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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

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Posted 24 August 2011 - 11:55 AM



Release date: 08-16-11

Platforms: 360/PS3




In the beginning God appointed a group of angels to watch over the world. These angels were called the Grigori. Over the ages they became fascinated with humans. Until succumbing to temptation they abandoned Heaven for Earth. The Heavenly Council decided to send a great flood to stop humanity from proceeding down this unnatural course. But a human named Enoch, who served as a scribe in Heaven, objected. The Council agreed to rescind its ruling if Enoch could capture the renegade angels. And so begins Enoch's quest to save the world...

This is a tale of ancient times past;
A tale that was not permitted to be handed down through ages

Basically I just downloaded the demo of El Shaddai because the art style is absolutely gorgeous. This game is extremely reminiscent of another one that I've played, that I'm sure others have as well, called Okami. It seems that a guy responsible for Okami's characters and whatnot worked on this game. No real shock there.

The gameplay is frustrating and appears to have a relatively steep learning curve. The gameplay is broken down into basically what appears to be a hack n slash type game, but in reality if you play it that way (i.e. button mash) you're going to die. A lot.

One button to attack, one button to jump, and the bumpers to block/disarm/purify, are all the buttons used to play this game in the demo at the very least. There's some extra stuff thrown in for the full game when Enoch unlocks some more powerful things.

Battles usually end up [in the demo] being in a small arena that has Enoch facing off against usually two opponents. The gameplay revolves around disarming your opponents, purifying their weapons, and beating them into submission with them. You need to wait to knock your opponent down into a blue glowy state before you can disarm them and steal their weapon.

As you use your weapon of choice you have on you (only one is held at a time) it will degrade from pure white tending towards blacker and darker as it becomes corrupted from the creatures you fight. With a tap of the button your weapon will become purified again, but you have to stand still for a 1-1.5 second animation.

Without getting too long winded, you need to attack in rhythm to perform different combos, and you need to block the instant that an attack hits you. You can't sit in guard or they'll simply break it and some of your armor off.

Also Enoch wears jeans. So there's that.

Then there are over the shoulder as well as 2d platforming sections which are... really just... pretty to look at, but Enoch drops like a rock. The platforms aren't really that large or wide either, and when you're over the shoulder some of the things you have to jump onto are pencil thin. Thankfully there's a white shadow that will guide your landing.

Like I said, this game doesn't appear to be very easy, because the enemies take forever + a day to die and they can shatter your armor like it's made of glass. Maybe the full game is better, but this game just looks beautiful. It's... weird though. Anyone else have thoughts on it/am I doing it wrong?

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Posted 24 August 2011 - 12:03 PM

Well from what I recall of the last demo I played before playing the full game (Eternal Sonata) the demo has a severe ramp up in difficulty from the actual beginning of the game. Enemies had a lot more health and did a lot more damage in the demo than they did in the actual game, especially bosses. I'd assume the same to be true for this.

Honestly, I'd welcome a game with that much difficulty to it, since it looks really pretty and I'm very intrigued by the storyline. It seems like some rather interesting gameplay, at least, and I'm sure it would get a lot easier if you got to play it at the natural progression, rather than being thrown right into the heat of battles that likely wouldn't show up until you're already accustomed to the basics of the battle system.

I want to try the demo, please and thanks.


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Posted 26 February 2013 - 10:34 AM

Hey dorks. Xbox had a crazy bananas one day sale and somehow slipped this game in there for 2.99


I... I just couldn't say no. Downloading as we speak :D