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The Quest for the Shimmering Sphere [Finished RP]

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 01:27 AM

Zepheria gave a slightly sour look, and said to the projection, "Well, at least there's real organic matter here, the like of which I haven't seen, so I guess this whole thing didn't prove pointless I could come back with Conall to pick up a few herbs" She said this with a wink to Conall, she would research for her cure if Conall would allow her to visit. "I was expecting something else, but really, how did that legend even start? I assumed it was your doing. Considering all your money, and power I doubt something like that could even come about without your knowledge, especially if you really didn't want people coming here, or figuring out about this in the first place. So my last question would be how did this happen? Also, While I don't care about my wish I am just sad there wasn't more adventure and danger, Tanner wished for the debt of his farmland cleared, and Tynar a cure for his Vampirism. I wasted my wish, but they took this journey with us and I feel Tanner should be more than compensated, I guess Tynar too." Zepheria looked the other way. She half expected Sr. to write her off again, but this wasn't about her, it was about the other idiots who came with them. After all Zeph's wish was a bust, she didn't get anything out of the trip, no real adventure, no real danger but a new planet she might be able to come back that needed exploring by her, that was something she could call a success.

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 10:51 PM

Charles Sr.'s face hardened as he looked at the rude girl who addressed him once more, asking for things from him he had no reason to give.

"Why should I compensate those who would leave Charles to die on a tin can guided by little more than a library book?"
Charles asked Zepheria shortly.

Rook waved its arm in the air at Charles.

"No offense, Rook."

"None take, Master Valentine. Rook know Rook is made reference, not action."

Charles Sr. shook his head and sighed, "Well, I have a shuttle here primed and ready to take all of you back to Luna. Aside from those of you remaining. Charles, I hope to see you soon. To the rest, I wish you good travels, and thank you."

The screen cut to black. The room was left in silence. None of them knew what to say, really. They all got what they wished for. Even though their hearts were light, there was sadness weighing them down. One by one the group would say their goodbyes to Conall. Charles shook the man's hand and smiled. He thanked him for all of his help, and invited him over to his place whenever he returned to Luna.

As they made their way to the shuttle area, they all paused as a group to take another long look at the skyline of Earth. None of them, save for Conall, would likely ever see it again.

Finally, Charles spoke.

"I want to thank you all for coming with me and believing in me. I know it seems like nothing good happened, and maybe it was all for nothing, but it was a journey I know I had to go on. I'm glad you all stuck by me to the end."

He smiled and then looked at Nimble and the elf, "Well, you guys are okay too, I guess."

With another last look over the beautiful vista of the lush earth with buildings in the hazy background, the group headed to another small silver craft. They boarded it, saying their goodbyes to Conall, who stood on the runway and waved at them. Eventually he was ushered away, the arm of a well dressed man around his shoulder.

The shuttle was loud and noisy like the first one. Rook commented on how he was glad he was a passenger this time instead of a pilot. They would chuckle at this, realizing how insane they were to trust him with their lives in such a way. The countdown finally ended, and the shuttle blasted off from Earth.

Far in the distance a little girl shielded her eyes from the sun and watched the plume of smoke rise into the air. She smiled and watched it until it dissipated in the clear blue sky, its course set for the shimmering sphere hanging in the sea of stars.