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The Packs: A Werewolf RP (RP thread) [Unfinished RP]

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Posted 14 October 2010 - 11:16 AM

Giovanni looked away. He had started to cry. "...Yeah. My family cared about me when no one else did. After they died, my kindness died with them." He wiped away his tears. "Anyway, I think it would be best if you were to go now. I have many things I must do. Thank you for your time." Giovanni walked back upstairs.

Andy sat up in his bed. He kept his eyes on the TV. He knew that he was in huge trouble. Transforming in public was a serious offense. It was strictly forbidden. Andy didn't even want to think about the punishment he would recieve.

((Mega fail))



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Posted 14 October 2010 - 06:06 PM

"She's paralyzed? What happened to her? Why is she even in the orphanage in the first place?" Aria shouted, feeling bad for the disabled Vanessa that Daniel mentioned.

Now that she knew of this girl, Aria wanted to rush to her as soon as possible. If anything, Aria really wanted to help her, and at least be friends with her. Aria ran off in the direction of the orphanage, motioning for Daniel to keep up with her. Sprinting through the crowds of people, she was able to bob and weave past people, jump over trash cans, and even slide between a person's legs if there was no other way past a large blockade of people. Withing a matter of minutes, she arrived at the orphanage, breathing heavily, her breath forming a mist in the air.

"C'mon Daniel! Where are you? Keep up!" Aria shouted, hoping Daniel would hear her.

Riezend came to, resting in Rick's arms. Her eyes slowly opened, then closed, trying to fight back against the fact she had lost lots of blood. After a couple minutes of struggling, her eyes were partially opened, seeing her beloved Rick's face above her own. Smiling up at him, lazily, she moved her hand next to his.

However, her hand was pulled away by a group of doctors, who were busy loading her onto a hospital bed. Being too tired to speak or move, she wasn't very resilient. Riezend just stared up at the lights on the ceiling as they wheeled her away.

"Doctor, can you make sure that the man out there Rick, makes it to my room? I don't want to go through anything without him." Riezend whispered, unable to speak very loud.

"I'll make sure of it once we make it to your room. Just relax, we'll take care of it." The doctor said, smiling at her.


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Posted 23 October 2010 - 03:02 PM

(It's the end :(. I'll put Eve and Ricks death post later)

Aria rushed through the crowds, and Daniel had tried to follow. "Wait!" he yelled. He ran faster, little did he know, it would be the last time he'd run. Groceries and clothes n his hands, the last thing he would have ever bought. The traffic was busy down the street, the street that Aria was running to.

He caught glimpses of Aria up ahead, she was slowly farther and farther away. He tripped and fell face first into the snow, bags flying everywhere. Getting himself off the ground, he wiped ]the snow off his face and clothes before sighing. Sometimes I wonder why even the smallest thing slow me down. Snapping out of his thoughts, he grabbed his bags and ran out to the street.

It happened so fast. No one could have ever predicted it. The truck driver was running late and Daniel would have never spotted it.

The traffic was speeding up and people saw Daniel run, they knew something bad would happen, but they didn't think it had anything to do with them. Daniel ran onto the road and the truck driver saw it for the split they had. It honked it horn. Daniel stopped for no reason and looked. His eyes filled with terror as it came.

Bang! The big wall of metal hit him, Daniel's head started to bleed. His bones broke and he was flown forward. The truck screeched to a stop as Daniel hit the ground. His groceries flew out of his hands and spread across the ground. He hit the ground and his blood stained the snow. Daniel clenched his side and turned his head. He could still see Aria. "Sorry to hurt you.....Aria..." he whispered. He closed his eyes, took his last breath and smiled a little for this was the end of Daniel Winters life.





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Posted 23 October 2010 - 03:41 PM

Aria was wondering what was taking Daniel so long, since the two of them weren't all that from each other. She quickly assumed the worst and went looking for him, calling his name, beginning to panic. That was when she noticed him in the road, bloody, and groceries scattered everywhere.

"Daniel! Please, get up! Please, open your eyes!" Aria sobbed, holding Daniel's head in her arms.

Pulling him to the side of the road, she cried, hugging his corpse. She felt angry that it had to end this way. She felt sad that it had to be Daniel. She felt worried, about what she would do for herself, since she was the only family Daniel had left, and they only knew each other for two days.

Aria picked up the scattered packaging of food, the now blood stained clothing, and other things that were scattered from the impact. Holding his body, she gave him a kiss, crying in his arms. The one man she had considered family was now dead in her arms, bleeding from his head and various cuts from his body.

Soon, the medics had arrived, ready to examine what had happened. When they tried to take Daniel away from her, she retaliated, pushing them back and telling them to leave. However, they soon swarmed her and separated the two of them, Aria's arms reaching out to him.

"Please, let me be with him! He's my brother! Please!" Aria yelled, trying to break free from an officer's grip.

The officer simply ignored her, pulling her into the back of a cop car. He quickly put her in hand cuffs, trying to keep her from retaliating or hurting anyone. However, she managed to unlock the door, opening the door while it was moving at 30 miles per hour, causing her to fall out. Picking herself up off the snowy road, she saw Daniel being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

Though her body was bruised and she was sure her arm was broken, Aria transformed into her wolf form, chasing after the ambulance. Daniel had never given up on her, so she was determined not to give up on him. She ran closer and closer to the ambulance, just within lunging distance. She jumped towards the back of the ambulance, but missed, hitting the cold road.

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