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To all those that use the Shoutbox

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Posted 19 July 2011 - 05:17 PM

Since we've been having too many confrontation lately among people, I've decided to make this thread.

If you dislike something people are talking about in the shoutbox, then leave it be instead of bashing them to no end and talking about how much it sucks, no matter what it may be. If the people do not know of a thread about the topic they are talking about, link them politely to the thread so they can talk about it there rather then saying to take it to a thread because no one cares.

Do not bash ANYONE for talking about any specific topic. Even if you hate it down to your very core. This is your First and Final Warning. All those that are caught doing such acts will be banned from the shoutbox and will be unbanned at a later given time. Continued bashing/confrontations will lead to more serious actions.

Thank you all for reading this thread.