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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

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#41 Dion



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Posted 14 July 2015 - 05:15 PM

I feel the opposite. Its how everyone feels about Spider-Man. We've seen the origin story a bajilion times. We've seen the stories unfold many many times. Why do we need to see them on the big screen again? Why do we need to see Bats' parents die? Why do we need him to only just meet Harley? Doesn't a hardened, grizzled Batman make for a far more interesting hero? 


And honestly, an experienced Bats makes so much more sense than a novice one for what they're going for. Batman NEEDS to be experienced and have some considerable years under his belt to be able to lead a Justice League (let's face it; Batman is the de facto leader of JLA). I think what they'll be going for is along the lines of "Batman is the superhero they needed to pull everyone together and finally assemble JLA" and that makes PERFECT sense. 


meh. I think this movie is going to be damn good. I don't give a shit about "Hnnngggg too gritty". I like the variety DC is bringing to the table. It's not dealing with themes of "What would happen if we brought the real world into comic books?" (Marvel is doing this) It's more dealing with "What would happen if we brought comic books into the real world?" which is so much more interesting because we get into questions about what would happen if humanity had a single benefactor that solved all of their problems - what would happen if they became too reliant - what would happen if that benefactor failed to prioritize properly? All of these things are so much more interesting than the themes that Marvel has touched on (They never really touch any themes aside from the most primitive comic book questions)





#42 Kingroy



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Posted 15 July 2015 - 12:38 PM

:L See, the experience isn't my issue. It's the fact that Batman is supposed to be old, or rather they're taking from the Batman fiction where he's old, grizzled, and tired. Seeing how they're making this start of the DCCU, it seems like the opposite direction to go in. Why not have Batman younger and on the ball? He just seems so off it in the scenes so far. 


Experience isn't the issue, again. I mean, they could give him experience while still making him a younger Batman. Anywhere from 25-35 would work. I don't mean that in the actor's age but like in the actual character's age. He could've been faced Joker, the mafias, and some other rogues from his gallery at a young age and still be called experience. I just don't see how an old Batman will be able to be the major figure he is when it comes to super heroics like in the other adaptions.


We got the DCCU. Finally it's happening. What do we do with Batman? We transform him from a young experienced hero and turn him into a rising icon. Naaaah.


Let's make him an old man who's been scarred and beaten down.


*shrugs* Apart from that, I also wanted to see Batman's adventure in becoming an iconic hero. Becoming more badass by each film, gaining a Robin or Dick going on to Nightwing status and him getting Jason Todd or Tim Drake.


I don't like the gritty at all BUT I can tolerate it if it's just because it's a very dark and edgy film. The Flash is supposed to be lighter in tone.


:v I'm not being tough on them because I really love what Marvel's been doing so far. I'm being tough on this because I have high hopes it'll eventually stand up with the MCU instead of being put together sloppily and in the name of competition. 




:V But whatevs tho.


If Fox can make Fantastic Four, which seemed like a train wreck initially, interesting, then I'm still very hopeful.


Although Fantastic Four could still be shit...

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#43 Xanius


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Posted 15 July 2015 - 01:02 PM

The thing that bothers me is that batman is old in this. If they are trying to sort of copy Marvel and do a whole big world with everything connecting, I can't see how an old Bats is going to work. Sure, RDJ was fairly old and did Iron Man, but Iron Man is nowhere near as demanding as being the Bats. Affleck is going to have hell if they want him to be the same actor through all of these movies and in the Justice League. I don't see it working out too well at all. Bats didnt need to be young, like in his 20's or such. Early 30's would fit imo. He would have experience of being Batman for a fair time while still being near/at his prime. Having him be old like this... I just dont like it, for this movie it'll probably be fine but moving forward I don't see it doing too well to be honest.



#44 Crimson Jazz

Crimson Jazz


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Posted 24 July 2015 - 06:52 PM

The Comic-Con trailer sold me on this. Literally the only thing I'm on the fence about now is Wonder Woman and how she fits into this film.


Also the fan theory about Jared Leto's Joker being Jason Todd is mindblowing. I don't think DC/WB is that smart to pull that off though.



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