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Quantum Conondrum

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Posted 02 December 2012 - 11:15 AM

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An interesting puzzle game that's free right now on +, so I picked it up. You play as a boy whose uncle is a mad scientist/inventor. Your uncle gets trapped in an alternate dimension, consequence of one of his mad experiments. You are given a glove that allows you to "alter" the dimension you are in.

I like the premise of the game, but the puzzles are even better. Like for instance, you can press a button to change between Fluffy and Heavy dimensions, dimensions that alter the weight of objects. So for instance, you can pick up a book and throw it at a glass and activate Heavy right before it collides, making the book heavy enough to break through the glass. Or you can use Fluffy to make a safe light enough to pick up and throw at a glass and deactivate Fluffy to make the safe break the glass. There are two other dimensions, but I haven't unlocked them yet.

All in all, the game is super interesting. It reminds me a lot of Portal and Portal is, as you all know, fucking amazing. Definitely worth the 15 bucks for those who don't have + (as I dont know how much it costs on Live or Steam).