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Recommend a Restaurant

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 02:09 AM

Know a great pizza place? A burger shack with a legendary meal? Infamous restaurants? Here's a nice place to throw it up. Give some peps a nice idea on where to go if they visit your area.




Over here in Aus I really don't have much to recommend (yet) but seriously you need to have a nice prawn meal. It's pretty easy to find a cheap place, you just gotta get on your feet and walk down the city streets and you'll find something. If you pop by in NZ I really suggest you head over to a beach and look for a fish 'n' chips shop. The fish 'n' chips shop near my parents old dairy had the best fish 'n' chips ever! We could grab a large amount of chips for only $2 and fish for just a little bit extra. Really got nothing specific to throw up though :/





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