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Something interesting/The "Gun Problem"

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 10:28 PM

Gangs are one of the main causes of gun violence. Legalize drugs, get rid of the gangs. Regulate and tax it like alcohol and cigarettes, and we get massive revenue, our prison population decreases dramatically, and gun violence will drop significantly.


Fact of that matter is; people who want to do drugs will do drugs no matter what the law says. Like during the prohibition era; it just made drunks criminals. It was absolutely ineffective. Prohibition didn't work with alcohol, it's not working with drugs (and it's costing us money), and it won't work with guns. All it does is give money to the gangs when that money should be going to the government.


You are the property of you. You should be able to make decisions about what you put into your body. BUT! This thread is not about drugs.


It's about guns.


What is this aversion in America to analyzing anything? A guy shoots someone and we think "GUNS! Gotta ban guns! Problem solved!"

That's bullshit. That won't work.


The solution I saw, after I, you know, ANALYZED the situation, is the legalization of drugs.


Once we legalize drugs, we regulate and tax it like we do alcohol and cigarettes.

You know those laws governing alcohol? Those can easily be applied to drugs too. Would violence still occur? Yes. Where there are human beings, there's going to be violence. We're a violent fucking species. But violence would drop off by a ton. Why? Because there would be no (or very little and small) gangs.


Dream. I'm not sure you know how violence works in America. Drugs and gangs are everywhere. Gang violence is everywhere. It's not just in urban areas. Living in a small town and in a big city, I know what i'm talking about. Is gang violence worse in urban areas? Yes. But that's because there's a larger population of people. Where you have a larger population, the likelihood of crime and violence is higher. In KC and in Saint Louis, the only group I worried about performing a violent crime against me were gangs. And where do gangs get their funding? Drugs. How is this possible? Because drugs are illegal. Remove that "Drugs are illegal" part and gangs lose their drugs, which means they lose their funding, which means they'll fall apart.


And you know who will do drugs when they're illegal? People who were already doing them, plus a few more.


This actually solves another issue.


If drugs are legal, those who are addicted can seek help without fear of prosecution.


I could go on and on, but I think i've made my point clear enough.


It's not our gun policy that is the problem, it is our drug policy.



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Posted 31 March 2013 - 11:10 PM

I know very well how violence works and I know very well that drugs are not the only factors in gun violence (as I have stated). I'm pretty damn sure if the public is given more access to drugs then they're going to go for it as much as they'd go for a gun. Also as I stated in the previous post making drugs legal is not going to solve the problem, in fact it makes drugs more easier to grab and steal for gangs. They will be able to distribute them to people who shouldn't be taking drugs, they'll be able to sell them for a cheaper price because of the larger stock they will have and so on. No, legalizing drugs would be and extremely stupid idea, or at least all drugs out there. The ones that are extremely harmful are what you don't want out in the market.


Also gangs will still find ways to work even if legalizing drugs magically reduces their income. There are tons of ways for them to get money so I truly don't understand where this whole "legalizing drugs will save the day" idea came up. In fact I imagine crime rates rising because there are even more things people will want to steal.


Gangs aren't the only people using guns as well. Plenty of homicide cases not involving gangs and I bet even the involvement of guns without a single bullets being fired helps with crimes. Also, with all this, I'm not saying gangs will disappear with the disappearance of guns.


I ask, why do you want to keep your guns so much? Is this gun loving culture America is rumoured to have real? Or do you just not feel safe enough in your own country to walk around without a firearm.





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