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Chronicles of Milencia [Act I] [Finished RP]

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Posted 18 February 2012 - 11:56 PM

Trevor smiled as he noticed his trap had worked, Leech stuck in a standing position as he tried to wiggle free from his grasp. He was too far to punch him, but he still had a slight advantage. He urged Trevor to release him after a series of compliments on the creativity, so Trevor did his best to let him go, trying to get his spinal collumn to unravel and return to him. His body, however, had more malicious plans in mind for its current victim.

Unknown to Trevor, more of his marrow transferred to his spinal chord, slowly and painfully making spikes where his spine was coiled around Leech's legs. Trevor attempted to release the man, but his body kept him from doing so, instead attempting to crush the man's legs. Trevor shouted to stop, in which his body finally obeyed, quickly returning to him as he curled himself into a ball.

"I... I'm truly sorry about doing that to you, Leech. I didn't mean to do that at all. I... I just lost control and I couldn't get it to stop. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry." Trevor began sobbing, repeating that he was sorry over and over, his hands covering his face as he brought his legs in closer.


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Posted 19 February 2012 - 01:20 AM

The spine contracted on Leech's legs and he said, "Seriously, kid, this ain't funny." Spikes dug into his ankles. He winced, "The fuck kinda shit you pulling, eh?" He reached for his necklace as the spine finally fell away with Trevor expressly apologizing for that. He had lost control.

Patrick sneered. He shook out his legs. A bit of minor discomfort, bloodied up, but he'd be fine. He limped a step away and spat, "Yeah, you ain't worth the damn effort, anyway, kid. I told Boss you were trash, and I was right. Yer just some crybaby kid hasn't hardly got his powers yet and thinks he can roll with the big boys." He spat on the ground, shoved his hands into his pockets, and limped off, trailing blood behind him.

Lauren would swoop down, then, landing beside Trevor. She placed a hand on his shoulder and cooed, "Hey, Trev, you okay? That guy was a jerk, don't let him get to you." She dropped down to sit next to him on the grass. She leaned back on her elbows and said, "You know where the others are? Nobody's around the school. Even Damian and Julia are gone. I wonder if Katie's okay..."


The purple of the air seemed not to die down as the obnoxious, homosexual musician continued to play. Sariel sneered, upset greatly by the arrogance of this "man." Whips flew past where her wings would have been had they been outstretched. Even if they hit her folded wings, she would not have cared. The bluffs did not phase her, as her senses indicated no immediate danger until two deep purple whips crossed ahead of her. They fired a beam. She deftly spun to a side, avoiding the blow. A large ball flew at her after that. She caught the ball in her hand and crushed it in her fist. A small burst of purple issued from between her fingers, but she seemed otherwise unharmed by the attack.

The purple seemed to be dying down. He was defenseless. She kicked off, planning to grab the coward by his throat and choke the life out of him. Slowly.

She soon found her way blocked by Guardian, attempting to impale her with his energy lance. She stopped, suddenly, and kicked back once, hard. The lance barely missed striking her, though it cut her hair as she backpedaled. Her right hand clenched, pulling Longinus from its resting place back to her side. She intended to run Guardian through. Until...


Knight found himself somewhere unfamiliar, eerie. Brimstone stood before him. Samantha would be safe. Knight breathed a sigh of relief, his shoulders slackening. As Brimstone continued explaining, Zack responded and said, "The witch must be put down. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as they say. You have my sword." He gripped the hilt in both hands as the two of them vanished once more from the orange hallway.


... Sariel sensed Zack and... him... arrive to her right. In rage, she swung her lance in an attempt to slice the black elf clean in twine. Had Zack's blade not risen up to cleanly deflect the strike when it did, Sariel's slice would have struck true. Sariel reached upward to grab the black child as he lunged overhead, but he vanished, out of her grasp.

She made to twist to face him, but Zack delivered an overhead slash toward her, forcing her to put up a strong stance to block the strike of the stronger opponent. His sword fell off its mark, striking the asphalt. She went for a stab to his gut to finish him.

Before her blade struck true, a sharp, unfamiliar pain tightened up her back muscles as Brimstone's blade sliced into the tender flesh of her lower back. She howled with rage, though had no time to react before Guardian swung horizontally with his lance, knocking her clean off her feet. Zack ducked and assisted the assault by shouldering Sariel up and over himself.

Sariel tumbled end-over-end through the air a long way before she landed gracefully on her feet, stretching to a wider stance to accommodate and maintain her balance. She held Longinus out to one side. The white-silver armor along her left leg was now stained with the angel woman's own brilliantly crimson blood. She faltered and sneered at the three who had assaulted her.

Sariel hurled the lance, sidearm, toward Zack as she anticipated the young black one to close the distance for another attempt at a distraction. The instant he vanished, Longinus would be back in her grip, held near the point. She never used Longinus in close range assaults, but skewering the bastard child of her least favorite sibling would be well worth it. If Brimstone did not close the distance, she would remain there, in a battle ready pose, simply allowing her wounds to heal. She shouted in a blood-curdling howl, "Azazel, I will put you down! You shall not escape my wrath a second time! How dare you defy your eldest sister!?" She bore a crazed bloodlust in her eyes, her mouth began to drip blood as her teeth clenched harder.

The lance thrown at Zack was hardly a difficult attack to dispatch. With a single slash of his own longsword, he sent Longinus down into the ground, where its tip dug several inches deep into the asphalt. Knight held his blade out before him and commanded, "We have her now, let us grant her no reprieve!" He took a deep breath, his grieved hooves clopping heavily on the stone as he again charged at his opponent, sure of his skill. With any distraction, he could hold his own against her, especially in close.

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Posted 19 February 2012 - 02:23 AM

Jason grinned widely. She was injured. And angry. He threw a powerful blast at Sariel's torso, aiming to knock her off her feet and do a bit of damage while he was at it.



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Posted 19 February 2012 - 04:16 AM

Seeing he was practically abandoned by his team he smacked himself in the face. There was no one there... Why didn't Gigabyte and Overload overwhelm her while my attack was going off. That was enough for 2 solid hits... He was really tired, He used his strongest attack which might have done a great deal of damage to her if either of them had even glanced her. At least this gave Brimstone and Knight a chance to close the distance, and it seemed they had a plan too. Guardian was also making sure Derek was safe. the initial fatigue wore off and he would get up and jog over to the building the poor receptionist had crashed. As wrong as it was to say, he was positive Gorgon was dead. She hadn't moved since she got laid out on the ground, he didn't even hear her moving or breathing. The sickening crunch that was made and the lack of movement afterward was just confirmation Gorgon was too weak to stand with them, and would probably be their sacrifice.

Derek thought he would grieve for her later. He ran to the building, he was feeling alot better from the initial massive fatigue he was feeling. At least his body was moving properly, he still needed a second to be recharged of energy, but he wanted to check on the receptionist, he was pretty sure she might not have made it either, but while he was recovering, he needed to check the casualties. By the time he checked up on the poor receptionist, his energy would be back to go round to with Sariel. Music playing was out of the question. He was going to oblige her request after all.

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Posted 19 February 2012 - 09:42 AM

Sinclair would smile as Brim, Guardian and Knight would be getting her hot under the collar. He couldn't help but start to feel even a slight bit happy that they may actually pull this off. He had waited to launch another assault previously, he wasn't sure what they were planning. He had not wanted to hit them in close range so he held off, now that their attack had worked they would need more distractions and he was someone that could pull that off while bringing some hurt. He would charge up his fists yet again and fire a blast towards her face, this would make her either dodge the blast or shield herself some way that would given an opening to one of the three melee warriors. With both the long range and close range working together in harmony they could pull of some great damage on her. As long as Strong, Gigabyte and himself kept attacking like they were, they would give plenty of cover fire for the melee warriors. Sinclair would hope that Derek would be fine and could keep up fighting. His attacks didn't prove completely useful in terms of damage but they could for sure give great distractions for everyone. Every persons attacks, every persons moves and actions were doing something. Nothing was useless in this fight. They needed to keep it up, keep punishing her. They could do this. More, more, more that's all Sinclair thought, if the melee fighters hadn't been attacking just yet or were not in the way, he'd fire two quick blasts towards Sariel after his last one. If she dodged backwards the blasts would target her shoulders, if she blocked the attack, the blasts would target her torso and legs to immobilize her. He would jump back regardless of what was done and prepare himself for another assault on the witch.



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Posted 19 February 2012 - 10:56 AM

Guardian felt the battle going in their favor. The tense feelings did not disperse however and thoughts were still heavy. He saw Allegro run to another place as he turned for a second while the other two, Brimstone and Knight, attacked. With haste he turned his neck back to get back into the battle.

"Let's see you escape this!" Guardian shouted as he began running towards Sariel.

In an instant his spear was destroyed and shattered upon the ground. He continued to hold out his hands as if he had a spear in the emptiness. Without more than 2 seconds another spear appeared. This spear was even longer than the former and was able to in fact reach Sariel as Guardian closed in. The blade was just a bit longer but still about the same size as before, however the handle contained the reach. When the spear was close enough he would attempt another stab at Sariel. If the spear would miss he wouldn't care for this was nothing but a quick distraction as he closed in. Of course the blade would continue to go pass whether it stabbed or not. If she would try to knock the spear away he would just shatter it. Either way when he got close enough he would erase the spear and create two maces that were heavily spiked. He would swing one to the left of her frame, with his left hand of course, and the other, he would without any hesitation shatter it and crafted a sword in it's place. The formation of that mace was nothing but a distraction as well. This sword, of the short sword variety, would be swung at her lower part of her side where her armor had missed protection.

All through out this complicated strategy Leo would roar with all of his heart and soul. It would seem nothing but instinctive to those who heard it.

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Posted 19 February 2012 - 07:17 PM

Bloodhound breathed heavily and watched as everyone unleashed a barrage of attacks on Sariel, and she finally seemed to start bleeding from everyone's efforts. He grinned and got back up on his feet, the barrier of blood around him crumbling a bit. The adrenaline in his system was starting to die down a bit, and the cost of how much blood he had used thus far, even with his small break, was starting to catch up with him, mentally and physically.

He heard Sariel's dare to Orias and saw Guardian rush in to attack her and Gigabyte firing off a blast. Bloodhound absorbed the blood he had used to form the barrier and scythe earlier and used it now to cover himself in a thick armor which would slow him down with the weight of it, but the many layers he put into it should make up for the natural britleness of the blood, and left his mouth and eyes uncovered. He ran from the same direction as Knight and bled from under the armor, though the process would seem painfully slow to him, and formed another scythe and grabbed it with both hands as he reached Sariel and slashed at her in a diagonal manner, and would shoot off the blood covering his arms as skewers at Sariel.

Bloodhound didn't bother for words or noises along the way as he gathered all his energy for this one attack. If any of his allies became the target of the scythe or the skewers, he would stop them immediately and absorb the blood to reinforce his armor even more.


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Posted 19 February 2012 - 08:37 PM

Trevor instantly looked up as he felt Lauren's hand on his shoulder, asking if he was okay. He instantly felt better as she had arrived, but was rather dismayed at the fact she must have seen his performance, which was a rather weak performance. When she took a seat nearby, he couldn't help but blush, until she asked the question as to where everyone had went. He had no clue, but he could only guess they had gone to battle, along with a girl named Katie. He then made it his mission to make her feel better and forget about what was likely going on outside of the academy's borders.

"I'm sure that wherever everyone is, they are probably safe. After all, Miss Julia and Mister Damian are there, so their safety is guaranteed, right? Come on, let's go do something together, since it is pretty much only us here. We might as well make the most of it." Trevor smiled, climbing up from his place on the ground and beginning to walk off.

"Lauren, there's actually something I should tell you. You see... I kind of... well... never mind. Let's go." Trevor tried to confess his feelings for Lauren, but he just ended up stunned and frozen, like when they first met.

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 12:00 AM

Brimstone stood tall as she called him out. The others rushed in. He waited for his moment. As Hound, Guardian, and Knight charged in, other attacks came to likely throw her off balance. He looked down at his blade and nodded slowly. He ran, on his two legs, towards the gathering. Any sweeping attacks towards the group he would teleport and reappear without breaking stride, moments before impact.

He rushed up and climbed atop Guardian as he finished his attacks, scaling his energy armor with nimble grace. He launched himself at Sariel as the others attacks finished, anticipating her staggering, wounded. If she attempted to strike him with her spear in a stab, he would vanish and appear running down the pole of her lance, undaunted. If she attempted to grab him, he would smash her hand away with his blade with a nimble swing to her forearm.

Regardless, his end goal was an attempt to ram his short blade into her shoulder, the force of his jump hopefully knocking her backwards and the force of his sword connecting driving her to the ground as his blade would pierce her.

If it succeeded, he would stand on her chest and look down at her, his sword still embedded in her flesh. He scoffed and shook his head, "I guess my forebearers never had allies like I do. One who stands alone can be conquered. One who has others by their side. They are invincible."


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Posted 20 February 2012 - 12:26 AM

Lauren shrugged and hopped up to follow Trevor. She said, "Yeah, you're probably right. They're tough guys, they'll be fine." She felt a pang in her gut about Katie, but she ignored it.

Lauren ran off after Trevor. The sun shone on overhead as the two raced off into the grounds behind the school, ignorant to what had just transpired not five miles away.

Lauren did not yet know that her roommate was never coming home.


Sariel cracked her neck to one side. As soon as she set her eyes on Brimstone, the dancer decided to get cute and dart across the field.

The distance between the two vanished in an instant, Sariel's hand clenched around Derek's neck before he even reached Wadjet (who, fortunately, stirred slightly). Sariel's neck cracked again, the other way as she smiled at the man. "You trying to fuck with me? Are you trying to FUCK WITH ME?" With a quick, powerful motion of her arm, she tossed Derek aside like a rag doll. His body would tumble across the asphalt until he came to a stop near the entrance to the Institute. He would likely be in some rather severe pain. Sariel had had enough of his shenanigans for one millennium. As she turned toward where she had thrown him to see if she would need to finish the job, her enemies began to mount their offensive.

The blast from Overload caught her by surprise, allowing her only to catch the beam on her left arm guard. Her weak stance made her stumble back a step, though she strengthened it enough to pivot aside to avoid the lightning bolt that flew toward her almost immediately following the beam. This distraction, unfortunately for Sariel, was all the others needed.

Off-balance ever-so-slightly, she needed to regain footing before she could effectively counter Guardian, Bloodhound, and Zack, who quickly descended upon her position. Her reflexes bordered on precognition, but with this many attacks she found it difficult to effectively block them all.

Her mind fired off in overdrive, picking the optimal means of defending herself. She knocked Guardian's lance aside, aiming to send it toward Bloodhound (though it shattered the instant she struck it) as Longinus appeared to catch and deflect Knight's attack. Two hands, three attacks handled, she figured.

Bloodhound was still coming. Guardian had two weapons. She panicked and stepped back as Bloodhound's scythe sliced upward, tearing at the bindings which held her armor together. Her chest plate snapped off just as Guardian's first mace swung across, catching her clean across the gut. She lurched, her eyes widened with fear. She felt herself stumble as a black shadow passed over the head of Guardian. It was him.

He fell upon her while she tumbled backward. His blade dug into her shoulder, her back struck the wall of the building opposite the street from the institute. She coughed, blood pouring from her mouth. Guardian's strike had torn her stomach open, though her energy seemed to be quickly patching that up. She propped herself up against the wall as Orias would likely release his blade (or pull it out) and back away to issue his taunts.

Longinus clattered to the ground as Guardian, Bloodhound, and Orias were called off and pushed back by Knight. He demanded, "Stand down."

Sariel's eyes were wide, unseeing. She slipped down the wall, to a sitting position at the base of it. Her eyes looked up to Zack, pleading, "I... am afraid..."

Zack squatted down before her, placing one hand on her shoulder. He said, "Rest, now. You deserve it." Excalibur pierced the exposed leather padding beneath the mythril plate like a hot knife through butter. A sickening lurch escaped Sariel's mouth as the blade penetrated the facade of the building, as well.

Her body twitched, her eyes widened.

Her limbs slackened, and Sariel moved no more.

Zack released the hilt of his sword, leaving it embedded in Sariel's chest. He shut her eyes with the hand and bowed his head. "I pray you will now find peace. As always, I regret taking a life, but such is the way of this world." He stood up and stepped back, away from the corpse of High Seraph Sariel Modikai. The ethereal, white glow which had hung about her form faded as her life ended.

Her wings fell to her sides, limp as her arms. Aside from her crumpled, battered wings, Sariel looked no different than a normal human in that moment.

And the world sighed, mourning the loss of an ancient piece of its history, if only briefly.

- - - - - - - - - -

Robert stared at the computer monitor, stared into the faces of Anubis and Osiris. Why had they taken Damian? Where were they bringing him?

His eyes narrowed as he switched off his computer and raced up the stairs to welcome home the heroes who had just saved the world.

Friends. Family. That's the way it was, in those days. Back when the Academy was safe.

Back before they took over.

But. I promise you. We will take our school back.

To be continued...