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Posted 12 December 2012 - 10:12 PM

I've been questioning a lot of things concerning religion, lately, so I've decided that I'm going to read both the Quran and the Bible, and present them to you guys in retrospect. This helps me show the differences between the two holy scriptures and help me analyze the many points that they have that seem to overlap/contradict, or simple points within them that contradict certain beliefs in either religion. I'll start with the Quran and work my way to the Bible - in each case, I will present verse numbers and exact (translated in case for Quran) word to word quotations and then a mini summary for each verse or quote at the end. This might evolve into something bigger, but I doubt it, since it's really only to quench my thirst for knowledge. I will be using Abdullah Yusuf Ali's English Translation of The Quran(2001 edition) for this and the Old Testament (standard). I will refer to Allah and God as God in general.

Quran DAY 1

The Heifer [Al Buqrah]

...We gave Jesus, the son of Mary clear (Signs) and strengthened him with the holy spirit

I found this a rather interesting thing thing to point out, since it talks about the holy spirit in The Quran. Muslims generally flat out reject the idea of Jesus being "strengthened" by God, since it goes against the belief of the "individuality" of God, but there is some sort of common ground when it comes to the holy spirit.

Nay, whoever submits his whole self to (God) and is a doer of good - he will get his reward with the Lord

This one made me chuckle. This shows no connection to religion. Just the base, pure foundation of the relationship of man and his creator. The debasing of other religions is completely invalid; all you need for a ticket to heaven is submission and a good moral code. You see a lot of people say "You're gonna burn in hell for believing ____!!", even from Muslims. And that's kind of pathetic, really.

I had a few more, but I can't remember their verse numbers... I'll edit them in at a later time. o.o