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The Game Masters Character Creator! (IC)

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Posted 13 January 2012 - 04:55 PM

Alright people! I just thought about this idea last night and I thought it'd be very entertaining. What is it? Well I've seen that all the rp's right now have to have some thick plot and everything has to logical so arguments pop up in the PB and blah blah blah. So, I thought why not just have a chill RP for fun? And how about it be a RP where you characters template is developed in the rp? (Apart from the clothes).

The rp shall be set in a place called "The Game Realm". It's not much at the first glance, nothing but empty dark space everywhere. Your character will have nothing but the clothing of your choosing and a notbook. Cloothing can be anything you want! Armour, normal clothes, a bathing suit etc... Once you decided the characters clothing, in the RP itself you can make up a name, what ever name like, it could be some name someone gives you randomly. Now comes personality and all those other bits in an rp.

In the RP the "Game Master" (a person only recognized by the old mans voice that rings in your head) will create random places, people and challenges. You decide how you character will act on instinct. Like, someone throws and apple at your head. Does your lifeless character ignore it? Or do they act with rage and earn a new bit in their personality? You choose.

Now, when you discover you things it'd be smart for you to get your character to write about it to remember. How do you yourself remember? Well in the OOC you write down in a list form everything you discover about your character, maybe even other things. The notebook serves as a memory piece and a journal. Example : So and So looked at the banana peel and found it intriguing, he began to draw it in his book. How it appears in thew OOC: So and So is curious, *next page*, "Drawing of a banana peel I found, so very interesting". You get it?

Basically this rp is just for fun. Plot doesn't matter a single bit much. It's just for you to create a new character and have fun (or recycle and old character and get back into using it, if that makes sense). So anyone like the idea? Confused? SPEAK!





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