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Spacebound: The Chosen [Unfinished RP]

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#1 Crimson Jazz

Crimson Jazz


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Posted 28 July 2011 - 05:48 PM

The Chosen

Lieutenant Gordon Ross woke up in a cold sweat. Another nightmare. The same one every time. Every night, he relives the days where he witnessed the deaths of his parents and former squad-mates. This nightmare has yet to escape his mind, and probably never will. Gordon rose from his bed and thought that maybe a hot shower would calm his nerves. After his shower, he put on his casual uniform, grabbed his sword and gun, and left his personal quarters to get something to eat from the mess hall. As he walked through the halls of the Edward C. Reilly Naval Base, Gordon wondered if today would finally be the day that he would be called into battle.

Suddenly, a voice rang through the base's intercom system, "All those assigned to warships Arcturus, Resilience, Centinus, Excelsior, Spirit of Dawn, and Haven, report to Hangar Bay 1."

Maybe today would be that day that Gordon would fulfill his dream of exploring the deep void of outer space...



Holy crap! I just looked out my window and saw a huge ball of fire in the sky!!!

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 03:38 PM

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sounds of metal striking solidly against itself rang out through the halls near Jackie Tremblay's laboratory in the base where she was relocated to.

A small robot about three feet in height with an awkward, box shaped body and singular camera lens for an eye was cowering nearby, watching her from behind the post of her bed.







She threw the wrench at the prototype engine she had been working on since she arrived at the base. Such a stuffy military place wouldn't much allow for her to have the amount of space she wanted, and needed, to perform her craft. Without tinkering away on some sort of robotic something-or-other, she was bored stiff.

Jack sat cross legged on the floor, wearing shorts and a rather loose fitting tanktop. Her forehead was wrapped in a rather dirty looking rag and the expression on her face was pretty sour.

However, upon seeing Guster huddled in the corner, her features relaxed.

"Oh, hey, come over here buddy! Don't be afraid!"

Guster slowly emerged from his rather poor hiding spot and shuffled his heavy feet towards her. She grabbed him in a bear hug, eliciting the whirring of a motor that sounded like purring as she embraced him.

"Sorry about that. I guess I'm just going a bit stir-crazy." She smiled, patting her companion on the head.

Suddenly the intercom sounded, finally calling the Haven's name.

"Hot damn!" She screamed, jumping to her feet. Guster's lens dilated in shock.

In a flash she was dressed for business... or well... as business as she usually got. Her flat sneakers, wrist bands, and piercings were all very visible. She wore a crew shirt instead of her tank top, however, as she deemed it more "professional".

She gathered up her bag, the baseball-sized engine, and Guster, and slammed the door of her room shut behind her, bouncing and skipping away towards the hangar.

She would arrive shortly after the call and wait for further instructions. Guster would cower behind her leg and peer out at all the people gathering.

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 03:53 PM

Luka swung her legs as she pored over the last chapter of "Military Flagships and You," at a breakneck pace, hardly even pausing when she flipped a page. Her fingers scanned diagrams and captions as she committed the structures to memory, hoping she would not be caught too far behind when she finally got to get her feet off the ground. She stopped and looked down. Well, more off the ground than currently, at the very least.

She dropped down onto her bed as she finished the last page and dropped the bed on the small table beside her. She sighed and crossed her hands on her stomach, twiddling her thumbs as her brain ran through the contents of the book for her a second time, struggling to keep the vast stores of information within her fickle mind. Then the intercom shouted at her, shattering her concentration. She rubbed her forehead and hopped out of bed, noting the call to head to the hangar bay. She pulled her heavy robe on over her frail figure, concealing her silver shirt and blue skirt. She pulled her hair up and out from within the coat, letting the black locks hang down on the outside. It would be quite rude to meet her commanding officer with her face concealed.

She plucked her silver-rimmed glasses from her face, breathed once on each lens, and wiped them clean before tucking them away in the inside left breast pocket of her robe. Her arms retreated up the sleaves and folded neatly across her stomach as she trotted out of the room. Her heavy, leather boots clicked against the metallic floor as she followed the wave of people toward the bay. She had not had much time since arriving to explore too well, so she had very little idea as to where she should head to find her destination.

It wasn't until she was within the bay that she noticed "UFG Haven" blazoned across the broad side of a large ship. She cautiously made her way over there, taking care not to bump into too many people. She arrived quite late, she figured, since several people were already there, waiting, when she walked over, and so she opted to hang back behind everyone else, lest she draw unnecessary attention to herself.

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Posted 19 August 2011 - 07:33 PM

Anthony suddenly awakened from his deep sleep, his eyes wide open while he gasped with exhaustion and fear. His face and arms were covered in sweat, his body warm as he awoke from the torturous nightmare he was having. He threw his blankets off the side of his bed, walking to the nearest bathroom to splash some water on his face. As he did so in the dimly lit room, he looked at the slightly cracked mirror, looking at his reflection while the reflection stared back.

Anthony's black hair was slightly shined from the slight water that had splashed on his head, while water dripped down from his rounded chin to the sink below him. His eyes were slightly bloodshot and wide opened, glossed over with water from his tear ducts as he neared the point of crying. Instead of simply crying and letting his emotions go, he changed it to anger and punched the mirror in front of him, shattering it into small shards with some protruding in his fingers.

The nightmare started much like a day that happened long ago when he was seventeen years old, promising his seven year old sister, Amanda, that they would go to the park that day. The pair was smiling and laughing, tossing a frisbee back and forth to each other. With a simple mistake in wrist movement, the frisbee was sent above Amanda's head, landing in the center of the street. He yelled for her to come back as she tried to retrieve it, but too quickly her life was taken away by an inattentive and unprepared driver.

Instead of pulling out the mirror shards in his fists, Anthony decided to walk to the deck, hearing his destination, the UFG Haven, being announced over the loudspeaker.


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Posted 29 August 2011 - 11:45 PM

"Chef bring some more grub over here. This stuff is kind of good today; guess you didn't spit in it like all the other days"

A tall grey haired man sat at the cafeteria table yelling at a helpless chef as he gobbled down whatever was left on his plate. Bits of food spewed from his mouth as he spoke with no regards to the others around him who were hit with the flying pieces of food.

"Ahhh what are you looking at you wimps? Got a problem? Well we can settle it here and now if you do"

The other men and women around the cafeteria was repulsed by the man’s behavior and quickly left the area. Who could deal with such a rude man for more than a second before wanting to kill him? As people flooded out of the cafeteria the chef stopped by and dropped G.I food before him.

"Here you go sir, and this time I spit in it twice just for you"

Letting out a startling chuckle G.I lifted the tray off the table and hurled it towards the nearest garbage can.

"Ha like I really even liked this disgusting food. I just wanted you to make more and bring it over here"

The chef gripped his spatula tightly as he glared towards G.I. Just before the man could speak his mind the loudspeaker had chimed in and ordered a select few groups to go to Hangar Bay 1. Ironically G.I was part of one of those groups and hopped out of us seat and made his way out the cafeteria door.

"Maybe we could do this again sometime chef-o. But for no learn to cook better." G.I spoke followed by a hysterical chuckle as he exited the room.

Hopefully I can see some action today. All I have here is nasty food and boring drills. Sheesh life as a bandit was better than this. I swear before my bandit family life that if this is another drill I'm going to beat that ol chef down just for the hell of it. Yeah....that sounds pleasing. Beat the chef up to enjoy my time here. Maybe I can find some others to pick on too.

G.I was so lost in his own thought that he almost passed the Hanger, but hearing the chatter between members in the hangar had snapped him out of it.

“Well looks like I’m here. Time to finally see what this United Federation has to offer me”

A girl, she sits alone on a pitch black night, sad, as nights dark veil descends, but low, the moon nestles into the sky, silvery and full, banishing the dark once it came, when dawn breaks, the night of atonement quietly departs

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