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ACT Practice

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#1 Dexel Hydagara

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 10:10 PM

Despite recent intel from Iggy and Val, I am going to take the ACT again (next school year, if I determine there's too much to tackle at once). Of course, there are some things I would like to review more. The problem being what, exactly, to practice on, as my memory of that test is pretty much shot. Probably part of the conditioning for test tasking lest I succumb to anxiety. Scores were as follows;


English - 26      

Usage/Mechanics - 14  

Rhetorical Skills - 13


Mathematics - 23      

Pre-Algebra/Elem. Algebra - 12  

Algebra/Coord. Geometry - 13  

Plane Geometry/Trig. - 10


Reading - 34      

Social Studies/Sciences - 17  

Arts/Literature - 17


Science - 29


Combined English/Writing - 26  [Writing (score range 2 to 12) - 09]  

Comments on Your Essay: Your essay acknowledged counterarguments on the issue but did not discuss them.


As you can see, reading is pretty much set for me, which makes some other things a bigger priority. Basically, I need someone who can adequately run over these concepts again;


- Everything in the Mathematics section. But especially Geometry and anything involving graphs.

- Various things related to Sciences.

- English optional, but preferred. My knowledge of rhetorical skills by name is pretty shabby.


Anyways, my main worry is one that's plagued me throughout childhood: writing speed. I was always the slowest with writing assignments and sometimes had to stay after class to finish a major essay or something alike. If anyone knows an adequate exercise which can help me with that, it would be much appreciated.

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