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Posted 06 December 2012 - 08:50 PM

Today, I was running a little late to college. I decided to take the short, albeit "more dangerous" way, since I couldn't afford getting caught up in the early morning traffic on 95. I don't usually take the shorter way, but I had no choice to this time around.

The reason I generally avoid going through the city is simple ; the neighborhood is dangerous. I hadn't had any bad experiences so I shrugged and decided to take Wilkens Ave. Now, the inner city areas of Baltimore are beyond eff'd up. A lot of bumps, broken glass, boarded up houses, stores with fenced windows to prevent theft etc etc. It has that intimidating look about it that you usually see in the movies.

What followed was more or less unusual. I stopped at a light near a corner store which also happened to sell liquor. I had no other choice, but I kinda wish I hadn't. Basically, what happened was that my car was approached by two african american men - no older than 25, I imagine. They both seemed pretty physically fit and it was apparent that they were coming towards me. It was unusual, since I've never been in something quite like it. I was a little scared, but not enough to drive off when I should have. I realized that there weren't as many people around and that made me a little uncomfortable. Basically, it boiled down to one of them trying their hand at my car's door handle, probably trying to pull a knife on me or something. In the end, however, I drove off when the first tried to open my door the second time with an unusual look on his face while the second one jeered - but not before they left a big ass scratch mark on the passenger side of my car and a huge dent in my front, right side tire. I was scared shitless.

>inb4 I get comments about being racist

That got me thinking a little.

My question is that how can a people that have to protect themselves from themselves ever expect to progress? I'm not referring to African Americans in general, but the community I was at. The barred windows, security cameras on light poles, boarded up houses, chained to posts car rims etc etc all show a sense of insecurity within the community. And you can immediately that they fear themselves, nothing more, nothing less. What do you guys think of the situation.





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Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:05 PM

That's actually a really interesting question. A community which closes itself away from itself is actually a fascinating one to explore. One in which no one can be trusted because, well, no one can be trusted.

It's worse, because I can't think of any solutions to such problems, since I really can't even begin to understand the cause. I mean, it has to be due to high crime rates and such for people to be so paranoid about crime so as to board up their windows and chain shit up. But why is the crime rate so high? Is it showing humanity in desperation mode where they'll do anything to keep from starving or is it showing humanity in its raw state, when there are no active laws or regulations keeping it in check?

It's really hard to tell. And it's hard to come up with a way of fixing it, since I'm a firm believer in nurture > nature, so when topics like these come up, I'm sitting here wondering how it would be possible to erase the entire lives of these people and adapt them to what the rest of the world would deem as "civilized society." It doesn't feel like it would even be possible. And with people that far gone where they see this as an acceptable sort of life to lead, I don't really see how the society can actually come back from that and turn back to a functioning form except through gradual, forceful change.

Also dude that's fucked up. In a scenario like that, I would have just gunned it (and taken the ticket I'd rather not die) as soon as the guys started walking toward me if there were no cars driving across the intersection.


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