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Stranded [Unfinished RP]

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 02:26 PM

Michael made his way the group. Worry and the words of others barely bothered him as tiredness crept in. A large explosion caused him to lose composure and fall in a slumber.

When Michael awoke he found he was back on the boat. He noticed his siblings were not in the room. He got dressed and watched out. He saw his parents talking to the captain and his siblings playing nearby. He quickly ran to the group, but before he arrived the boat crashed into something causing a great turmoil. He picked himself up just to slide to starboard when he held onto the railing. His watched as his younger brother slide by him, Michael just barely able to grab his hand. His older sister then went followed by his younger sister and older brother. Then his parents, each able to grab the next's hand. The weight for crazy for Michael, who was surprised to hold them all from falling, but he couldn't lift them. He shouted for help but none came. A boat tossed again and his brother's hand fell from his own. Michael watched as his family fell into the blue just for a huge chunk of the boat to fall on top of them. Michael then looked at the faceless captain who was now were his hands were, probably looking down at him. Michael in disgust, let himself go from the railing falling towards the water.


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Posted 26 July 2011 - 09:16 PM

By pure coincidence, Luis just so happened to have his camera recording the ship as the explosion had occurred. He felt a mix of astonishment and helplessness as he just had caught an event that was surely not happening again any time soon. He made sure to capture every bit of it and then catch the reaction from the others, starting with the captain first. His camera caught bits and pieces of conversations between people but Luis didn't pay any attention to it though the shouts of a certain man did stand out. Seeing as the people were heading towards the trees, Luis did the same.

"Alright Spillaniacs. Looks like this is gonna be the start of an impromptu survival series starring yours truly and these morons." said Luis to the camera before panning out towards the other survivors.


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Posted 26 July 2011 - 09:43 PM

William heard an explosion coming from the waters. It was the other half of the cruise ship. He could feel his heart drop as he gazed upon the flames and smoke that escaped into the air. All those countless innocents, losing their lives on what was supposed to be the perfect getaway. But he couldn't let this stop him. William had to find his friend. He continued on to the other half of the cruise ship that had not yet exploded. As he headed into the trees, he could see a young man with a camera also heading into the direction of the ship. William tried to stop him by calling out his name.

"Hey! You with the camera! Wait up!" William then ran towards the young man, hoping to catch up with him and find out if he knew anything about the crisis they were in the middle of.



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Posted 27 July 2011 - 07:50 PM

Myung Dae could not focus clearly. Any attempt at trying to formulate a plan to find any other people, or even the slightest morsel of food, oh dear god he needed food right now. . He hadn't eaten a thing while taking part of the drink and merriment the night before the crash. His stomach gurgled loudly as a reminder of his ongoing hunger. Myung Dae cursed his stupidity as he clambered to his feet. That would just have to wait. He needed to climb out of his pity hole and find some people. Dead people, alive people. He just needed to find someone to validate the reality of the situation he and countless others were in. All of this seemed like a dream. Even the stiff embrace he received from his father the day the cruise set sail and the salty wind tousling his hair now felt like an illusion.

Myung Dae didn't know how long he was walking, but the different pitches of voices slowly growing in volume granted the college student some relief. Myung Dae's lips curved into a little smile, a pathetic attempt to be grateful for life.Thank god. . The distant image of the once proud liner burned into his memory as he stared. What was going to happen to them now? The voice that was before screaming in panic and fear seemed to bury itself into the crevices of the cruise ship. He was speechless.

Suddenly, a loud blast sent Myung Dae bolting for cover, causing him to knock into a woman who was close behind him. He would have felt bad for knocking her down if he weren't freaking terrified for his life. The boat just exploded! There was absolutely no way he was going to stay and be a target for whatever piece of debris - or worse, metal - decided to fly over and knock one of them into the ground senseless. His body was in full survival mode. Run run run. Hide hide hide.Survive.
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Posted 28 July 2011 - 01:59 PM

A massive piece of shrapnel landed next to the Captain. Hartnell's eyelid quivered as he realized that he was pretty close to being skewered by it.

He decided it was best to guide everyone into the lush, untamed jungle that was off of the beach. He looked out to the survivors and continued to call for them, waving his arms frantically and calling out each of them.

"If you guys stay on the beach, we're gonna be in trouble!" He called out.

"Grab the wounded and bring them over here to be treated! Leave the dead!" He ordered. Someone had to, he supposed.

He grabbed his hat and sighed, thinking back to the storms that passed the last few nights. The ship may have been thrown off course. Their instruments weren't working ever since the storm hit. No one would know where they ended up. He looked to the front half of the ship that was still intact. When the sun would set, whenever that was, he decided that he would gather whatever supplies he could.

As the other survivors began to gather, he put his hands on his hips and looked out over them.

"Any of you a doctor?"


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Posted 28 July 2011 - 02:11 PM

As they arrived at the treeline Clark gently laid Maria on the floor. He saw more and more people gather around the treeline, One in particular that bothered him. It was a man holding a camera and he looked like he was happy to be filming.

" You believe that guy, The balls to film instead of help the wounded. Dick move huh Maria? "

It wasn't long before the captain called everyone to move from the treeline as it was getting dangerous. Clark squatted down to grab Maria's hand over his shoulder.

" Let's see what the captain has to say about all of this "

As they got to the captain he asked if anybody was a doctor. Clark carefully laid Maria on the floor once again and got up to face the captain.

" No, I'm not but what the hell happened? "

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Posted 28 July 2011 - 02:43 PM

Alphonse limped to the trees after the rest of the survivors, helping the woman along with him. He brought her to the other wounded and sat her down, patting her head and assuring her she'd be alright. When he tried to leave, she grabbed his arm and begged him to stay there and help her find her family. He sighed and said, "Look, that's the Captain. You'll be safe here. If you really need me again later, ask for Alphonse. I'll be around." She thanked him for the help and let him leave.

He stepped through the rest of the people, heading back toward the beach to find a tree to lean against away from the others. Someone happened to pipe up, asking about what happened. Alphonse flashed the man a deadly glare and spat, "Really? Pretty obvious what happened. Storming for a few days, ship crashed. Real spooky shit." He rolled his eyes and folded his arms over his chest. He regretted speaking up almost immediately, but figured it wasn't that big of a deal.


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Posted 28 July 2011 - 03:44 PM

The captain wanted them to move into that mess of a jungle? To hell he would! Myung Dae stared at the half of the ship that wasn't trying to skewer them with metal, careful not to nudge the remains of the other passengers with his feet. He had stopped his escape at the treeline of that godforsaken jungle the man was trying to get them to venture into. From his spot at the treeline, he watched the other survivors - some quickly, others slowly - make there way to the greenery for cover. Myung Dae slammed his head against the rough bark.

He felt like shit.

Myung Dae's hearing tuned in just as the captain asked for a doctor. Myung Dae was no doctor. He was a pathetic excuse for a college student trying to become a pediatrician. He couldn't nurse a robot baby, nonetheless a real person. "Well, I'm no doctor, but I am studying pediatrics." Myung Dae said hesitantly, cutting through the fight he knew would happen between the man near the trees and the man closest to the captain.
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Posted 28 July 2011 - 06:22 PM

"Yeah.." Maria was feeling light headed, she wasn't bothered much with seeing what other people were doing, she just wanted to get patched up and lose the headache she had been given. She limped beside Clark before he lay her down on the ground. She could've stood up, but her head didn't hurt as much when she lay on the ground.

She heard the captain yell out for a doctor. "A doctor would look like a fucking angel to me and everyone else who's wounded..." Maria slurred out her words while she put her hand on her stomach. A man leaning against the tree snapped at Clark, saying something about a storm making the ship crash. Maria was just surprised that she managed to sleep through the storm. Normally she would've woken up by the slightest sound of thunder.

Maria turned her head to the man, his tone of voice was not friendly and would've made a few weak willed people panic. She would've said something to him, but Maria wasn't in the mood. Instead she sighed and looked at man that was younger than Maria. He said that he was studying pediatrics.





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