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KG Re-Design

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#41 The Dream

The Dream


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Posted 10 February 2011 - 04:50 PM

Oh omg so fugly

Some people might like fugly rather than normal and a little boring :l

This one might look better -


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A little one

#42 Blade



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Posted 10 February 2011 - 05:14 PM

Some people might like fugly rather than normal and a little boring :l

This one might look better -


Oh dear god I just shat myself.


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Posted 27 February 2011 - 07:22 PM

So earlier, there was a discussion about skins for the forum. I know many of you have become frustrated with Essential as of late. We will try our best to add in at least 2 new skins for you all to enjoy. Post here on what kind of skins you'd like to see added in. Links to posts and skins are welcome.

Yeah, I said a lot back when this first came up for discussion. Sadly, we constantly keep going through the same cycle... Even now this still hasn't gotten done.
At the very least, can Lightning FINALLY be added? It's a skin that is just about unanimously agreed upon as you, Blade, etc. should know from being part of that Shoutbox conversion that had happened back on the 10th that your post is the result of.

As for a light skin, I'm not sure. Those can be difficult, really, from being either too bright, too plain, or just... bleh. It may have been Blade who linked to one site during that conversation so that we could consider some of the skins shown/available there. Regardless of who it was, perhaps the admins (and others who may know good sites, if they actually participate in this -.-) can link to a few sites where a skin may be found. That might be better instead of only having users link to a skin they already know and are suggesting. If no one knows any, you really won't get any responses (even moreso than already.)

To answer Blade from back on page 1 (I disappeared, sorry :/), maybe have the option for any skin that we get/have to be either fixed-width or fluid. Sometimes things look nicer or are better on one other the other. Then there is a matter of personal preferences. I tend to vary on what I like. But it can be so frustrating at times when you are wanting either one or the other and it isn't there.

I'm not entirely sure how Igshar does or prefers things, but going by all of the RPGs he's made on the various sites you (Blade) have had, I think he typically makes the RPGs on fixed-width skins. Things work better or something on them. For the forums, however, at times I'd like the skin I'm using to be fluid, personally. So having both types available might be better, anyway. (Of course, that last statement is sort of speaking from only my own opinion. However, I can't and don't just know what others would like. If there is anyone else who feels the way that I do, then yeah. Besides, having the option there is maybe better than not having it at all.)

LIGHTNING SKIN NOW. Like right now. Once you read this. PLEASE.
Admin(s) and/or others link IN THIS THREAD to sites where skins can be viewed and possibly something chosen, namely for a light skin.
Option of fixed-width and fluid for each skin, please.

Kthx. -_-"

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Posted 01 April 2011 - 04:24 PM

wow, nice :/