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RPG Inferno Changelog

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 10:44 PM

Your one stop shop for all your Inferno change needs! This will be updated every time something is changed~


Just a small update. I don't give a poop if you farm out 100 tiny leafs and sell it for 100 gil since you just wasted a lot of time on a fruitless endeavor. So now Tiny Leafs, Tiny Rocks, and Lilypads all sell for 2 Posted Image each in Jungle Wares, and you can sell them off to vendors for 1 Posted Image each.


So due to the requests of Aramis and Heart (requested a LOOOONG time ago), the Battleground has seen some MASSIVE improvements. You will now see your character and your Spirit at all times. When teamed with another player character, you cycle between you+spirit and ally+spirit, based on who you're targeting at the time. The enemies remain the same.

In addition to this, the active spells now have hover text which tells you the name of the spell, who casted it, and how many turns remain before it wears off. (requested by Heart). All of these things together make battles infinitely more manageable.


Neo-Shiva has returned. Enjoy. She isn't being changed again, aside from possible nerfing for chapter 4. Even then... *shrugs* We'll see.

-V Diddy


[Ice Queen] was just updated to what she will more than likely STAY as forever. Stats didn't change, but she's at a point where I feel she'll be quite tough, but not invincible. In Chapter 4, you'll have a much easier time of it, but I think she IS beatable right now. Just be sure to run 25 speed on both you and your Spirit or you're in for big trouble.[/spoiler]


  • Battle Arts : Guard, Green Arts : Shield, and Battle Arts : Dodge Roll all now modify DEX by +0 instead of -75.

Massive changes! O:

  • Every Technique has been modified. Their numbers have shifted slightly, making them on the whole more useful than they were before.
  • Slice&Dice is now known as Sonic Break and functions entirely differently than it did before. Slice&Dice will be a new Technique available for purchase in Chapter 4.
  • Most spells have had a moderate increase in their MP costs. Aspira and Recharge have improved in order to heal more MP in an effort to keep up with increased MP costs for spells.
  • Spirits now come with fully-trained Spells and their Techniques require ONE failed usage in order to fully master them. This greatly facilitates swapping Spirits as often as you would like (as long as you don't mind re-purchasing Magick Burst and training it over again).
  • Spirits will never disobey their masters ever again. One action will immediately jump their friendliness toward you up to 100% Synch and it will never fall from that level for as long as you have your Spirit.
  • Spells can now only target who they SHOULD target. You cannot Blizzara yourself or your allies anymore. You cannot Cura your opponents, either. It will do much more in the way of preventing stupid mistakes than it will in the way of limiting your options. Very rarely would you ever wish to buff your opponent or debuff yourself, anyway.

  • Celeres Modicus has had the following changes:
    • Lost 8% HP Bonus
    • Lost 8% MP Bonus
    • Gained 8% CT Bonus
    • Lost 2 RES
    • Gained 10 HP
    Comparative changes were affected upon Celeres Pallens.
  • Ninja Bracers have changed similarly, to reflect, gaining a 2% CT Bonus while losing the 2% HP and 2% MP Bonuses.
  • Ninja Mask and Garb have changed as well to reflect this:
    • Ninja Mask:
      EVA +5
      SPD +2
    • Ninja Garb:
      EVA +4
      HP +15
      SPD +2

  • Pezro has had RES and DEX switched, lowering DEX while raising RES. This change was made due to something which will be seen in Chapter 4, moreso than any other reasons you may be thinking of.
  • All offensive spells which are considered "-ra" level have been increased in base from 16 to 17. This list includes Black Magick : Fira, Black Magick : Blizzara, Black Magick : Aerora, and Black Magick : Magick Burst.
  • Time Arts : Charge can now be used by Keyblades in addition to the Weapon Types which could previously use the Technique. Time Arts : Charge also now only affects a 10-point decrease to STR when activated.

I made a pair of minor updates today which will not be noticed by anyone, I'd wager.

1: Spells which can only be cast on Spirits can now only be cast on your Spirit, not your teammate's Spirit. This, combined with the fix below is going to allow for some incredibly fun things to be added in the future. Also note this means your Spirit cannot use Recharge to restore the MP of an ally's Spirit in battle.

2: Nullify effectors now actually stick to the target it specifies, be that Target or Caster. Thus, if you cast a spell on your ally which nullifies a buff spell on yourself, that buff spell cannot be cast on yourself for the duration of the null effector. I know this makes little sense to you guys, but it's a really, really, really important update/edit that will be very important and useful for me in the coming chapters, when I wish to add more interesting spells to your arsenal.

Some updates to the secret/optional superboss code named "Neo Shiva". Her base speed as been changed to a percentage. 25 :SPD: is recommended to fight her.

In addition, her spell has been completely changed into that of a Piercing spell. It hits for manageable damage twice in a single turn in order for her to be able to keep up with, but not totally overpower, the player in the new 1 to 1 turn order she requires.

We are aware that you probably don't have enough AP available to stand up to her. That's sort of the point. This is the last forseeable change in her, as I feel she will finally be equivalent to what I expected and wanted her to be since her inception. If we feel that she isn't operating optimally we may tweak her more, but... probably not.

She is supposed to be beaten. Not in Chapter 3. That is all. Also, DLC is very close to release. We'll update another thread with that release.

Since I doubt it was posted anywhere, you now get 3 :gil: per post on the forums instead of 1. This is likely to rise with the current chapter so as to keep the relative amount of posts per equipment relatively constant. So go post more, damn it.

Please remember that if you spam you will be harshly punished. Posts that count are the only kind that will reward you, so please keep that in mind.

Also a while back we added a link to the Wikia on the nav bar for the Inferno. SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO MAKE IT LOOK NICE AND WE MAY REWARD YOU OR SOMETHING HINT HINT.


  • Apparently our Lime Jelly friends decided they wanted to be super generous and give you a possible 2 Lime Jello Lime Jello instead of just 1 each time. They've been given a stern talking to and now are much more frugal. The Neon Snails, however, have been told to loosen up and share the wealth more. So now they can possibly, if the mood strikes them, perhaps give you two helpings of the gooey stuff. You can... probably guess why... if you know the dietary habits of those Neon Snails...


  • A few changes to Inferno monster scan pages to be made. For one, there is now an enemy in the Inferno that runs a Character Percentage statistic in its :SPD: This is easily denoted in the enemy scan page by a percent sign (%) on either side of the statistic that is, in fact, a percentage. So it would look like this :SPD: % 25 %.
    • How do Character Percentage stats work? They take YOUR PARTY'S respective statistical average and it becomes THEIR statistic when multiplied by a percentage the Inferno team has decided upon. If you run 15 speed and your spirit runs 15 speed, and the enemy is set to 100% of the character's speed, it will have 15 speed as well.
    • Also there's now a very friendly enemy on the Steppe that runs this percentage speed. Enjoy it! We know you will :D
    • Keep in mind that when you scan an enemy with a % stat, the number you see will be directly calculated by your stats, without taking into account any other members of your party, including your Spirit. The number you see and the number you'll see in battle MAY differ.
    • Don't worry about this too much, because it's very unlikely that we will see percentage stats weaseling their way into the storyline areas of the Inferno. It's being reserved for enemies that are designed to be tough that could become laughingstocks if you ran ridiculously high (35-40 :SPD:) in order to gain double turns. Enemies are still beatable.


  • Drop chances for Posted Image Tiny Rock, Posted Image Tiny Leaf, and Posted Image Lilypad have been changed as follows:
    • Stony, Lilypadder, and Tangletraps have had their drop chance increased from 75% to 85%
    • Flappy, Spadefish, and Bananawild have had their drop chance increased from 80% to 100%

  • The reasoning behind this is very simple. Since they all sell for 0 :gil:, there is no reason why they shouldn't be easier to get in bunches. It also rewards those who venture further into the areas as the Heartless enemies will drop them 100% of the time and they are always in groups of two with the previous enemies. This rewards players for fighting harder battles. This change was made to help crafting in chapter 1.
  • Drop rates for Posted Image Clump of Mud in Evil Forest have increased. Fang used to drop 0-1; now it drops 1-1. Forest plant went from 1-1 to 1-2. It was far too difficult to collect mud compared to every other piece of :loot: dropped by multiple enemies in one location.
  • Drop rates for Posted Image Aromatic Grass and Posted Image Insect Husk increased from 1-1 to 1-2. They were risen thusly to mirror their friends the Zuus in the northern areas of the Steppe.
  • Battle Arts : Shimmering Blade now sells for 50 :gil: instead of 100 :gil:. 50 :gil: is the amount you would spend on any other 2 :ADR: Technique which you could purchase for any other weapon type.


  • When adding and subtracting Posted Image from your character, you can use the +/- 5's in order to add or subtract anything less than 5, should you have less than 5 on the stat (-5) or less than 5 remaining Posted Image to spend (+5). Example~ If you have 3 remaining Posted Image and press +5, you will add 3 to your stat.


  • Certain Loots which sold for 5 now sell for 2 and 3, depending on their rarity. These were changed because their higher sell prices were an error on the part of the team. They were never meant to sell for 5. Those effected:
    • Large Feather Large Feather: 5 -> 2
    • Aromatic Grass Aromatic Grass: 5 -> 3
    • Insect Husk Insect Husk: 5 -> 3
    • Elephant Tusk Elephant Tusk: 5 -> 3

  • Materia has dropped in sell price from 3 to 2 due to the fact that most often when collecting them, you will get two from a fight, meaning the "technical" sell price for one piece was 6. Now it is 4, a much fairer value, we feel.
  • Arcane Magick : Blind now will cut only a maximum of 3 :DEX: when cast. This change was made simply due to the fact that cutting out 5 points of an opponent's :DEX: stat is far too much for the spell to justifiably be available to players which also have access to Song Magick : Balzo Debole and the myriad Techniques which bolster your :EVA: stat. Neteru's Sand-Attack and Vulcan's Flash Fire will also be affected by this change, as well. The spells will still nullify each other.
  • White Magick : Aspira has been gradually lowered recently from its initial Magick Talent requirement of 300 down to 200 and finally to where it is likely to remain indefinitely at 150. This change was made due to many players' personal testaments to the fact that this spell is not only useful, but essential for any player utilizing Magickal attacks as their primary mode of offense in areas past the location where you may purchase the spell. My own personal experience attests to this.
    • The value of 150 was decided upon based upon my own talent upon clearing the area after you'd be able to get the spell, because it was deemed that that would likely be the lowest that talent would be for a player who plays as a dedicated magickal player through the first two chapters of the Inferno. Thus, it was deemed a fair enough number to put in for the Magick Talent requirement.

  • The Nazgul Knights have gotten a boost of +1 :SPD: so that they will take the first turn over their Fencer compatriots. This change was made due to many people lamenting the previous :SPD: change's effects on turn order.
  • Chapter Three's boss has gained a minor boost in :DEX: as well. +3, in fact. It was risen because the number it was originally was horrible and a sorry excuse for a :DEX: stat for any enemy, let alone a chapter boss. His spell also no longer caps at 20. ;3

Questions, comments, and complaints about these changes may be discussed in dedicated threads in this section, in the shoutbox within the Inferno, or via Private/Visitor Messages to any member of the Inferno team (Igshar, Shino, Rose, or Valor).

Edited by Valor, 04 September 2012 - 10:51 AM.

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 10:46 AM

09 - 04 - 12

Chapter 4 Update, Spoilers follow:

~ Enemies have been altered slightly in the Aether Flow areas:
Cattail has had its :DEF: lowered slightly
Heartshark has had its :RES: lowered slightly

This makes these two enemies a tad easier to damage, as their defenses were created without taking account for their respective buffs.

Wild Jackal, Garuda, and Kraken Minor have all had their :EVA: lowered by about three points a piece. In addition, their :SPD: have been lowered from 30/30/21 to 29/29/15.

Kraken Minor has had its :HP: cut down to 84 from 104.