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Heroes & Villains [Unfinished RP]

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Posted 04 August 2010 - 12:32 AM

8:57 EST

In about an hour, Jimmy and Bobby had arrived in New York City by way of Jimmy's super speed. They hid in an alleyway somewhere in Lower Manhattan, where the two heroes could take a breather. Well, they were finally there. The Big Apple. Now....just how were they going to find out where Alexander Love lived? Maybe they could ask around the city.

Alexander Love? I heard he got his own private island.

I hear he doesn't even live in New York anymore. Heard he took his fortune and went to the Alps.

Alexander Love? Yeah, I know where he lives. The bastard lives in some fancy-schmancy mansion in the Hamptons.

Well, they finally found out where he lived. Now, it was time to scout out the place. Once they reached the mansion, they saw many security guards and dozens of cameras. Four near the front gate, two near the front door, one patrolling along the west, and one patrolling along the east. Then, there was the guard tower where one could monitor the cameras. Jimmy looked over to Bobby and asked him his plan.

"Well? How are we going to do this?"

"You're going to monitor my every move from that guard tower. Your super speed can get you past the front gate guards in a quick second, and you're more than enough to take down the guards around the guard tower."

Jimmy nodded his head, but then asked, "Sounds good, but how am I going to keep in contact with you?"

Bobby opened up the equipment bag he brought with him. He took out a radio and handed it to Jimmy while putting an tiny receiver into his ear.

"Good luck, man." Jimmy said to his best friend with a bit of fear in his voice.

Was Bobby really about to go through with this?



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Posted 04 August 2010 - 08:30 AM

The Popsicle dragged his feet behind him as he made his way back to his apartment. He launched himself up with a short, abrupt pillar of ice and caught on to the window sill. He pulled himself in through the open window, closing it behind him. He sighed and dropped down against the wall.

"Stupid, ungrateful..." He blinked twice.

A girl sat on the couch in the apartment. She turned to face him with a french fry hanging from her mouth. Her eyes widened, "Hey! You were on the news!"

He stumbled to his feet, "This is my apartment, isn't it?"

She shook her head, "No? I've been living here for a few months now."

He popped open the window and looked to the sides, up, then down. He sighed. He had gone one window too low. He pulled himself back in and waved, "Well, I'm the Popsicle and, uh... I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anybody that you saw me..."

"Wait, wait..." she said as she pushed up off the couch and ran over to him. She poked his chest, "You live in the building, right?"

He looked off to one side and lied, "No."

"Liar," she pouted. She then pressed, "So who are you really?"

He laughed uncomfortably, "I live right above you." He pointed his right index finger up.

She smiled, "That is so cool. Hey, hey, we should hang out sometime."

He nodded, "I'll think on that one." He then smiled, "Y'know, you really cheered me up. Thanks for that." He shook her hand, "I'll be going now."

"Don't be a stranger now."

"I won't,"
he replied as he climbed back out the window and pushed himself up to his actual window.

He climbed in and looked around before closing the window behind him. He sighed and wandered over to his couch again, removing his sweatshirt and mask as he went. He absently wondered if he should have stayed down there with her to watch the news rather than run back up to his apartment. He shrugged his shoulders and clicked on the television. His stomach rumbled. He hopped up and started making himself some quick food as the television blasted some sort of speech by a guy called Newt Digari. He didn't care much for what he said until he and the crowd began to chant about taking down masks.

He knew that his own secret identity wasn't that big of a deal, since there wasn't much that a villain could do in order to exploit the knowledge, but it was the principle of the matter. He sat down on his couch again and flicked to the local news as he munched on his mac & cheese.

The news station was covering a story about that peculiar scorpion creature. Apparently he had been running around the streets, causing all kinds of havoc. No attempts to stop the thing were any use. Jack clenched his fists. He should have stopped the thing when he had the chance... He shook his head. He couldn't have stopped it alone. Maybe... His thoughts flashed to the Arachnid, though he had no idea how to find him and coordinate their efforts to stop this beast before more people got hurt.

As he finished his late lunch, there was a knock on his door. He began to drop his core temperature as he approached the door, just in case. He left the chain lock locked and pulled open the door. He looked out and saw the girl from downstairs looking back at him. He sighed. He closed the door to remove the chain lock and then pulled it open to let her in.

She came inside and looked at him with wide eyes, "I never imagined you'd look like that! I thought you were like... all ice under there."

He smiled, "Thankfully, I'm fully human. I can just do this." He snapped his fingers and a larger-than-life snowflake appeared between the two and fluttered to the ground, sublimating before it reached its destination. "So what brings you here?"

She pointed to the television, which was still broadcasting images of the creature. She swallowed hard, "I was kinda scared is all..."

He smiled, "Well you must have seen on the news... I'm no match for that thing. You're not really any safer with me."

"Yeah, right! Mr. America can handle anything!" She punched the air.

He frowned, "The Popsicle."

"Oh, yeah! Why do you call yourself that?"

"I'm a firecracker popsicle, haven't you noticed?"

She thought for a minute and laughed, "Oh wow! I didn't even notice. Clever name, since you look like one and control ice."

He sighed, "Yeah, that's why I chose it." This girl would be the death of him.

"So hey, what's your actual name?"

"Johnathan Fross. I usually go by Jack. Never been a fan of John."

"Jack Fross?" She sbrothered, "You're awesome."

A smile crossed his face, "Thanks. Here, have a seat." He brought her over to the couch. She sat down on it and he hopped up on it, reclining against one of the arm rests. The two sat there and talked for hours on end.

It was almost nine when she finally said, "Hey, I should get going..."

"It's still out there," Jack reminded her.

"I'm sure you wouldn't want me staying the night. That'd only be totally creepy..."

He smiled, "I have a couch. You can sleep in my bed and I'll stay out here. It's no trouble at all."


"Hey, you gotta promise me you won't tell anyone about me."

"Of course I won't! It'll be our little secret." She got up off the couch, "Hey, uh, I'll be right back up. I just gotta go get a few things if I'm gonna stay over."

Jack nodded in reply and sighed, reclining further on the couch to stretch across the whole thing. She left and he kicked off his sneakers. It felt good to actually have someone to talk to. He liked the idea of having someone who knew who he was... someone he didn't have to hide from.


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Posted 05 August 2010 - 02:22 PM

Ray sleeps heavy in his bedroom. Resting himself after a day of hard heroism. He deserves it after taking down another super human trying to destroy the town.

A door down stairs slammed. This woke up Ray who was in his bedroom. He quickly ran downstairs to check whats wrong. He then see's Maple sitting in the kitchen crying. Ray couldn't help but feel the sadness in himself, from seeing his crush pouring tears.

"Maple? What's wrong?" Ray said.

"It was Paul." Maple cried.

"What did he do?!" Ray shouted.

"He left me. He said that I was being too difficult. That we couldn't be together if I didn't let him in my bedroom." Maple cried.

"What? You don't need him. He's just another dog off of the street. You need to find you a good man. Someone who can protect you and your heart. You need a hero." Ray said now emitting anger.

"Ray, you're right. I don't need him." Maple said stopping her tears.

Maple wiped all the tears off her face with a tissue from her pocketbook. She smile to show Ray that she was okay now. She then headed to the living room to catch the news.

"I'm okay now Ray. You don't have to worry." Maple said as she turn to the news station.

A live story was being covered. The Camera pointed towards a group of men with guns in a mall. They were taking hostages.

Ray knew what time it was. He told Maple he had to step out for a couple of minutes. Maple looked as if she wanted Ray to stay with her despite what she just said. This begin to eat Ray up on the inside.

"I'll be back quick." Ray said.

Ray then ran to his room to grab his super hero get up. He then bolted out the door trying to waste no time.


Big Red showed up at the scene of the mall takeover. He couldn't see the bad guys at the entrance. Obviously they were smarter than your usual criminals. The police looked at Big Red, wondering what he is doing at the scene. A big cop suddenly came up to Big Red.

"We don't need you here. You could cause more damage than neccessary. We don't need a civillain death." The cop said.

A women came up to the big cop, with fear in her eyes.

"They just said that they're killing someone to show us they're not playing. If we bust in, they will kill the rest. We can't just let that person die." The women shouted.

Big Red started to see the crisis at hand. He then crouch on the ground, in a runner stance. He began to emit energy from his feet. The cop, and women looked at Big Red wondering what he's trying to accomplish.

"Someone come arrest this vigilante." The big cop shouted.

Policemen begin to surround Big Red. A forcefield then covered Big Red. As the cops pulled out the handcuffs, Big Red released the energy he built up. Before they knew it, Big Red busted through the glass doors at the entrance. In the building, the criminals were scattered covering different parts of the mall. Big Red's forcefield broke, and he started firing bolts of energy at the criminals.
Guns fired, but instead of killing the hostages, the men fired at Big Red. SWAT poured in after Big Red, taking down the men they could. Big Red charged a large bolt of energy in his hands. He threw the energy in front of him, and many criminals who tried to escape on the second floor. He fired another bolt of energy at the ball, creating a wave of energy that knocked down the fleeing enemies, but not harming him.

Their boss, held a gun to a hostage head, and another gun aimed at Big Red. Big Red's eye stared through the barrel of the gun. The criminal smiled with evil, and insanity, He began firing on Big Red. Instead of summoning a forcefield, Big Red boosted himself with energy to fly even faster. The criminal began shouting nonsense, but ended up threatening to end the hostage life if Big Red came any closer.

Big Red stopped apparantely falling for the criminals demand. But suddenly a pure energy image of Big Red shot out of his body, still flying towards the criminall. Caught in surprise, the criminal didn't know what to do, but get hit. With a scream of pain, he flew into the wall with smoke flowing from his body. Big Red quickly grabbed the hostage, and flew to safety. The same cop who told him to stay away, walked over to him.

"Despite what we've said you ran in." The big cop said.

A silence grown in the air.

"But you helped us save the hostages. So I thank you. I suggest you go before we focus on you." The big cop said.

Big Red then raced of in a hurry trying to come back to Maple's side. As he got closer to the house, he could hear a bunch of ruckus.

"Let me in. Maple!" Paul shouted banging on the door.

Maple then screamed "No! Leave Paul!"

Paul banged on the door some more. Big Red knew that he still had something to do before he could enter the house.

"Leave this women alone." Big Red shouted from the sky.

Paul turned and saw Big Red floating in the air. He grabbed a rock, and threw it trying to hit Big Red.

"Go somewhere else. You're not needed here." Paul shouted with anger.

After he blasted the rock with an energy bolt, he flew down to Paul with speed. Paul tried to punch Big Red, but missed. Big Red then grabbed Paul by his neck and flew back in to the sky.

"You should leave, before I make you leave." Big Red said while forming energy into his other hand.

"Don't kill him Big Red. He's not worth it. Just let him walk away." Maple shouted through a window.

Big Red dropped him low enough so that he didn't majorly hurt Paul. Big Red nodded to Maple, and she nodded back. Big Red flew off, but fired a warning shot at Paul. Paul walked off mad, as Big Red disapeared.


Ray open up the door with his keys, and looked for Maple.

"Maple where are you?" Ray shouted.

"I'm still in the living room." Maple said.

"Did anything happen while I was gone." Ray asked.

"Well Paul came over trying to get me back, but Big Red came and booted him off." Maple said with a smle.

"What!? That sounds cool." Ray said faking his surprise.

"I also saw on the news that Big Red saved the hostages in the mall." Maple said.

"He did? He should have his own comic book." Ray said bringing up more surprised from nowhere.

"I wish I knew a man like him." Maple said.

Ray then realised what Maple just said. She doesn't think Ray isn't the type of hero Big Red is. He started thinking what she thought of him. He looked at her confused, and happy at the same time. Atleast Big Red has a fan, but he is messing with his chances of being with Maple.

"I'm sure someone will be your personal hero." Ray said.


Newt's favorite scientist starts typing in buttons on his computer in the lab. Still controlling the Instinct. He eyes something on the monitor, and smiles.

"Mr. Newt, I'm happy to say that we have collected 5 blood samples from the super humans!" The scientist said.

"Splendid. You've out done yourself. With 5 I can really start tampering with the medicine. I can make a nulification serum, and a activation serum. Send them to my medical company in the morning." Newt Digari said.

"Thank you sir. I feel that we can accopmlish much with these blood samples, and with the Instincts." The scientist said.

"You're right. We can. But I need you and your men to work extra hard so that we can succeed!" Newt said becoming serious.

"Yes sir!" The scientist said.

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Posted 12 August 2010 - 09:33 PM

Xavier groaned and rolled over. His wound had been healing nicely, but he was still rather sore. He was also bored stiff by the lack of action. Thankfully he was given clearance to finally leave the hospital once he parents stopped by. He laid his forearm over his eyes and sighed loudly. A rap at the door aroused his mild attention and his parents walked in. He smiled ear to ear knowing it was finally time to leave.

~-~-~ Later, at home ~-~-~

A short while later he would arrive home as night set on the city. He immediately went to his room and disrobed, looking at the bandaged up area where he had been shot. Just the day before he stumbled into his room bleeding. His parents had come through his room while he was in the hospital. He could tell because a few things were a little bit too neat and tidy. The film of dust he allowed to build up on his schoolbooks was also curiously absent. He shrugged and dug through his drawers to find his machinery he used to refine web fluid. It was pretty commonplace. Most people wouldn't think twice of the appliance, really. However not many would realize how intricate it was to him being the Azure Arachnid. Carefully he walked across his room and pulled up two floorboards and retrieved his web shooters which lay next to his costume. Not the best of hiding places, but when the planks were replaced it was basically a seamless hiding spot. He retrieved the remnants of his web fluid and placed the shooter back where he kept it.

He tossed the cartridge in the air and smiled, ready to mass produce his webbing. A few batches should be ready within the hour. Then... time to test out the wound.