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Tales of Series

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Posted 11 August 2015 - 03:35 PM

So, I recently got into the series after they had a really great sale on PSN for Xillia. I ended up buying Xillia 1&2 along with Tales of Graces.

I can't say how much I enjoy the Xillia games. I've beaten the first one on both Jude and Millia, working on the second game as of current. Have to say I'm not too much of a fan of how the Orbs changed, mainly because of not getting TP, SP, and HP through it. Farming out monsters for SP is slightly annoying but also really nice. Just sucks that some characters get a bit screwed over for a bit till you run into monsters that boost them. TP and HP are moreso annoying because of not being able to focus on boosting them, have to get it through leveling and or the skills you get from the orb but its not too terrible. Ludger sadly has massive HP and TP because of always being in the party and I made sure to get the HP and TP skills where it has a chance to raise their max values. As a result... Elize has massive TP and HP because I always use her as a healer. And sadly Jude has less HP then Rowen, which is... very... strange...

I do dislike Ludger in a slight way though. The character just seems sort of bland or boring to me. Him barely speaking at all is fucking annoying as shit though. The multiple choice things for skits and such is pretty neat but also annoying cause I really want to know what the hell the other option is but I always try to get my affinity higher for characters that I havent linked with a lot =X

Gonna play Graces after I beat 2. I already preodered the CE of Zestiria. Hoping its just as good as Xillia is.

But I'm glad to say I've found a new great series and enjoy the fuck out of it. Has to be in my top 5. Only thing I do have a problem with so far is the stories for the Xillia games can be... sort of predictable? And it can be kinda taxing but its not horrible. Just feels like its the weaker part of the games.