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Night Time Punks (RP Idea)

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Posted 17 July 2011 - 05:19 AM

Music, guns and epic things to drive. The punks of Fantail City have cared for these things all their life, they practically live for these things. Of course, they also hunger for power and pleasure when it comes to money, social status and brute strength.

When the night lights are lit in Fantail City, it is then that these punks come out to make the city their playground. The city is something else. It becomes filled with lively music of different genres. At the same time illegal activities like selling drugs, murders and street races occur. This is what punks do every night.

Gangs consisting of punks with different characteristics are scattered all over the town. Funny enough, not all punk gangs follow by the stereotypical ideas that revolve around gangs. Many of them protect the citizens from gangs because the police themselves are corrupt, making themselves known as heroes. These different punks types clash many times. Blood is spilled in the the streets during brutal gang wars where half the time, neither side wins. This was all going to change one night, at least that's what the punks thought.

All the punk gangs merged with each other, all the small time gangs were merged with the big time gangs. When this happened, three main gangs were made.

1. The Bloody Dirt gang, the most brutal and heartless gang. They care for nothing but their own pleasure and becoming known. They have many buildings around the city and they can be easily identified with their tacky, run down, old and unstable building looks, of course if you can't pick the building out with just that, you will definitely notice their tag sprayed all over the building. The gang loves their vehicals, they spend their time working on their cars if they are not "playing" with women or their weapons. This gang certainly love making themselves known. When they go on a "field trip" to all the stores and bars of the town, they turn the volume up on heavy metal and rapper songs, grab their weapons, rev up their pimped out cars and destroy anything that gets in their way. They love their woman (even the girls of the gang do), their cars and they most certainly love their weapons.

2. The Crescent Paladins gang, the opposite of the Bloody Dirt Gang. These people are saints and fill in for the cops. They do their best to save the innocent people of Fantail City when the BD gang goes on a "field trip". Sadly though, this good does not triumph over evil. They are weak and unable to afford good weapons to defend people well. Their taste for music is normally techno and songs that you might find at a club. They have few houses around the city. You can't identify them because they live like every other citizen in the city (apart from their clothes and their activities during the night). They had nice normal apartments, the only thing to recognize them by is their tag painted on their clothes and a tag sprayed onto the inside of their door. This gang is filled with good natured people, half of them are christian. The gang travels around in skateboards, roller blades, free running etc. They don't use cars or bikes and so far, don't plan to.

3. ??? gang. This gang really is unknown. No one knows their name, the members or the leader. What people do know, though, is that this gang has plenty of money and is into some serious business. They have weapons you would find in the military, maybe even a few no one has ever made. Their cars are bullet proof in every way, and they look like they are worth millions of dollars. The gang members themselves wear golden masks, white tuxedos, white gloves and nice white jazz like hats. You cannot see their skin, just their eyes. They listen to jazz and classical music. Their tag found on the golden wheel caps of their car and on their weapons. People know that these people live in three main mansions on different sides of the city. They're all heavily guarded with cameras, guards, guard dogs, lasers and a few other hidden security measures. This gang is neither good, nor bad. People have seen members help the people of Fantail City, while also hurt them because they owed them money for drugs or protection. They are still, of course, punks and act like it by not being the most decent people in the world. They most certainly are the smartest among the punk gangs, though.

These three gang were going well for a few years, but brutal gang wars had broken out and decreased the count in punks around the city drastically. The leaders of all gang one day made contact with each other, wanting to stop the fighting. A week later, the leaders were killed by poison. Gang pointed the fingers at each other and all hell broke loose.

Gangs are no longer organized as they used to be. People are going rogue and betraying their fellow punks. It seems like no one can trust anyone anymore. What is happening to the night time world of the punks?


Yeeeaaah lots of shiz to read there, I know. I got a few ideas and put them down here. If anyone is interested say so. I'm accepting help on making this idea more better and/or less confusing if it seems that way (which half the time does). All ideas for the idea can be posted here and then we'll see how great the plot gets shaped ^^.

I don't think I made if clear, so here, this is what you do in the rp. You will be a member of ONE of the gangs (the ??? Gang members will have to PM me a really good template to be part of it, just to keep the idea of the members being unknown going well). Your gang is going through shiz (I will post up a few problems for each gang) and you are thrown into them and have to go along. The gangs work at night so all scenarios for gang activities have to be at night. Anything during the day can have to do with your character, caution though, if it drags on too much I will make sure something is done about it.

Might seem not so special, but wait till you see what I have planned for the template and the stuff for the plot if the RP actually gets put up ;3

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