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[Title Pending] Kingdom Hearts Role-Play

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Posted 29 January 2012 - 05:05 PM

We haven't had a Kingdom Hearts role-play here in quite some time. Figured i'd post up an old role-play of mine that has gone through many many many changes to make it suitable.

Basic idea:
This role-play is going to take place ten years after KH3; so, much of what happens prior to this story is prediction on my part.

Pretty much all we have to worry about for now is Master Xehanort came back, Aqua was brought back, Xehanort battled the Keybladers, and then he was defeated.

This Role-Play
Rewind to the events leading up to BBS, say, 2 years before. Xehanort kidnapped thousands of newborns and made them into sleeper agents. They were to be awoken on their 22nd birthday. The leader among them will awaken with only one desire; bring back Master Xehanort. Neoph, their leader, told them that they would be creating a world where light and darkness live in perfect harmony, giving them the motivation needed to work. One of their experiments ended badly. Kingdom Hearts itself was torn, creating creatures of pure, uncorrupted darkness. Rather than seal the tear, Neoph left it open so that these creatures, whom he called the "Rebirths," could fuel his numbers and give him the edge he needs to crush any who get in his way. Through research, he found that he needed the hearts of keybladers to restore his Master. So, he went back to where Xehanort was defeated; a world he soon began to call Remnant. Using the Rebirths as free labor, he built a wicked castle for him and his associates; The Neo Organization. From that base, they attacked and killed as many keybladers in other worlds as tehy possibly could. This got the attention of Aqua, who was now living in Radiant Garden. With Sora and Riku, she began gathering the remaining keybladers into an army that she fittingly called the Keyblade Army. She set up two Holds on the only parts of Remnant that were left untouched by Neoph and his dark creatures.

Goals of the Two Sides
Neo Organization: Slay keybladers and use their hearts to restore Master Xehanort.
Keyblade Army: Destroy Neoph and the rest of the Neo-Organization.

Character Sheet:

Well, there it is. It is very much a work in progress. Figured i'd see if this gets any interest before I continue on with making it.



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