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Chronicles of Milencia [Act II] [Unfinished RP]

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Posted 17 May 2012 - 07:35 PM

Trevor had climbed into, literally, the belly of the beast, the epicenter of the chaos that had engulfed Praesent Academy. The chamber was absolutely dark, so dark he was lucky enough to know his arms were in front of him, causing him to bump aimlessly through the stomach of the beast. He ran into a wall, deciding to follow it until his eyes adjusted to the dark, damp chasm he was in. When his eyes adjusted to the total darkness, a familiar face was brought to his attention.

"Robert, what happened to you? The beast... did it do this to you? Come on, wake up, Robert. We need to save the others before it is too late." Trevor prodded Robert's body, hoping he would awaken.

The man was stripped completely naked and forced into a fetal position, causing Trevor to be forced to look away after seeing him in his birthday suit. His arms clutched his head as his legs were brought towards his face, taking on the look of a true, fully-grown child in the womb. Trevor had no time to ponder this, for he pulled off his vest and tied it around Robert's nude waist, covering him as much as the cloth allowed. If he was permitted to do so, Trevor would sling Robert onto his back and continue journeying into the depths of the creature.

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Posted 24 May 2012 - 06:53 PM

Brimstone tilted his head as the man spoke. He sighed. The world just definitely seemed to be against him these days.

"In the most rudimentary way possible, yes,"
Brimstone said with a slight sigh.

"Unfortunately, I see why the twins seem to dislike you. I'm afraid that we can't allow you to assimilate the student body."

As he spoke, his sharp eyes scanned the area to look for any sort of passageways he could attempt to go through. The real man must be somewhere within the beast, and it was possible that they weren't the only invaders that had infiltrated the man.


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Posted 27 May 2012 - 08:01 PM


Jason's shirt would appear on the man's form as he laughed, "I think it looks a bit better on me, wouldn't you say, Hei?"

Hei grumbled and folded her arms tighter across her chest.

Just then, a man leaped out of the wall behind the man's throne, sliding to a halt between Jason and the grey man. Anubis stood up, brushed some dust off the glowing sphere which stuck out from his chest and grinned. "Found you. It's a bit too obvious, you hiding here, the only room that's adorned by more than fleshy growths."

The man sighed, "You say that as though I wanted you not to find me. What will you do, now?"

Anubis assumed a fighting stance.

"Excuse me, I am currently dueling with the boy, there." His eyes flicked to the boxes on the table.

Anubis shouted, "Jason, get to the boxes and get out of here the way you came. I'll handle this piece of shit. Just open the YG on your way out."

The man narrowed his gaze and he said, "A rematch, then?"

"I know your tricks, now. I've brought one of my own. Urushiba Rinka. Ever heard of her?"

The man sneered.

Anubis commanded, "Go. Now."


Orias would notice that the walls were lumpy everywhere. Any crevice might be a passage leading from the room, though no obvious ones were readily visible without closer inspection...

Guardian's backward leap did not get him far enough away, and so he found himself caught in a sticky net, trapped on the ground. Unable to move.

The man did not reach for Allegro. When he dropped down and performed his kick, the kick struck the man's side and stopped. Dead. It would appear to not have injured the man at all. He would reach out and grab hold of Derek's leg, the blade conjured having no effect as his hands clenched tight around the man's thigh. "Caught you," he whispered.

The walls of the large chamber began to shake and rattle as the man before Orias faltered and collapsed to muck. Guardian's net followed suit, melting away into nothing. Guardian was freed.

The other nearly did the same, but it maintained composure, simply stumbling away from Derek, losing his grip and rubbing the back of its head as the room stopped shaking. He said, "We're experiencing some... technical difficulties upstairs. I do apologize." He sneered. "I fear I'll be losing my toys, soon, so I'd best end this... quickly. No more holding back."

Two more clones rose up from the goop. One of them stood before Orias, the other stood on the opposite side of Allegro from the one remaining from earlier. The one behind Allegro would rush in, his arms morphing into a pair of whips as they cracked through the air ahead of him, snapping and cracking while the one on his opposite side slid his right foot forward, hunkering down into a fighting stance as hardened spikes of the goop tore up from the ground in a radial wave, emanating out toward the man. "If I cannot have you, I'll just have to kill you!"

The one who appeared before Orias snapped its neck to one side and said, "You, however, I must have, if I am to stop the infiltrator." Ragnarok appeared in his hands and he rushed Orias, tracing the tip of the blade through the goop as he ran. He stopped short and slashed the blade across ahead of him, drawing the goop into a thin, hard blade which sliced outward from the man in all directions, radially from the circle he traced with his blade.

Robert cowered tighter and said, "Ah, I... I don't know where I am... Get me out of here, please!" His eyes flashed to Trevor and he lunged for the boy, grabbing hold of his shirt. "Please! I need to get to... to the school. Something bad is going to happen!"

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 09:11 PM

Shit! just when he got caught, he felt the man give no reaction and the blade fail as it did absolutely nothing, with the rumbling, and the man slightly losing form, and his quick "upstairs" comments, it made sense. How he didn't figure the construct part before was slow judgement on his part. Derek could not do a single thing to this monster. His energy attacks were not going to help his legs wouldn't be much use either, possibly his brass knuckles, but even that, seemed far-fetched.

"Construct clones. Everything you manipulate. you are manipulating from where Jason and Hei entered. These clones are not important." Derek stated matter of factly quiet loud for Brim to hear as the opposite man started whipping his arms through the air. Derek took quick evasive measures, diving off to the side, in a flip and running at the clone with the whips. He charged at the clone thing. He wasn't sure how good this thing was in combat, but he knew it could take punishment from him.
Derek watched the whips and if they cracked toward him, he would make an unprecedented charge toward him,

This was where the experience would come in. After an attack was made, Derek would plant his foot to the ground and kick off it he would be further right of the man (the man's right) expecting a follow up attack, He would plant his left foot briefly jumping off it, and kick his right foot down as he sprung the rest of the way toward him. His right foot would cause him a horizontal flip, spinning Derek haphazardly in the air. Assuming a whip tried to smack him, he would punch it with his brass fists as hard as he could, (he would send out a delayed force to see if that technique had an effect) if the second one tried to hit an attempt would be made to kick it off course. (Derek's main focus was the man's left side of attacks).

If Derek was successful in closing the distance the ma would be met with a force punch, in the stomach, (non delayed) as he would speed land to the left (the man's left should he not turn around immediately) and behind him.

Regardless of the outcome during the assault Derek would shout to everyone, "The real one is outside around the beast's leg area, Gig and Hei entered around there, Get Robert out of here and retreat. This isn't the right spot! They'll just keep coming."

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 10:59 PM

Bloodhound looked worried as more clones popped up. Not good, definitely not good. His suspicion that this might be the wrong place seemed confirmed. Derek yelled for them to go, and he didn't need telling twice. Without a word beforehand, Bloodhound dashed for the opening Orias had made earlier and attempted to squeeze through it, hoping his silence up until now would leave him unnoticed.

He hated to run like this, but as far as endurance went, he wasn't exactly the best guy for the job.


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Posted 27 May 2012 - 11:10 PM

Guardian heard one of the clones talking to Orias, stating that their original needs him to win a battle or something. He saw Allegro taking on two as well and couldn't help but question what to do.

"Hey! Do you not follow what you say! My comrades aren't worth the trouble right?!?!" Guardian shouted as he rushed towards the one communicating to Orias.

With all his strength he would leap over to the man, even if it meant multiple jumps, and then craft a sword which hilt was normal size but it's blade was larger than a claymore. He swung the blade down upon the man after closing the gap.

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Posted 27 May 2012 - 11:37 PM

Derek heard Leo and quickly saw the man leap towards Orias, He let out a vicious roar, "God DAMMIT LEO!" It was ridiculous, The man had himself a free chance, Derek didn't run to the exit purposely, Leo and Gem were supposed to run together as a team. Gem's healing powers, if they were taken that little escape would be gone. Gem didn't have anyone to defend him. Robert and trevor could get out and wasted it on Orias, the only person here who could avoid the man. who could easily avoid the man. Gem had the right idea but Gem, Leo, and Orias had the best chance of hurting the man, Derek proved he couldn't fight the constructs. Now Gem was running by himself to the exit with 0 protection

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 04:06 AM

Jason growled. "I wasn't done with him yet..." He said to Anubis. With a small roar of frustration, he left the room. "Get my shirt back! It's pure silk!" He shouted to Anubis, following the path Anubis told him to. He exited through the hole. He dug his claws into the Beast's flesh to slow his fall. His feet tapped the ground lightly before he let go.



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Posted 31 May 2012 - 07:41 PM

Trevor's eyes grew wide as his shirt was gripped by Robert, who seemed to have grown mad as he spouted what an insane person would say, as if he had been trapped in the beast for years. He asked where they were and pleaded that they get back to the school, instead of staying in the belly of the beast. He heard among the fighting Derek command for everyone to stop fighting and help Robert escape, which Trevor nodded in agreement. Maybe this had been where he had been his entire absence or maybe just got there. Either way, he knew he had to escape to safety with Robert.

"Robert, just calm down and we'll get out of here. The thing is though... that bad thing you mentioned... if it's what I'm thinking of... we're inside it. We are also already at the school or at least in front of it. Just come with me and we'll make it out of here. I promise."Trevor consoled Robert, trying to get him to listen and leave with him.

If he could escape Trevor would jump out of the gap in the beast's stomach, holding Robert as close as he could while holding him from behind. Making sure that no harm would come to Robert, he would make sure to fall on his back, then release him after landing.

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 05:11 AM

Gripping her wounded arm and looking up to the beast, Strong mumbled quietly a single question to herself. "What's going on in there?" she looked down after asking and wondered what could be inside the beast. Then she stopped in the middle of her thoughts. Why wonder what's in there when you can, and should be, going in an finding out as well as help. She picked herself up and headed towards the the area everyone had entered through. If Trevor had jumped out of the beast at that point, with Robert, she would quickly catch them and put them safely down on the ground. If anyone else jumped out she would do the same, either way she would continue and try to enter the beast, keeping her self afloat and pushing aside anything in her way with her powers.





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