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What is this Interest Checks Area For?

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Posted 03 June 2011 - 10:42 PM

To those that are not familiar with the idea of a interest check area, this thread will help you understand, hopefully.

How do we use it?
It's simple really. You click the button that says "New Thread" and then put the title for your RP idea in the "Title" form. You post up an idea like you post up any old thread. Here you can put the entire plot idea you have or the rough idea you have in mind. Then you see if anyone has questions or would like to join. You answer the questions of course, you may get a potential member to join your RP. Once you've got enough members (or enough members in your eyes), you then post your OOC to let people post their templates.

Of course, those that are looking for an RP to join that isn't up in the OOC section come here. They can see any ideas that may tickle their fancy and earn a spot in your RP before it is even up. If you are one of these people then ask if you can "reserve" a spot in the RP to ensure that you get in.

Why do we use it?
We have Interest Checks here for people to post up ideas they have for RP's. You see if anyone is interested in your idea and if there is a certain amount of people willing to join, then you can post up your OOC which you now know won't die. It keep the OOC section clean of threads that die prematurely.





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