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War of the Superhumans [Act I] [Unfinished RP]

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#81 Crimson Jazz

Crimson Jazz


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Posted 13 January 2012 - 10:54 PM

Power Man looked in discomfort as he and the group followed behind The Legionnaire. He kept most of his attention on the woman he tried to attack earlier, still not trusting her. Power Man still didn't know what to expect with someone like Alexander Love having all these superhumans working for him. But then again, maybe he isn't all that bad. After all, Love has The Legionnaire working with him. Moments later, Love himself made his entrance to the hallway the heroes were in. The man was fashionably dressed, and had a huge smile on his face.

An assistant of his then entered the room and gave each hero a gift. Love commented that it was "just a Rolex." This didn't impress Power Man. He himself had already owned nice watches, and didn't want another one. They then proceeded to the dining room where Power Man sat the farthest away from Mister Love. The room steadily grew silent as they all sat down. Sick of the silence, Power Man was about to badger Love with questions, but Frostbite beat him to it.

I don't have any questions for you outside of why you wanted us here. I'm curious as to the kind of man Octavius would willingly work for.

"I'm in agreement. Just what do you want with us? What are we doing here? The hospitality isn't making me feel any less suspicious." Power Man said. He then gave Love a stern look as he waited for a reply.



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Posted 13 January 2012 - 10:54 PM

Darius could easily feel the hostility towards him in the vehicle. It would seem the only one that didn't have any sort of ill will towards him was Stephan himself. That might be the only thing that truly mattered however. If the others in the group didn't trust him or care for him, that's one thing, but if the leader didn't that would be a whole different story. "Heh, You guys don't seem to care for me too much do ya? Didn't mean to come across with any bad vibes towards you guys. Didn't mean to insult you either if I did. I wasn't hiding just to say. I wasn't sure what was really going down at the scene. I just knew that there were two groups of Superhumans going at it in a brawl. I liked you guys so when things came to a halt I wanted to introduce myself and see if I could be of help to you. Moreso after your friend died. Thought you guys would need more help. Especially now that the Heroes might be teaming with the Old man and those two chicks. And as for Frosty the snowman, I'll make sure we both get him next time alright? I know you probably want to fight him again but I'll back you up if you need it. Don't think you will since you were clearing the one in the lead." Darius would laugh a bit before turning towards Stephan and asking a few serious questions. "What made you do all this? What was the purpose of it? I'm wanting to know your mindset on all of this. I truly do want to help you guys. I don't like these damn humans that think they are better then us... I simply can't stand them. Soon enough they'll be wanting us to register our names and powers. Put microchips in our brains and mark us as freaks. It's going to happen eventually. And I'd rather be at the top. Were suppose to be the next stage in advancement aren't we? The superior ones? We're the more evolution ones so why are we the ones that will be hunted? Tch. Makes me sick. "

Darius would shift his arm into a sword and focus a small portion of energy on it's tip. "I would love nothing more then to impale this right through the ones that stand in my way of making sure us superhumans don't get treated like some sort of sideshow freak... we deserve to rule them. Not the other way around. We are the Gods in this world, they are mere ants, mere pawns that we should command." Darius would see that some in the vehicle really weren't too talkative really, or it might just be that they thought he was one to talk too much. It wasn't that he was really talkative or one to really say much. But when the topic came to humans and how superhumans are going to be treated, he just couldn't help himself. "Meh. Sorry for talking so much. I shouldn't do so after you guys had a hard battle and lost a mate. And uh... sorry for the comment on backup. I just wanted to know if we had more people to help us with our goals. Didn't mean to make it seem like you all were weak or anything. It'd just be nice to have an army with us to stand against these humans rather then a small one." Darius would quiet down for awhile feeling awkward for talking so much, he'd wait for Stephan or one of the others to speak again before saying anything else, he'd rub his neck and stare out the window towards the sky waiting for whatever would come their way next.



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Posted 13 January 2012 - 11:30 PM

Alexander smiled as the questions to why they came started to pour. He turned his head and headed towards the dining table. In the middle was a large table filled with every kind of food that anybody could ever eat. Everybody took their seats and starting to dig in. Alexander wiped his mouth after finishing his plate and simply looked around the room where he met all the eyes that laid upon him.

" Straight to the point are we? All right I guess now that we ate we can get to it. Many of you probably wonder what it is that Love Corp does, we have many branches not only do we own the biggest telecommunication company in the world but we also are one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world; so big that in fact the president trusts us to have the most up to date weapons and security systems. The president is actually a great friend of mine, Giving him great discounts in weapons put me in his little circle of trust. With that said folks there was a meeting about two days ago about all of these super human massacres and today's massacre kind of put ever super human in jeopardy. The president himself want's this to stop and to do so he is willing to rage war on all the super humans....including the one's that are trying to save the world. "

Alexander paused for a second and looked around one more time.

" You may be asking yourselves why the good ones? And I have fought for you guy's believe me I have, but according to the president he did give you time to try and make peace and as you see that's not working. The president now believes that no super human can be trusted and at some point even the good ones will go bad and that all super humans must be locked away in prison to reduce the harm in the city. I however worked my magic and decided to give you more time to restore peace. The president told me to set up dinner and give you these two options...

1. One more chance to try and stop the massacres.


2. Let the Government take you in and experiment on you and that will prove that you are truly trying to save this city from the bad.

Alexander quickly paused and pointed toward Octavius.

" That man right there is not a snake, You all know him and so do I, If he is working for me then why not trust me? Octavius is a brilliant man who everyday work's his ass off to make sure that the president stays off your backs. You can thank him for your satefy....so far. I'm just a businessman that want's to see this city grow, not destroyed. What will it be? "

Alexander paused and almost gave out a smirk but held it in.

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Posted 14 January 2012 - 12:08 AM

Frostbite sighed and rapped his fingers against the table impatiently. "There haven't been any massacres. If there had been, trust me, I'd know about them." He turned his face to Love, stood up, and pulled his helmet off of his head, revealing his face. He shook out his brown bedhead as he gingerly placed the helmet on the table. He tossed his arms out to his sides. "Look, this is me. Johnathan Fross. The face behind Frostbite." He slowly raised his right hand and pointed toward Love. "You, sir, do not scare me. You do not intimidate me. You will not back me into a corner. I have been fighting injustice and corruption in this city since I discovered my powers nearly ten years ago. I was given this gift to help people, and dammit, no matter what you say, I'll never stop helping people until the blood in my veins runs cold. Throwing the Allegiance into jail while the bad guys are still out there would be the worst possible solution."

He dropped his hand onto his helmet and continued, "I am tempted to take you at your word and accept your offer, seeing the three behind you, but I find it hard to look beyond this sorry excuse to buy me off." He tugged the watch out of his pocket and held it up. Frost crept along the face of the watch until the glass cracked. He then slid it down the table toward Love and said, "I live to serve the people of Aequitas and keep them safe from greedy, self-righteous assholes like you. Nothing you say or do will ever get me to turn in my mantle. Not so long as a single citizen needs my help."

He lifted the helmet off the table, slid it down over his head, and then turned on his heel and walked out of the room, head held high.

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Posted 14 January 2012 - 01:11 AM

Desert Eagle tingled with the second option.

"We'll you know the first option is our job so yeah." Desert Eagle said after Popsicle gave his speech.

He decided to ignore the second altogether. He watched as Popsicle got up and began to leave. He scanned his comrade to check their moves. He was preparing to move if anything were to happen.

"Is that all you have to say to us?"

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