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CoLT Random Battle Thread

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 09:16 PM



Hey everyone! This thread is dedicated to encountering random pokemon for efforts of battle and training as well as catching other pokemon to add to your team! This thread is very very simple to use.


To use it, just head to the Route of your choice in-thread. Once you do, you can either create a new thread, or post right into this one with your character skulking around the long grass or talking to your pokemon. Then, I will create an encounter for you. If you have a poke ball, you can try to catch the pokemon. Weaker pokemon are easier to catch than stronger ones! So be sure to deal some damage before a toss if you want the pokemon! Unlike the game, you can't faint a pokemon and fail to capture them. You can attempt a capture once you are victorious.


That said, please remember how many pokemon you are allowed to have on you at one time and don't go over that amount! If you want another one, you should deposit a friend or two if you have three on you so that you can capture. Otherwise, the new pokemon will be automatically transferred to your Pokemon Storage System accessed via the Pokemon Center computer.


This thread is NOT for 1v1 battles between players! Don't use it for that! This is only for random battles and chances to catch. As such, only I am able to GM your captures at the moment, so you'll have to wait for me to post to continue. Any battles that are older than two days and not completed will be thought of as voided.


Have fun!


For a reminder of what I expect from you in a battle: