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Web Browsers

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Posted 31 August 2013 - 04:31 AM

This will be a general thread to talk about different Web Browsers that are out there.

So far on my computer, I have at least 9 browsers on it. I generally like all of them to a certain degree but a few stand out over the others.

First off, a list of browsers I have.


As for the version of each one I have

Firefox 24
Chrome 31
Comodo 28
Opera 16
Opera 'Next'
Opera 12
Safari 5.1.7
Maxthon 3
Maxthon '4' Cloud 
Avant 113
Flock 2.6.1
K-Meleon 1.5.4

So far, Firefox seems to do fairly well. It has it's issues with lagging sometimes and freezing up with videos, but not too bad. memory and CPU usage are also on the average range. Give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Chrome is okay. It loads faster then firefox for certain. It's come a long way from what it started out with. Higher CPU and Memory usage though. Generally because they have a  separate  process for each add-on and tab. Which can stack real fast. Going with a 4 out of 5.

Comodo is basically the same as Chrome but it loads a bit faster. It's based of Chrome to a certain point but it's largely customizable itself. Not to mention that it comes with Comodo Dragon anti-virus on it and a slew of other add-ons. If you're using Chrome already, no point in not using this. High CPU and Memory as Chrome has. 4.5 out of 5.

Opera 16, They took away a lot of features that were actually really nice in Opera with this new one, so that sucks on it. It loads fairly well. About the same as Chrome. Only real bad problem with Opera is the Memory Leak on it. Normally when you close a tab the memory and cpu it used is taken away and the overall browser consumption goes down. For Opera, it doesn't though. Mainly it does this so that if you open that site back up it can load it much faster. But I'll generally see Opera running at 800-900k Memory. Almost a GB worth of memory on a browser is really bad, especially if you aren't running many tabs with it. Give it a 3 out of 5.

Opera 'Next', Same as 16 but Next is just an automatic download browser where it gives you the latest  available  all the time. Even Betas, so you get to see how things are changing and what not. Pretty much the same as Opera 16 on everything so gets a 3 out of 5.

Opera 12, I have this browser for a certain site, since I need an old version of Opera to run a specific script on it. It loads the same as other Operas for the most part. Same problem with CPU and Memory. Only thing is that it has the features I loved with it. Auto refreshers with timers, Opening tabs a certain way and closing them too, being able to Pin or Lock a tab. So yea... much better then newer ones but still lacks a bit. 3.5 out of 5.

Safari, I used to use Safari a lot a few years ago. I generally liked it back then, nowadays, it's not bad. It isn't the fastest browser for certain and isn't as nearly as  customizable  as others. Pretty solid though. Memory and CPU arent too bad on it either, so 3 out of 5.

Maxthon 3. This is a browser thats fairly popular over in Asia. It's really damn fast and has a lot of neat features to it. Have only used it for a bit now but I rather enjoy it. It barely uses any CPU and Memory, lowest I've seen so far in browsers. So I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Maxthon Cloud. Generally the same as 3 but it's a brand new browser that lets you use a Cloud feature on it. Can store things in a Cloud area and have it out there without it being open on your browser. It's pretty damn neat. I love the features on it, the sidebar on the side of it with your Apps is very nice. No skins for it just yet but they'll be coming soon. Lightning fast, no problems with CPU or Memory. Easily gets a 4.5 out of 5. Could get a 5, have to use it longer to see the kinks of it.

Avant. It's not a bad browser. Low CPU and Memory, it's based off of IE for a certain bit of it. Haven't used it too much. Giving it a 3.5 till I see more of it.

Flock. It's incredibly fast and uses little Memory and CPU. Haven't used it too much but it seems very nice. Going with a 4 out of 5 on it so far. Aswell, it's based off of Firefox, but it's not a complete copy of how it runs.

K-Meleon, easily the worst browser I've used in a very long time. Yes, worse then IE. It doesn't allow for tab browsing, It says it can, but all it does is open a page behind the one you are using. No real tabs. Have to use a little button to switch between them and have click it over and over till you reach the tab you want. It's fast and uses no CPU and Memory though. Guess it's good if you only use it for checking e-mail or if you dont tab browse.... 1 out of 5 though.

I know you might be asking, Why does it matter? Why so many browsers? Well, I'm trying to find the best browser for myself. For what I do on the computer and what all I need out of a browser. Comodo is really nice for the speed and safety part. It's Add-ons aren't too bad but it doesn't have the support like Firefox has for certain. Firefox is an overall amazing browser, it just suffers from the fact of if you have too much going on, it can start to lag and go slower. I like the tab group feature on the new one though. I can group all of my tabs for a certain site on a Group Window. And all I have to do is go to the icon on the top right and click it. Then it'll bring up all my groups. I generally have 3-4 groups on there with 10 tabs in each one. So instead of having 40 tabs at one time, I can switch between these groups that have 10 in them and have a very clean and organized browser. Opera used to be really great, but it's features disappearing makes me sad. I'm hoping that Maxthon turns out to be really great. I just wish they had more support for add-ons. It's the ONLY thing making me want to stay with Firefox or Comodo. Flock might be one to keep if it has nice support, have to check up on that.

So anyway, do you guys use any of these? Have you even heard of some? Any that I havent listed that you know of? I'd like to compile a list of all browsers out there and try them all. I can't remember the one I used to like, but it all Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera all in one basically. Could switch the different engines in it to  mimic  the other browsers and could actually use the addons and skins of all four browsers on it. It was pretty amazing but I havent heard of it in such a long time and no one seems to know it either..