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[Review] Heavenly Sword

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#1 qster



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Posted 02 August 2011 - 08:24 PM

Heavenly Sword Review
Available for the Playstation 3
Developed by Ninja Theory
Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Presentation: Heavenly Sword is a well made game, especially considering the fact it was made near the time of the Playstation 3's launch. The graphics for the game are outstanding, showcasing motion tracking technology used during the game's well-animated cutscenes. The music and sound effects are also well-done, along with the voice acting featuring Anna Torv as Nariko, Andy Serkis as King Bohan, and Lydia Baksh as Kai. The controls are reminiscent of the game God of War, but the game also makes great use of the Playstation 3's Sixaxis motion controls.

Story: Heavenly Sword takes place in a feudal Japan setting where two ♥♥♥♥s are in war with one another over the Heavenly Sword, a blade supposedly sent down from heaven to defeat the Raven King. Nariko is the person mentioned in the Heavenly Sword's prophecy, but it was thought that the guardian of the sword would be a man, rather than a woman. Everyone believes Nariko to be the cause of the war, but the reason is that the greedy King Bohan lusts for the sword, willing to wage war for it. It is up to Nariko to defeat King Bohan and fulfill her destiny. Overall, the story, dialogue, and plot of Heavenly Sword is well written and really makes you care about the characters.

Gameplay: Heavenly Sword is most easily comparable to other hack-and-slash titles such as God of War and Devil May Cry, due to the heavy emphasis on combat and similar control schemes. One difference- or three if you will- are the different forms that the Heavenly Sword can take, one being a large Power stance, a quick Speed stance, and a very familiar Range stance. The game isn't always about combat though, as there are some puzzles based around a first person perspective of throwing items or something using the games physics. The gameplay, however, can grow a little tedious after a while, so it is best played in shorter segments.

Overall: Heavenly Sword is a very good game, but there are just a couple of problems holding it back from being perfect. The main problem is that it is only around six hours long, making it very short with little replay value of only going back to get concept art. The graphics and story are well done and are at least worth experiencing at least once. Heavenly Sword is very worthy of either being a short term buy or a rental.

Pros: - Well told story and characters
- Absolutely beautiful graphics
- Great use of both face button and Sixaxis controls

Cons: - Very short
- Can grow repetitive
- Little replay value

Score: 4/5

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