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Hotline Miami (Series)

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Posted 17 January 2015 - 08:40 PM

Hotline Miami is a popular top-down action game. Most people know it for its violent nature and love it for that. It was released on the PC and on all playstation platforms (starting from the PS3). The second game, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, has yet to be released.



The first topic in mind for this would be the banning of this game in Australia. The game depicts, or hints at, an act of rape during a digital film inside the game. This has sparked controversy and has banned the game from being released in Australia. There is a way to avoid viewing this "fake" rape scene by choosing an option that doesn't provide a more specific look at the event that is supposed to happen (however it still leads to the scene ending with the character you play standing over a female character at the end).



Now, my stance on this is mixed. I do not like that it's specifically targeting a female to be the victim of this "fake" rape scene only because it's used only to bring more of a shock factor into the game. However I believe the only reason people are extremely annoyed by this scene is because it does bring an extreme shock factor. I think it's how the scene was delivered that freaks most people out. 


With that said, it shouldn't be banned. There are folks out there that depict rape very visually yet these films aren't banned here, nor should they be because it is purely acting. Not only that, despite the reward factor for commit violent acts in the game it is in no way encouraging these acts. It truely is just a shock factor added to the game. Folks bring up the argument that it's not an actual rape scene because the said scene doesn't occur. The director of the digital film stops the scene before anything occurs. Any opposition to this scene would be more of a personal issue, especially for people who would be affected from viewing what is shown from personal experience.



What do you guys think?





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