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OOC Heroes Of Milencia ( II )

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 04:13 AM

You guys aren't gonna lose me forev... *Steps around Zal and Blade* ...er. I suppose I could stay if it would make any bit of difference. My posts will just be slow.



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Posted 03 January 2013 - 04:24 AM

Template ~

Name: Amala Singh
Alias: Rakshasa
Age: 15
Sex: Female

Home District: Culture District – Little India 

-Family Members-* 
Name - Relation - Age – Occupation
Sandeep Singh  Father     41        Restaurant Owner
Madhuri Singh   Mother   34        Housewife
Amala Singh        Sister       5          (Deceased)

Likes:  Spicy foods, the color red,

Dislikes: Her name, being called young or a girl, academics.

Passion: Despite rebelling against the social bounds of her people’s values, Amala actually loves her culture. She is skilled and highly knowledgeable in the legends, fashion, art, and dances of her people.

x Attractive
x Reckless
x Destructive
x Hot Headed

x Selfish
x Classy
x Fairweather
x Mature

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: Deep green
Hair: Dark brown
Complexion: Olive
Blood Type: AB+

Costume: It’s the standard… until I want to design another.


Hemokinesis [Physical] Lv: 1
Amala is able to control the properties and form of her own blood. Usually this is mood determinant, her own temperament being reflected in the state of her blood.

[O01] Blood Staff – Amala can harness her blood as a physical weapon, forming a crystalline staff.




Kalaripayattu [style] Lv: 1
A form of Indian martial arts, utilizing strange and flexible movements for attack and defense. Amala was initiated into a kalari at 7 by her mother after seeing her daughter take a shine to the few moves she taught her in dance. For her aggressive nature, she has not been moved beyond wooden weapons. Amala has instead taken a shine to these non-lethal staves, still being capable to neutralizing an opponent through vital spot targeting.

T01 - Flipkick




Amala was named after her dead sister. Her parents told her how sweet and innocence Amala I was, how beautiful she would have been, what a tragedy it was for her to have found a viper while playing outside in the tall grass. It never helped Amala with her identify to see a tomb with her own name while growing up. She was conflicted often with her parents, mostly her father. Her relationship with her mother was positive as long as she was being taught dance and painting. Anything personal usually end up as fiery disputes. The climax came when Sandeep told her she was engaged to Gupta, a fellow employee of her father. No words came from Amala. She had just turned 15. Gupta was her father’s age. Arranged marriages were not uncommon in their culture but Amala had been enrolled in school and was already into her mid-teens, both not typical for an arranged bride. Amala felt this was revenge from her father for being everything Amala I was not. It must have been as they were not affluent but her father still gathered a sizable dowry to give to the groom and his family. He must have wanted her gone, Amala concluded. But she was too stubborn not to ever yield to her parents’ demands. She would make herself unable to be wedded. There, in a ceremonial sari and painted in henna, before being pronounced as man and wife, Amala announced, blasé, that she was not a virgin. She left, stone faced, and behind her a loud argument erupted between families. Back home in the apartment it was worse. Her mother couldn’t stop crying as her father denounced her as a whore, unfit for her name. Amala screamed back at him, her body feeling hot. It eventually burned too much and she ran into her room, slamming the door. Amala hissed from pain, pain of something burning inside of her, under her skin. She needed relief from this agonizing fire. She took the first sharp thing she could find, a pair of scissors, and cut a deep and jagged line across each of her wrists. But the searing did not alleviate. Instead, as she bled, the blood burned the skin around the laceration and melted whatever it felt onto, ending up as a boiling mess on the tile floor. She screamed, not in a rage, but in a panic. The following events were hazy to her. She stormed out of her room and her mother seeing the blood, called for the hospital. While being taken to the emergency room, she couldn’t stop bleed, having cut too deep. The doctors tried suturing the cut but the thread kept being burned away. Finally Amala was sedated, and the fiery blood cooled and doctors were able to close the wounds. Amala was kept at the hospital for 3 days under psychiatric watch for possible suicide attempt. Her parents never came to visit her in this time and she only asked one thing of them: to bring her bangles for her wrists. On the 3rd day, Amala received a letter. It was an acceptance letter to Praesent Academy. The offer was to attend the glorious school of freaks or be condemned to psychiatric faculty for attempted suicide. Amala smiled. It would be good—wonderful, to be anywhere but home.

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 02:23 PM

This thread is unnecessary now and confusing so I'm closing it. I'll move it to the trash once the actual new ooc is up to snuff.


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