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Posted 18 January 2013 - 02:21 AM

Wolfenstein, hmm... I'm not sure how to describe this series past the fact that it is awesome! xD This is a game that I experienced during my childhood, though it was most my dad who played. This game was part of his personal collection; I'd watch him play it a lot. It was rather interesting, though it took me a while before I tried playing this myself. Once I started watching my dad play enough, we sort of started playing together. x) I'd kind of have his back on remembering or pointing out things; when I played, he did the same for me. So, we experienced this together a good bit. x3 I'm kind of surprised at getting to see this game, in a way. This series was based around war and shooting and had a fair bit of cartoon blood. I think it did take a while before I knew of this game or got to see it, and I suppose that was why. >.>

The series began--astonishingly--in 1981. It's most recent appearence was in 2009. I didn't keep up with the series or play the newer installments; I recall the ones my dad and I played as being Wolfenstein 3D and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I'm not sure of any others that we had. They were a lot of fun. I recall seeing one of the games for the GBA while in Toys"R"Us. I was so excited and so tempted to get it. It's a shame that I never did. I told my dad about it, though. I was so happy seeing one of the computer games that we loved so much continue on despite the years and make it to the more current systems. I didn't want to see the series that we enjoyed so much go away. Hm... I'll try to find the GBA game sometime. :3

Also, for anyone who does know of or like this series: Did you know that a Wolfenstein movie is in the works??? ._.

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 02:45 AM

I've watched youtube videos of this with you a lot and it seems pretty fun. Scary and unedge but fun. The Pacman secret level thing is... lol. It's just so funny. Cant kill them and they dont stop coming. I've seen some playthroughs of the new ones. They are much different of course but it looked like the main guy had powers rather then being a normal soldier or guy or whatever? Might be me mistaking something though...