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KG Roleplaying Guide 1.0 (for newbs 'n' people that need help)

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Posted 16 May 2011 - 08:25 PM

Ok. Listen up newbs and amateur roleplayers! This is a guide intended to help you and other people with roleplay ideas just bursting out of our head, what to do in roleplays, some bits on how to make your character and also a few things on do's and don'ts. Pay attention and make sure you get these things right (or very close enough). Oh and if what you want to know isn't on here or just waaay too confusing for some reason, post in OOC VERSION THIS THREAD your question and I, other moderators or experienced roleplayers will help you out :) Don't feel shy or think you're hopeless, we're a friendly community and don't judge people, asking questions is the way of life and what mankind is always doing.


Section 0. Introduction

Section 1. Creating Roleplays:

1. I - Interest Checks
1.II - Plots
1.III - Side Knowledge
1.IV - Rules
1.V - Templates/Character Sheets
1.VI - Casts

Section 2. Posting/Joining in Roleplays

2.I - Creating a Character
2.II - Power playing, God modding and fairness
2.III - Posting Basics
2.IV Character Interactions
2.V - Quitting or Short Vacations from the Computer
2.VI - Grammar, Spelling and just making sense of yourself

Section 3. Roleplay Battle Ground/Character Creations

3.I Creating a Roleplay battle character
3.II Challenging someone
3.III Creating a Roleplay Battle
3.IV The Battle

Section 4. Credit and Links!!

Section 0. Introduction

Hello and welcome to the world of roleplaying. If you have chosen to be a roleplayer then your in for some fun and a chance to show your creativity (in means of writing other than story writing). First you must know the basic words that every roleplayer uses, don't worry they're not hard to remember.

First there is the Out of Character and Sign Up thread, well known at OOC and Sign Up thread. This is where everything is asked and answered. This is where people report things about the said roleplay. It has the roleplays title and also it will clearly state that it is the OOC and Sign Ups thread for the roleplay. People also put their character templates/character sheets in here too. When it is first posted all the details that this guide tells you to put in should be placed there straight away. If you have an roleplay idea this is your starting point and you are called a roleplay creator. People who wish to join your roleplay post their templates/characters sheets that YOU provide here, they also ask questions and so on.

Now there is the actual roleplaying thread where people put up posts about their character. Out of Character discussions do not got here, that is why we have such a thread as the OOC and Sign Ups thread. The roleplaying thread is started by the creator of an roleplay and by that person only (unless circumstances come and someone else has permission to put it up, therefore the other person putting up this thread must report in the roleplays OOC thread).

A tiny note, when people say RP don't be alarmed if you haven't figured out what that means. RP mean roleplay, there not so hard remember is it?

Now you have that done with, enjoy reading this guide as it was made to help people with roleplaying if they are new or just a little bit stuck.

Section 1. Creating Roleplays

Interest Checks

Before you post anything at all, you must see if anyone is interested in your rough idea that you have in your head. This is the stage before everything and is rather handy to use so that you avoid dead RPs. First, head to the Interest Check section. There are rules/guidelines and more about Interest Checks there.

Interest Check Area

The idea is to be turned into a plot

Of course, this is the base of every roleplay, it's almost impossible to create a successful one without a plot/idea. The reason we all need such a thing is because roleplays are where you play a "role" in a "play". People want to make a person and play a part in a grand storyline, not run crazy like a headless chicken with no direction.

Now before you panic because you haven't thought of a plot, just listen to me (or read if you're going to be technical about it). You shouldn't see the plot as a chore, think of it as a fun moment where you can let your imagination run wild. The world or idea you have should be in your head like a vision (or close enough). Now before you go nuts and write every tiny detail that has nothing to do with the roleplays story, think of the info everyone needs. You need a good setting with all the info like time period, theme, events and the type of creatures and people you see walking around. It helps people with what to write in their posts and how to create their character. It also make things less confusing for you too.

You don't have to write the longest thing a world either. Sometimes the shortest plot works amazingly. As long as you make the setting clear, you should be fine so far. Now there is the matter of events. If you have the idea of an evil lord wreaking havoc or school boys and girls running around crazy, then obviously this goes in the plot. You don't have to write it like a history document either, you can write the plot like it's going through one of the characters head or written on a stone, be creative and clear about your plot. This really does sound like a chore doesn't it? There's also another way in showing your idea.

You can make a brief about the setting in the beginning. Events, what world is like (or your world is like), what's going and all that common knowledge can go separate at the top/bottom, this should be seen clearly as well to not confuse anyone. Then under/above that you can make some story up with a few lines or catch everyone with a characters thought or whatever.

Side Knowledge

Side knowledge can also help people with ideas on the world and places that they may go in your roleplay. These can be like well known towns, cemeteries that hold certain souls, places with restricted access and all that. Not only can this be helpful to the players in your roleplay, it can also help you with what major events to create and where to create them. It's fun making up such places. Also side knowledge is not limited to places, it can also be main events that happened in the past and affect the present, who's important, companies, armies etc.

Before you start thinking "Awww Maaaan! More stuff to write? I just wanna make my roleplay!", these are not a must and never will be. They are just a good idea for others to see your world better.


Here's the important stuff. The things everyone must know to keep things straight and to remind people of what forums rules are as well (don't think mods don't check up on these rules in roleplays). These rules are a must in roleplays so that no one starts to complain about not knowing this or that when you tell them whatever is no acceptable.

This place you must go over the main roleplaying rules or the site (don't have to copy and paste, just a brief statement on the rule) and also rules to make your roleplay easy for everyone to play like details and post length (if this bothers you), romance (lots of people love this but they might go overboard), grammar and spelling (if you're a grammar nazi. Don't be too harsh though, as long as everyone understands), powerplaying and godmodding (see 2.II for more on this), and much more.

Templates/Character Sheets

Every roleplay, and I mean every roleplay, needs a template/character sheet. It gives people an idea on what you need to know about their characters and acts as a refresher to help people/yourself when they want to interact with someone else character. This must have all the info on what the characters are capable of doing like skills in combat/magic/survival....etc. It should have a part where you explain the characters appearance, name, age and possibly gender. Optionals are what else you want to know or what you've made up. There are two main optionals that you should have and those are a personality and biography (bio) section. Personality and Bio are important for people to understand each other’s characters if they want to interact, is also helps you when you want to play around with the characters (with mind games and plot changes of course).

Here's base temp to help you out and give you and idea on what to have. *Red is info from guide and you do not put it in your actual temp


This is the base. If you want to add things like magic spells or whatnot, go right ahead but don't forget to add limits or people will over power themselves by accident.

Also, you should be a little picky with characters. You should demand some logic and make it so that they change their temps if nothing makes sense. You don't have to say yes to this:

Name: Fish
Age: unknown
Sex: male
Personality: 3 second memory span makes him rude towards people.
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes. White top, red pants.
Equipment/Weapons: Epic giant sword. Fifty grenades and twenty steroids.
Biography: Grew up in the country, now fights because he is bored

You be picky, ask for more detail and more sense as to why he/she/? is in your story. You can ask as much as you want, but before you go asking for every tiny piece of information, be accepting to some mystery and allow some details that are not important to stay missing.


Now this is a part where you put the characters in the roleplay and who controls them. If there are special characters to the plot you must put their names here and say if you want anyone to fill the spot of controlling them or if you will control them yourself. A nice tip for you is to put links to the posts where the template/character sheet for the character is.

How to do that? Click the post number, copy the URL and wrap the characters name in the URL (highlight and click the chain button without the cross to past the URL). This makes it easy for you to see the temps, and you won't have to deal with people asking "where is the template/character sheet?".

Section 2. Posting/Joining in Roleplays

2. I
Creating a Character

This is going to be your representative in the roleplay, the man/woman/? that you shall be playing god with. Now like every character in a story, you must be a little original and special from the others somehow. Many people do get carried away and make a character that was rich and parents died and blah blah (Trust me, many of us would've gone there once), that's ok, but try to avoid that.

Try to make your character involved with the plot in someway. Were they effected by the events that happened? Did they have some connection to the main men/women/??. Be creative but follow the rules and template/character sheet limits. Asking for special ties to the roleplay is a MUST! If you want them to be a lost daughter, PM the person that made the OOC if you are allowed such a honor before you write about it in your template/character sheet. Put and effort and do not create a template/character sheet that is bad(look at the "not so great template/character sheet" in 1. IV). Make some effort.
2. II
Power Playing, God Modding and Fairness

No one really likes power plays (some may but to some extent obviously). Everyone hates god modding and everyone loves fairness. Before we go on, here are some terms that are good to know.

God Modding: When someone overpowers their character with ie spells, strength power, powers, amount of equipment.
Power Playing: When one person controls the actions of another.

First off, power playing. This is what power playing looks like.

Jack dodged the attack and ran to Haley, quickly grabbing her arm and throwing her to the wall. He then ran to her her and sliced her stomach before kicking her head again and then throwing her into a pole. He then picked up a trash can and threw it was Haleys head before she fell down bleeding.

This is a no-no in the roleplaying world. You do not do things like this. It's unfair to the other played since you have already posted up that you have done all this. There is of course the little matter of a small amount of power play being allowed. Do not cry so much and say "No! Throwing me in the the air is too much power play!". Seriously, don't do that.

Powers play is allowed only when the person who's character is being controlled by someone else, has a chance to escape to stop themselves from getting hurt. How you may ask? Well instead of saying you threw someone against the wall, you might as well say you threw them towards it. This way they may find a way to stop themselves from getting hurt at all. Also, if it's not a fighting situation (unless throwing someone at wall doesn't count as one to you) like your taking someone into a restaurant or carrying them, it's not as serious and should be accepted. Over all though, allow something to happen because no one likes to not be allowed to affect other people physically.

God modding is another topic to discuss. Do not god mod your character. No one likes it, in fact everyone hates is when you do god mod. God modding it when you over power your person. Believe it or not, you can even god mod outside of you template/character sheet. If you make it too impossible to be damaged then that there is god modding. Everyone like to be fair and equal with each other in some ways. There may be spells or techniques that you use to nullify any damage, but put it to an extent where it can't be left on for infinite years.

2. III
Posting Basics

The basics of posting. Time to learn what can happen when you post and what you can do. First off, examples of good posts and bad posts.

Jack yawned and looked at Haley. "Lets eat food" he takes Haleys arm and walk to da bus stop. Da bus came and took them to da city an then Jack took them to the diner. They sat down, a waiter came to them and asking what they would order.

"What" Jack asked.

Don't ask "what's so wrong with those posts?". Bad post one has too much grammar and spelling mistakes. It's confusing and doesn't allow much to happen. It's kinda like what you would five in a five year olds handwriting book. This is what it should be like (at least maybe). Also, there is slight power play, but that much may be acceptable depending on the roleplay creator.

Jack stretched his arms out and let out a yawn. His stomach rumbled as they walked across the pavement. He looked to Haley who as what he wanted to do, it was obvious enough what Jack wanted. She grinned pointed at his stomach. "Let's get something to eat" he smiled and took Haleys hand. He walked with her to the bus stop and waited for the bus that would take them to the city.

Yes the part where they sit down is gone, but that is good because then the other person can carry on from there, more interactions and posts, details and it's fun to read. You get bored easy when you don't put detail.

Now, about bad post two. Do not say that that it good. It is pathetic and unwanted. This is what it should be like (at least, depends on situation).

Jack shot a look at Haley, his face confused. "What?" he asked. He was surprised Haley would ask such a thing. They had a friendship, he thought that was that after high school. How could she bring back those feelings after that? Jack hoped that Haley was joking, not trying to make things more complicated and turn their friendship into something else.

Better. It has the question, but also more insight on what the character is thinking at that moment. It make it worthwhile to read and give and idea on what the character "Jack" looks like at that moment. Something for the person controlling "Haley" to work with.

Make it easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Character Interactions

A major thing that is fun to do in roleplays. Roleplays would not work without character interactions. Of course there are limits to what you do and are allowed. First you must read the rules to make sure that what you are going to do to someone is allowed. Also, if you're going to something that will effect the plot, you must ask the roleplay creator first. Roleplay creators should be made aware of things that will affect the plot so much that it is changed completely.

Interacting with other people in the roleplay with you is important too. It's not fun if you don't at some point, when you do here are some guidelines. If you actually want to start a romance thing with the other character, you should play it safe and ask them with a Visitor Message or Private Message, or you could just hint it in the roleplay and see how it plays out. You shouldn't be put down if you character is heart broken, just carry on the roleplay and keep in mind that is now part of your story in it.

Now battling. Many of this was explained in power play, but it'll be put here too for convenience. Fighting is fun because of the attacks you get to do and how your opponent reacts, but of course, your opponent should be having fun as well. How to ruin the fun? If you act like a show off and dodge every attack thrown at you, then saying that the powers in your template let you do that. No one likes this. You should allow close calls and the slightest attack to hit, maybe not at the beginning of a battle but some time later on. Also, don't drag battles out for too long. If the other person wants to end it or you both are lagging behind in the roleplay because of it, then find some way to end it.

In roleplay battles done in the Battle Ground, these guidelines apply as well but more about this shall be put in the Battle Ground Section (3.IV)

Quitting or Short Vacations from the Computer

There may be times where you may not be able to get access to the internet (we all end up there once in our life) or we just might end up wanting to quit a forums (maybe because real life has become more interesting than the cyber world). If you are in a roleplay sure the time you are going to have a long stay away from the computer or are going to quit a forum, then it's your top priority to report to the roleplay creators. Why is it so important that you do so? Because people might actually need your post to carry on in a roleplay. If your role isn't so important, you must still do so because the roleplay creator may have plans involving your character and they'll need to know if you will no longer with with them temporarily/permanently.

Common courtesy this all is. It also stop you from getting in big trouble for "killing" a roleplay because you gave notice that you would be gone. Also if you are the creator yourself it's good to report in so that the people in your roleplay know what's going on. If you do leave for a while a roleplay may end up becoming "frozen". What frozen means is that the roleplay ends up in it's original spot at you left it. Normally this happens naturally, other times the other roleplayer say they will be nice and progress too far so that you don't have to much reading when you come back.

Another important thing is that you should read up on posts when you come back. They most probably hold crucial information that will help you with your next course of action and also keep you from running around like a mad headless chicken.

Grammar, Spelling and just making sense of yourself

Grammar, it's a big thing sometimes. Now to get this part done well, you must put some effort in your posting. You may write the world most creative and amazing post, but it might not make sense because you would've made one or two minor grammar mistakes. Many people don't mind it because they understand what your character is doing in the end and other people may tolerate it because they know it may be a habit you just can't seem to break, either way, you must always put a big effort. Re-read your post to see if any silly mistakes were made. A nice trick is to use Microsoft Word (or anything else with spell and grammar check), it'll point out your mistakes that involve grammar or spelling.

Spelling is important and seems to clash with grammar. You may be saying "their" instead of "there" in some sort of post. Sometimes spell check and grammar check overlook these minor mistakes.

Section 3. Roleplay Battle Ground/Character Creations

Creating a Roleplay battle character

Your roleplay battle character is obviously important in a roleplay battle, no matter how many people join in the battle, your character is important. Therefore, your character must have detail in every area. From the name, to the bio, everything must be put in great detail.

The template/character sheet for you character is of course already in the Character Creation area, but it shall be put here as well for you convenience. (CREDIT: To the awesome dude with the user name Igshar for making this great template/character sheet)


If you want to create a character who is both believable and likeable, you should go into much much further depth than just what is listed here. You should get into things such as his/her attitudes towards politics, how s/he feels about friendship, love, etc, and other such important things that we take for granted in our own lives.

Here is a really nice list of things to fill out to create a character you will know inside out and backwards.

Here is a litmus test for being a "Mary Sue" type of character, which is BAD. This is basically when your character is overpowered and therefore boring OR is just an extension of yourself rather than a truly original, dynamic character of his/her own merit OR is just an angsty little ∞∞∞∞∞ that should never have even been conceived.

To see the original thread click the link provided - Character Guidelines/Template

Once you have made your character, remember to make a thread and post your character. If you are going to make more than one character so that you have a variety to use, then you may want to consider making one thread with some title eg "(Your Username) Army/Staff/Mercenaries/Talented/...... Once you done this, all future characters should be posted here. This is a suggestion and does not have to be mandatory, but it does make it easier for you to keep things organized. If you forget to post it in to one thread and you want to be put into one, then don't be shy to ask an Admin or the Section Moderator (The people with a colour other than normal forum colours and something that resembles this colour)

Challenging Someone

This is very explanatory and just involves common sense, but if you need help then here it is and of course, this guide is not meant to offend anyone. First you must know who wish to fight.

Do you wish to fight anyone? If that if so then you must make a battle known as an "Open Challenge". Open challenges are battles you create and invite anyone in the forums to join (with the minor detail that they provide a link to their character).

Then there is the old fashioned and pure challenge to any one or few people. With this type of challenge, make sure that the person/people you are challenging have a character/some characters in the Character Creation area. You either post a visitor message or private message them, asking if they would like to have a roleplay battle with you. You may ask to challenge one of their particular characters as well if you wish.

Once you get acceptance, it onto creating the roleplay battle itself.

Creating a Roleplay Battle

You're got you character, you've challenged someone, now it's time to create the thread where all the almost non stop and heart racing action is (maybe no heart racing all the time but you get the point). Almost anything can happen here, with the acceptance that it goes by the general roleplay rules and site rules. Before you do anything though, you needs these key things for you Roleplay.

First, a setting. You must have a setting to give people and idea where you are and what mood of the area could possibly be like.

The Battle Field
A fight between the two great kings of the land is over. The bodies of brave knights lay on the once lush farmland, all covered in their own blood and many with a weapon still left inside them. The victorious have already left praising the lord and god himself for giving them this victory and allowing them to go back to their women, food and kingdom with pride. It will be hours till people to collect the bodies of the brave knights that did not die in vain, but for now these soldiers will be company to the field. It here few people have managed to travel quickly enough to find it. Many just wishing to learn about the destruction of war, others to honor those that are dead first-handedly.

That is an thorough explanation of the setting and allowed roleplayers to visualize their characters fighting on the battle field. It may also give them props to use from the setting itself.

Now that your setting is complete, you must now make the thread. Give you thread a name that goes with the setting. For example, if you were to use the setting above then a possible title would be "For the Honor of the Knights". Next to the title you must say if it is an open challenge or a thread where you post about your challenge with whoever.

Open Challenge = For the Honor of the Knights (OPEN CHALLENGE)
Challenge directed to someone you challenged =
For the Honor of the Knights (Challenge to (other person username)

Read section 3.II for more info on challenges.

Last but not least, you must put some guidelines/rules. Simple things like:

1. You cannot leave the battle field, you may go where ever you want on the battle field though.
2. Weapons found in the dead knights are not allowed to be used
3. No swearing
4. All the roleplaying rules (You can list these)

The Battle

The fun part that you want to do, the battle. Almost everything goes here and it doesn't have to affect you character at all. This where you fight long and hard (maybe to the death if you've allowed that).

In saying almost everything goes on here, we're serious. Many times people may be having a roleplay battle, then suddenly you may end up dealing with a romance. It's ok if this happens, no one will stop your roleplay "battle" if it is continued. Though be cautious and remember the roleplay rules, stick to the boundaries and nobody gets and infraction point for doing something very wrong. Also in battles you must remember to be fair and realistic. No one can continue to fight like a pro after getting their arms cut off (unless some very special power allows you to deal with the problem).

Things that go on in battles do no affect your characters biography in any way.

Section 4. Credit and Links!!

Links to all the forum areas for special rules etc.

Interest Checks Rules/Guidelines
Roleplay Section General Guidelines and Rules

Character Guidelines/Template

Other Links
Forums Rules

Big thank you Igshar for creating the basic template found in the Character Creation Area. Also a big thanks to Valor for creating guidelines for the roleplaying section and also to Blade for creating this forum in the first place (can't forget the reason the roleplaying section in KG is here in the first place).

Maybe a small thanks to The Dream for creating this guide, no big deal really ^^.





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