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Metal Gear Zero (Sign-Ups And OOC)

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Posted 08 August 2011 - 06:42 PM

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May 21st, 2015
Dear Reader,

If you have received this message, then I am sure that you are aware and have been considered to be recruited for my company, Philanthropy. If you are unaware of what this means, it means you could be the one to potentially end the threat of Metal Gears and super weapons much like it. Here at Philanthropy, we are constantly working for a safer future, so please respond if you are interested in joining our cause.

Hal "Otacon" Emmerich
CEO and Co-Founder


Our sources indicate that a company, known as Cipher, has been constructing their own Metal Gear somewhere in Costa Rica. The leader is a woman known only as Paz Ortega, a 67 year old woman who was believed to have died during the Peace Walker incident in the same location in 1974. Not much is known about Cipher, except for the names of five of their best troops, known as the trapper Tactical Tarantula, heavy weapons expert Demolition Dragon, the company's best sniper Sniping Serpent, light weapons and CQC expert Lancer Liger, and the stealth expert Camouflaged Chameleon. Everything else about Cipher and Paz Ortega are unknown, but our troops will be informed the moment we receive more information.


1. Powerplaying is highly discouraged and looked down upon.
2. Not giving your opponent time to dodge or block a blow is not allowed.
3. You can only kill with the consent of your opponent.
4. Taking control of another soldier is not allowed unless given permission by the commanding officer.
5. Going AWOL or requesting leave is prohibited. You are either in until your mission is fulfilled or do not join Philanthropy.
6. Those who require a temporary leave from the battlefield must give a notice beforehand.
7. If you do not perform an action for a total of one week, then you will be dealt with.
8. If the highest members of Philanthropy believe that you are lying in your profile, it will not be accepted.

In order to ensure that you agree with the terms above, you must pledge the following before acceptance:
I, (First and Last name), agree to the terms listed above and I am willing to fulfill my mission for the world and for Philanthropy.


First and Last Name:
Age: (18 or older)
Preferred Weaponry: (One primary, secondary, and explosive is allowed per soldier)
Equipment: (Two pieces of equipment, such as thermal goggles, are allowed per soldier)
Special Talents: (If you have over 2 special talents, we will consider you a liar)
Biography: (Tell us a little about yourself and be sure to tell why you wish to join Philanthropy)


Commanding Officer- Soldier

Kingroy- John Quarrel
Wynn- Aiguille Armada
The Dream- Darling Vanessa/Roxy Fairway
Dion- David Strahl
qster- Daniel Baker
Dexel- Nathan Rivers

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Posted 08 August 2011 - 07:27 PM

I, John Quarrel, agree to the terms listed above and I am willing to fulfill my mission for the world and for Philanthropy.

First and Last Name: John Quarrel
Codename: Liar(Lyre) Bird
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Personality: A comedian of sorts. He jokes a lot. The truth is he uses his jokes to keep him some what sane. He has seen so much horrors on the battlefield that he feels it is a necessary step. When around other soldiers he uses jokes to ease the tension. He likes to look on the brighter side of things. His taste in jokes are usually corny, but they work well on him. He could also use his jokes to piss off the enemy. Even in the most tense situations he uses his humor.

Appearance: He's black, with shaved hair. He wears a black suit that covers most of his body. It resembles what Akiba wore in MGS4. The rest of his body is covered with gloves, a mask, and boots. He also wears shades on occasions. He has dark brown eyes and is a bit muscular. He is about 6'2. He is dark brown, and talks with a country-ish accent. He has a couple of bruises and scars but what soldier doesn't?

Preferred Weaponry:

A Silenced P90 with Laser Sight

A Silenced Tranquilizer

Three Blue/Sad Emotional Grenades

Equipment: Thermal Goggles, Octo Mask

Special Talents: Mimicry, and Disguising.

Biography: John was born in Virginia. In his community he was known for his beat boxing abilities. He eventually develop the ability to mimic many sounds with his mouth. He decided to go to the military after school because his family has a long history with it. After he left he decided to join Philanthropy. During his days of war he often used unorthodox methods to survive on the bloody battlefield. His mimicry ability was put to good use and he also developed skills in stealth such as playing dead which has saved him many times.

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Posted 08 August 2011 - 10:11 PM

First and Last Name: Aiguille Armada

Codename: Delirious Deathstalker

Age: Classified

Gender: Male

Personality: Being an expert on poison-based warfare, Aiguille has lost most of his grip on sanity. He is often silent, simply nodding as a way to acknowledge those around him. When he's pushed to a corner though, he lives up to his codename by spouting out inane commentary and irrational actions during battle. The Delirious Deathstalker should not be taken lightly.

Appearance: Posted Image

Aiguille is never seen without his special operatives gear. The suit he wears is specially designed to maintain high sanitary standards that is needed for Aiguille to survive while lugging around his poisonous mixtures. The green voice modulator on his right arm serves as his main means of communication since he should not be directly breathing air in without it going through filters on his suit.

Preferred Weaponry:

Riot-gun: Though these are usually used for non-lethal purposes, Aiguille's personal riot gun has been his main weapon for the longest time. It is specially reinforced to hold his mixtures without leaking or accidentally blowing up. This can also use standard shotgun ammo and grenades.

Skorpion V3 - A standard machine pistol that can carry no more than ten bullets a clip. It only takes a few seconds for it to empty the clip but the accuracy isn't the greatest. Though, accuracy isn't really something Aiguille looks for when he does use this backup weapon.

Khukuri - a curved knife that borders along the definition of being a sword.

Equipment - Portable chemical set stored in backpack, Special Operations suit, various assortments of empty ammunition shells and casings.

Special Talents: Poisons and Explosives


"I, Aiguille Armada, agree to the mission guidelines from the briefing and will fulfill it for the world and for Philan-bezzntz... Philanthropy."

A man who sought shelter under Outer Heaven once, he now sides with Philanthropy under mysterious circumstances. Various rumors about his past life float around the ranks of the organization he is in but the only consistent one is that he is an expert in the bad kind of chemistry. Only those at the highest part of the echelon know what the Delirious Deathstalker is truly capable of, trusting that his talents are just the exact caliber of skill needed to take down one of Philanthropy's greatest foes.

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 03:03 AM

I, Darling Vanessa (Roxy Fairway), agree to the terms listed above and I am willing to fulfill my mission for the world and for Philanthropy.

First and Last Name: Her real name is Darling Vanessa but she despises her girly name and tells people she is Roxy Fairway unless they are in charge of her.
Codename: Thunder Spider
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Personality: Dar- Roxy is a tomboy at heart. She enjoys extreme sports, hence her expertise when it comes to getting through rough terrain. She has no shame, she would strip down in front of anyone without any problem, if she had to of course. She does have her feminine qualities though. She still has compassion when it comes to battling on the field, she sees it as an art because of the tactics used and so on. She respects her comrades and treats them like equals, nothing less, nothing more. Like a good and obedient solider, Roxy doesn't do anything unless instructed to or if certain circumstances come by and force her to step up.

Extra: Roxys hair is a light hazelnut brown colour. Her eyes are a sea blue colour with a dark purple like shade on the outside rim. Her skin colour is a light olive colour. Her uniform is the standard brown colour but her gloves are black. She has a small tattoo of angel wings on the top right part of her back and a large scar on her stomach.

Preferred Weaponry:
M16A4 Assault Rifle
Nagant M1895 Revolver with a silencer
Standard Survival Knife (the big one)

Equipment: Thermal Goggles, four silencers in a case

Special Talents: Survival, torture endurance

Biography: Roxy had joined the army as a rebellious act towards her parents who always tried to force lady like ideas onto her, they didn't accept her for who she was and neither did anyone else she knew. She acted like a boy, enjoyed the "company" of girls and boys, she even avoided girly clothing like dresses, high heels and things like that. But what was meant to be a rebellious act turned into a passion and Roxy followed that passion. Later though, she left the army and joined Philanthropy due to reasons only few people know about.

From her life even before joining the army, Roxy participated in extreme sports and always came back home with a gold medal. Sometimes though, these competitions would go very wrong and she would be stuck in a forest or snowing mountain for days, left to survive and find her own way of living till a rescue team came. She also had sustained injuries every know and then that were very serious, but she got used to the pain was able to grin and bear it without any trouble. Her endurance to pain helped her with torture resistance and her extreme sport experiences helped her understand how to survive in unknown and rough terrain.

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 01:53 PM

Name: David Strahl
Codename: Subtle Fox
Age: 26
Gender: Male

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He earned his codename through his incredible stealth and extreme precision with which he strikes down his foes. He takes no more than one shot to send his opponent to oblivion. His garments change according to environment, as he does not utilize an Octo Camo. This with his extended skill in hiding make him a formidable foe.

Weaponry:M14 EBR Battle Rifle
Desert Eagle
Stun Knife

Equipment: Standard Camouflage set [Stored within backpack], Advanced First Aid Kit [Also a butchery kit. Contains various tools that can be used to snip open skin, break bones, and then sew it all shut in a matter of minutes. Stored within backpack]

Abilities: Extreme Precision, Anatomical Expert

Soldier Information [Biography not Given]: Learned in the art of sniping and an Anatomical expert, Subtle Fox can take out his opponents from far and near. He knows the ins and outs of the human body and can literally take someone apart and put them back together given he has the proper equipment. This same knowledge allows him to strike the most vital arteries and parts of the bodies which can be used to knock out an opponent within a blow. This makes him a useful soldier as he can utilize his skills to make something even as dangerous as a human bomb.

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Posted 09 August 2011 - 02:24 PM

I, Daniel Baker, agree to the terms listed above and I am willing to fulfill my mission for the world and for Philanthropy.

First and Last Name: Daniel Baker

Codename: Healing Hound

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Personality: Daniel is known for being a caring and dedicated soldier in the field of battle. Whenever someone is in trouble or is in need of any kind of help, Daniel is always the first one to help and will gladly risk his life for his comrades. However, this does not grow to the point where he would run into the middle of combat in order to save someone, fearing that would risk more than save. He is rather sarcastic and snarky in his conversations with others, feeling it relieves the tension of battle. He is a very trusting in his partners and thinks both physical and mental health should be optimal before entering combat.

Appearance: Daniel is a lightly built, 5"8 foot Caucasian male whose hair is as brown as mud. His eyes are a similarly hued brown, while his hair is slightly spiked in the front, the back being short and gelled in place. He wears a suit of light jungle fatigues while he wears an old fashioned Vietnam veteran helmet from his father.

Preferred Weaponry: Barrett M82
Mk22 Mod 0 "Hush Puppy"
3 Stun Grenades

Equipment: Advanced Medical Kit

Special Talents: Combat Psychology, Advanced Medical Aid

Biography: Daniel was born to former Vietnam veteran David Baker and secretary Jenna Baker in the city of San Diego, California. After the war and throughout his entire childhood, Daniel noticed his father struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, something that had plagued his mind after the war effort in Vietnam. He would occasionally go after Daniel and his mother, the stress taking its toll on his mind. Even at a young age, Daniel knew that his father needed help.

Daniel left college at the age of 23 and majored in both psychology and anatomy and often heard news of the company Philanthropy, a place that needed troops to prevent superweapons from being unleashed upon the world. After telling his father about Philanthropy, he joined soon, donning his father's jungle fatigues and helmet that he used in Vietnam. He now joins Philanthropy as a combat medic and psychologist to prevent people from suffering like his father did.

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 08:54 PM

So how are we supposed to follow after that first post? Talk to each other o-o?

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 09:26 PM

That, talk to Otacon, or just walk around and reflect on what was said.

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Posted 14 August 2011 - 12:47 PM

I, Nathan Rivers, agree to the terms listed above and I am willing to fulfill my mission for the world and for Philanthropy.

First and Last Name: Nathan Rivers

Codename: Stunning Sparrow

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Don’t let appearances fool you: Nathan is like a ticking time bomb. Looking most at ease being alone, his attitude towards people change from day to day, even with people he knows. One day he’ll share rations with you and another he’d have a gun to your head in a heartbeat at the slightest hint of a snarky attitude. He is also extremely paranoid, though he seems to have no good reason to be, and is constantly on edge around others. The only time you’ll see this man in constant joy is when he’s tinkering with his mechanical toys.

Appearance: Nathan has a thin build with some visible muscle, weighing at 170 lbs, but has a rather average height of 5’9” and is Caucasian. His straight, brown hair stops halfway down his forehead up front and almost reaches down to the bottom of his neck at the back and has hair on the sides of his head stopping at the top of his ears before spiking out a little to the side. He hides it under a black cap, however, and can always be seen wearing plain jeans and a dark green shirt along with black shoes in case he gets stains from working on a machine. Nathan’s eyes are a bright blue.

Preferred Weaponry: Škorpion vz. 61
Colt Single Action Army
3 White Phosphorous Grenades

Equipment: Thermal Goggles
A small tool box that contains the absolute minimum and most basic of tools so he can carry it around the field without a problem and with little noise. Nathan attached straps to it so he can carry it like a backpack and padded the inside with sheep wool to help keep his tools from getting chipped by cluttering around. He also painted it the same color as his shirt so it isn't too obvious when wearing it.

Special Talents: CQC, Mechanic

Biography: Born into a poor family who mostly were welders or mechanics, Nathan naturally grew an interest in anything mechanical and what makes it tick, so to speak. Whenever he had spare time as a kid, it was spent working on a car or fixing a clock, whatever there was around to tinker with. Because he was often picked on by other students at school for his seemingly odd hobby in their eyes, Nathan quickly learned to use just his bare hands whenever he got into fights with them over the years, forming a crude style of CQC focused mostly on paining his opponent and striking nervous or weak points. Later, he adopted a more precise style with his best friend, who was often the victim of Nathan’s many endeavors to find more spots to target on the human body.

As far as battlefield experience goes, Nathan’s had absolutely none. For the sake of protection and due to his paranoia, Nathan went to a local shooting range for practice after settling on a revolver and some grenades due to his lack of cash. While not as talented as his peers, he’s a good shot, but Nathan will blatantly refuse to kill his prey unless he has to, choosing instead to shoot at points that will slow down his opponents without killing them like the kneecaps and shoulders. Realizing the threat Metal Gears could pose, he joined Philanthropy.

( Would've used a picture if I could, but I'm no good with art, so I can't make a portrait or nothin' and I doubt I'll find an exact picture of how I see Nathan. >.>; )

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Posted 14 August 2011 - 08:57 PM

You're in Philanthropy. Welcome to the company of heroes!

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