possess the eye of a hawk. Your arrow never fails to pierce the heart of your target. You travel light and swift, dodging your opponents attacks swiftly. However, you function best at long range.

    You may equip:
    • Bows, Great Bows, Crossbows, Daggers, Handguns, Light Shields
    • Light Armor

    Job Tree

    Initial Abilities:
    • Hawk Eye [Concentrate your skill, allowing arrows to fly faster and straighter. Damage rate goes up. Increases range in guns, but damage does not go up. Lasts 4 shots.]
    • Dark Weight [Fire a heavy shot at your target, raising the force of gravity acting on the target, slowing them down. Great Bow only]
    • Penetrating Shot [Heavy cross bow shot. Has chances of penetrating armor]
    • Marksman's Game [Fire 2 heavy shots with your gun, consecutively. This is possible through a concentrate of energy and magic that manifests into the gun. The resulting shot knocks back the opponent and may damage their armor. Bullets are not used.]

    The Mage

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    Now, here, we have something of my likes. A wise mage. You help your friends from afar, while blasting your foes with powerful magic. You travel light and move quick, but are subject to heavy damage once exposed.

    You may equip:
    • Staves, Rods, Daggers
    • Robes, Light Armor, Light Shields
    Job Tree

    Initial Abilities:
    • Enlightenment [Cast spells at a faster rate at the cost of power]
    • Sage's Wisdom [Conserve strength when casting spells at the expense of speed]
    • Basic Black Magic [Pack of Black Magic, including; Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Wind and Earth based attacks]
    • Basic White Magic [Pack of White Magic, including; Cure, Barrier, Holy and Heal]

    Be Wary, friend. Your job now determines what you do in the future.

    Refer to the Vendor's Shop for Ability details and Available Equips.

    Accepted Characters:
    Mriydn Thaydor

    Signups are open!

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