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Zodiac Brave Character Portfolio

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Posted 02 June 2011 - 05:12 PM

I would prefer no one post here besides me. This is simply to hold portfolios for the RP. Just ignore the thread altogether.

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Name: Mirydn Thaydor

Age: 18 (Start of the Nine Years War)

House: House of Thaydor

Date of Birth: July the 27th, 1237 HY (Leo by Birth)

Job: Knight

Equipment: Equipped with Broadsword, Buckler and Mythril Vest

Abilities: Rending Gale, Faint Light

Biography: Mirydn was born in the proud and arrogant House of Thaydor. As the son of the Duke of Glaydus, most of his life has been spent learning the finer arts, in which he exceled. He was highly proficient with the sword. As a talented soldier, he yearned to be become a bit more during the war. As Helena fort in Glaydus was captured, he decided to take action. Tangled in the rising politics of Xylengia, he persuaded his father to allow him to enter the war as a frontline commander in the second year of the war. Little else is known about this historical figure, except that he was the most impacting character in the Nine Year War.

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