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For A Dime

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 03:22 AM

Welcome to the place where all last hopes of the worlds go through first. We are the forefront in the fight against dimensional chaos... The mechanics in charge of maintaining the fragile bridges that binds our dimensions together as well as the liberators against those who are oppressed by unjust tyrants threatening the balance of the multiverse. However, we operate in unique ways.

One day, you will play the main role in the grand stage of your own personal grand epic but for now you will need to learn the basics and be a student as well as an agent of our school. Do not worry as wealth, social standing and time are non-factors in the pursuit of a successful stay here. You shall be thrown into the fires of adventure and be expected to be tempered into fine blades of justice and order, with overseers watching over your actions to evaluate and make sure you come back in one piece. Once you have graduated from this institution, you will be ready to face any and all challenges that will inevitably befall upon you.

To make sure of this, we utilize our specialty as dimension jumpers to help each student gain experience in different situations. In one field exercise, you might find yourself in a desert land ravaged by humanoid ravens and in the next you might find yourself in a world filled with constant battle of humanoid dragons against the undead. A point to take note of is that the academy itself is isolated from the usual time flow that remains constant throughout each of the untainted dimensions, making it an ideal gateway for all inter-dimensional travelers. The dimensions themselves are infinite in number and, though we are immortal, we will never truly map out all the details each one contains. However, we can detect anomalies rather quickly and respond to them appropriately.

In fact, you are one of those responses. Your dimension is in danger. All the people that you know might perish if action isn't taken. If you accept our offer to be a part of this academy, we will temporarily seal off the flow of time in your home dimension until you are ready to return. Indirectly, this means that there can only be one representative of each dimension to be present in our academy but rest assured, we are sure most will get along quite well.

Think this through. If you decline this offer, this will all seem like a dream caused by reading too many fiction novels. Should you accept, then welcome to...

Paradigm Academy

Alright, I've been talking about it for a while and I'm gonna see if we can actually run with a school RP and not lose interest. Basically, you're a student in a school that teaches how to save the world and get to go to different "dimensions" where they need extra heroes to help them. I've thought of a general plot, a few major storylines and the individual objectives of at least 6 scenes.

Here's a general outline for those scenes:

The Greatest Show - An eerie carnival world inhabited by a people who call themselves Oddities. There is no daytime in this dimension as their twin moons travel across their skies. Their central hub is called the Showcase Hall, where hundreds of bleachers littered with popcorn and spilled soda surround a grand performing ground that their best performers give their lives to put the greatest shows. Sometimes literally.

Island Prophecy - A world composed of 90% water, with only a few major surface islands. Below sea level is where the life of party is though. All sorts of highly advance civilizations of fish, crustacean and other sea life inhabit the waters. However, not all is peaceful. Those who inhabit the lands above the water have always shared a common hatred for the sea and animosity among the anemones has also risen. If action is not taken, the balance of this world might be drowned in hatred.

Cloudian Heaven - A world full of clouds and one rowdy Lightning Kaiser, the conqueror of the skies. The Lightning Kaiser possesses immense speed through natural ability while his minions achieve the same with a device known as a Flight Board. The only thing stopping him from total domination is the Cloud Labyrinth, a maze which safeguards the greatest power of that world.

Tirade of the Triad
- A war torn land with three kingdoms all in active battle. There is supposedly a secret among the three rulers...

Flight Of The Roc - Sand. Sand and dust and gunpowder and nuclear waste everywhere. This world has seen better days. The people of this dimension are all under the rule of an entity known as The Roc, a man who controls a white, giant winged beast. Countless rebellions have seen their end at the talons of this beast, and both master and creature seem to be invincible to everything thrown at them.

Treasure and Throne - The Skull King reigns over this jungle land. Or, at least he used to. The Skull King was soundly defeated centuries ago by a group of legendary heroes yet his minions of undead warriors still walk the earth. Various bands of bravesmen are still fighting these forces, destroying monuments and temples dedicated to the Skull King along their path.

Dream and Bunny have been awesome support with this, plus special thanks to Igshar for some extra, but equally important, stuff. Dream and Bunny have some concept art for some of the characters that will be part of this RP so I'll post links when I get them all sorted out.


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Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:13 AM

I'm definitely in! I especially love some of the missions and the fact that some of them are possibly not going to have to involve fighting in order to solve, like possibly The Greatest Show and Island Prophecy. I've already got an idea of who my character is going to be. Would it be possible for you to post up what you want for a character temp so I can make revisions if necessary?

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 06:55 PM

Great! Love the mission ideas you put up there. Can't wait for it to start up >.<;

Would it be possible for you to post up what you want for a character temp so I can make revisions if necessary?

This thing is up to Wynn, but just to be helpful with what I'm informed of...

The basic template (the one in Character Creations) will be used for that. If you can't wait for the full OOC to come up with the template (or for it to be posted up, which I don't think would be a good idea since this might end up an OOC that way) then you can go use that one and add the extra bits when the full one for the RP is up.





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Posted 10 June 2011 - 10:33 PM

While it is true that some of the missions won't focus too much on fighting, there will be a lot of action.

Anyway, here's the current template I have in mind

Origin: [Home world accompanied by a description of it. Go really in-depth with it]
Race/Ethnicity/Species: [You can be *anything*. There are limits to this, of course]
Eye/Hair Color:

Physical Appearance:

Personality Traits:

Innate Talents/Skills/Magick, etc: [Anything you can do goes here. No broken skills and keep in mind that you are still in training. Start of with at least 3, maximum of 5]

Attained Talents/Skills/Magick, etc: [Shall be obtained over the course of the RP. Placeholder for now]

Inventory: [Only special artifacts/key items may be listed. You may have a trinket or two at the start which holds special meaning to your character]

Equipment: [Placeholder as well. This is separate from Inventory because these will be your active weaponry, armor, accessories, etc.]

Biography/History, etc:
Give a background to the character. Where s/he grew up, with what family, and so on. Be brief, in-depth, whatever, just be sure that the content here lines up with the age/birthdate given above. In short, nobody can become a master anything by the age of eighteen. ksorry. More importantly, too much angst is NEVER a good thing. It makes the character extremely unbelievable and/or incredibly and irrevocably BORING. Can't say it any better myself.

Feel free to add whatever I might have missed.

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 11:09 PM

*sighs* Beautiful template!!!! So many things I forgot to include in mine!!! Now I get to make her even MORE awesome!!!!! This is going to be soooo exciting!!! Pointless to say but I'll say it anyways I'M JOINING THIS ONE!!!!

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